Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Piezoelectric/Force Balance Accelerometers by CRL

Columbia Research Labs (CRL), has been providing high quality and reasonably priced 1, 2, and 3 axis accelerometers since 1953. Our highly qualified team of engineering and manufacturing personnel, many with 20 plus years of service, uses both Piezoelectric and Force Balance technologies to meet the wide variety of our customers needs over the aerospace, military, commercial and industri... (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Very Small 3Axis Sensor for Vibration Measurements

The Model 612-TX Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer is designed to meet the most stringent space and mass loading requirements with a weight of only 8 grams and a volume of 0.082 cubic inches. This unit is equipped with the exclusive Columbia microminiature detachable cable assembly that is easily replaced. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Sensors to Measure Gas-Borne Sound; CRL 765 Series

COLUMBIA's Models 765M25 and 765M27 are High Intensity Acoustic Sensors (Microphones) designed for measurement of gas-borne sound in frequency range of 100Hz to 30KHz, in industrial applications requiring operation up to +500 degrees F. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Acoustic Sensor to Measure Fast Pressure Variation

The Columbia Model 100-P High Intensity Acoustic Sensor (Microphone) is designed for measuring exceptionally wide pressure ranges in applications requiring fast rise times and broad frequency response. This sensor is extremely sensitive allowing very low pressure measurements to 0.005 psi as well as high pressure transient measurements to 5,000 psi at temperatures up to +150 Degrees C.

... (read more)
Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Dynamic Pressure Sensor with High Sensitivity

The Models 765M20 and 765M22 High Intensity Acoustic Sensors (Microphones) are designed for the measurement of gas-borne sound in industrial applications. These sensors have been constructed for use in corrosive environments that are compatible with the type 316 stainless steel diaphragm. The miniature 10-32 fused-glass coaxial connector, when combined with allwelded construction, provid... (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Sensors for use in Shock and Vibration Work

The Columbia 3000 Series of Accelerometers are for a wide range of vibration and shock work. The unique designe of the piezoelectric seismic system inherently provides complete mechanical isolation fo the sensing element so that th sensors are insensitive to mounting torque, body strains, cable vibration, cable whip, pressure variations and most heat transients. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - InLine Charge Converter Available in 1 & 3 Axis

Inline Charge Converters are ideal for applications where a low impedance sensor cannot withstand high temperature environments due to limitations of its internal electronics. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Single Axis InLine Charge Converter

The Columbia Series 5814 In-Line Charge Converters are specifically designed to convert the charge signals from a high impedance piezoelectric sensor into a voltage signal output with low output impedance, thereby eliminating the need for costly charge amplifiers in many applications. This device can be used with all Columbia non-integrated piezoelectric accelerometers and pressure senso... (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Dual Signal Outputs, Model 5820, Mini Charge Amp

Columbia's Model 5820 Charge Amplifier is designed for use with virtually all piezoelectric transducers to form various airborne vibration and shock data acquisition systems. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Charge Amp For General Purpose Laboratory Use

The Model 4601 is a Low Cost, High Performance Charge Amplifier for general purpose laboratory use. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Flight Qualified Strain Sensor, Series DTD2684

The COLUMBIA Fatigue-Monitor Strain Sensor may be bonded to critical airframe surfaces using conventional strain-gage bonding techniques. The unique construction and small size of the 2684 Series permits easy application with a new and higher level of accuracy and mechanical integrity. The four, #26 AWG, Teflon-insulated lead wires eliminate the tedious and difficult termination methods... (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Military-Grade Strain Gage Amplifier; Model 5804

Columbia's Model 5804 is a military-grade Strain Gage Amplifier. The system will provide both strain and temperature outputs. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Inclinometer System with Digital LCD Readout

Models DIS-7001 and DIS-7012 Digital Inclinometer Systems include a temperature-compensated Force Balance Inclinometer in conjunction with a power module and convenient digital display. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Biaxial Inclinometer with 4-20mA Output

Columbia Models SI-702AI and SI-702AIHP are biaxial force balance inclinometers designed with an output circuit configuration made for use in 4-20 mA data transmission systems. The 4-20 mA system is used extensively in industrial installations in order to transmit data over long distances in environments where interference from nearby electrical power lines could be a problem.

A s... (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Ideal Sensor for Aircraft Strap-Down Systems

The COLUMBIA Models SA-102BHC and SA-302BHC are compact, premium-performance accelerometers, extremely rugged and well-suited for demanding missile and airborne applications. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Triax Sensor for Airborne Telemetry Applications

Columbia's model SA-302MFTA and SA-102MFTB are preciion miniature force balance accelerometers designed to operate from +24 to +32 VDC aircraft power. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Extremely Rugged/High Performance Inclinometer

The Columbia Models SI-701FND is a premium performance force balance inclinometer designed to yield exceptional performance and long life under extreme shock and vibration conditions. A fluid-damped sensor system makes this sensor virtually uninfluenced by shock and vibration encountered in the most severe applications.

The Models SI-701FND inclinometer is capable of producing acc... (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Highly Accurate Tilt Sensors at a Low Cost

The COLUMBIA Model SI-701BC series are electronic tilt sensors based upon force balance accelerometer technology. They produce a high level, low impedance output proportional to the sine of the tilt angle. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Seismic and Low Frequency Motion Study Sensors

Models SA-107LN, SA-207LN, and SA-307LN servo accelerometers from Columbia Research Labs are high sensitivity, ultra low noise sensors designed for use in seismic, and low level, low frequency motion studies. The SA-107LN is a single axis unit and the SA-207LN, and SA-307LN are two and three axis units. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - General Purpose and High Performacne Acceleometers

COLUMBIA Research Laboratories, offers a wide selection of Force Balance Servo Accelerometers specifically designed to give the user a diversified choice of sizes, configurations and performance levels for industrial, O.E.M. and military requirements. The servo force balance accelerometer offers significant performance and accuracy advantages. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Biaxial Tilt Sensor w/4-20mA Output, SI-726BIHPC

The SI-726BIHPC is a Bi-Axial Inclinometer. Designed with a 4-20mA output circuit. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Single or Bi-Polar Accelerometer Switch; SS-108

The Model SS-108 Accelerometer Switch measures DC and low frequcency acceleration and can be configured to trigger in one or both directions along the sensitive axis,at a specified g level within a selected operating range. Ranges: ±2g to ±30g. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Mini, High Temp Accelerometer for use in MWD

Columbia Research Labs' Model SA-120RHT is a miniature, high temperature accelerometer offering proven performance for downhole mapping. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Waterproof Linear Accelerometer, Model SA-107WPBI

The Columbia Models SA-107WPBI and SA-107WPBIHP are waterproof versions of Columbia's popular Models SA-107BI and SA-107BIHP. (read more)

Columbia Research Labs, Inc. - Low Cost Sensor For Low Frequency Measurements

The COLUMBIA Model SA-107B is a low cost, general purpose accelerometer offering the superior performance of force balance technology. The SA-107B is ideal for DC and low frequency measurements. (read more)