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Daemar Inc. - Slotted Shim Kits

DMR™ slotted shims are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. Each kit contains 10 (mini) or 20 (standard) shims of each thickness (.001, .002, .003, .004, .005, .010, .015, .020, .025, .050, .075, .100, .125). Let DMR™ kits provide the right solution for all of your slotted shim applications.
All shims feature:

  • permanently etched with thickness and s...
(read more)
Daemar Inc. - Daemar P/N Plastic Bushings

Oil-free & self lubricating, available in a range of engineering polymers depending on the application. Designed to be cost efficient compared with metal bushings, plastic bushings are ideal for light, maintenance free applications. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Daemar Releases New Caplugs Selector Guide

Caplugs come in a number of materials, shapes, and sizes to serve various applications. To better help customers determine the right plugs for their needs, Daemar has recently published a detailed Caplugs Selector Guide online (read more)

Daemar Inc. - The Benefits of X-Ray and Metal Detectable Seals

Our seals can help ensure the safety and integrity of your products, and allow you to work with confidence. Get in touch with a representative here at Daemar to find out how we can help you integrate these money-saving seals into your process. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Prevention of product loss through contamination.

There are numerous benefits to using X-ray and metal detectable seals in your pipe lines. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Daemar supports the Water Treatment industry

We support the water treatment sector with a wide selection of products, from rings and seals to caplugs and packing (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Daemar supports Automotive industry applications

Combine our product mix with local inventories and EDI computer systems integration and Daemar becomes a valuable supply chain partner who can help reduce your acquisition costs for many automotive industry applications. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - The Construction of DMR™ Shaft Seals

Rotary shaft seals play a key role in extending the operating life of bearing systems and reducing the overall costs of maintaining these systems. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Extend the Life of Bearings with Shaft Seals

DMR Shaft Seals extend the operating life of bearing systems and reduce the overall costs of maintaining these systems. Featuring inch & metric sizes in a range of seal designs and material compounds for any operating environment. Shaft sizes from 1/4" to 40" for your JIT production or maintenance requirements. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Kalrez O-Rings

Kalrez O-Rings

Standard Kalrez Compounds - 4079, 6375, 7075

O-rings made from standard compounds are available from stock in standard AS-568A, metric and JIS sizes.

Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts have virtually universal chemical resistance. They withstand attack from more than 1,800 chemicals, solvents and plasmas. Standardizing on Kalrez® products fo... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Metal Detectable O-Rings

Metal Detectable O-Rings

As a result of excessive use, shearing and damage can occur to equipment causing undetectable product contamination. Metal detectables can eliminate product recall, lower product loss and decrease the risk of elastomers consumed in finished product.

A common problem with component and filler parts is excessive wear and tear. When rubber break... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Sanitary Gaskets - Hygenic Seals

Sanitary Gaskets

A wide variety of sanitary gaskets and o-rings. Hygienic seals are used widely in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Industrial and Semi Conductor industries to seal clamp connections in sanitary pipe lines. We offer the entire product range of specialty gaskets in several elastomers, and fluoroelastomers. Our supplier excels in the ma... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - X-Ray and Metal Detectable Seals

X-Ray and Metal Detectable Seals

Metal Detectable products provide confidence to food, dairy and beverage manufacturers by insuring product safety and integrity as outlined by the Food Safety Modernization Act.

As a result of excessive use, shearing and damage can occur to equipment causing undetectable product contamination. Metal detectable o-rings can eliminate p... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Hammer Union Seals

A hammer union comprises of a thread end, a nut end and a hammer nut which, when cinched up, compresses a composite seal assembly thereby preventing leakage. The seal assembly comprises a metal insert of a size to pass into the seal groove of conventional hammer unions and a small seal acting between the insert, the thread end and the nut end. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - TH Dry-slide Sleeve Bushings and Bearings

TH Series sleeve bushings has a composite structure consisting of a carbon steel backing, an intermediate layer of sintered bronze and a PTFE based sliding lining. Available in inch and metric sizes.

Competitors equivalents: DU, PAPZ-P10, PGZ, PC-Z

The Dryslide Bushings trademark identifies a whole range of self-lubricated dry sliding bushings and bearings. TH Series bushin... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Eliminate Bearing Contamination in Pumps

Protech bearing isolators provide total bearing protection by ensuring zero leakage of lubricant to the atmosphere and total exclusion of contaminants from the bearing housing. Non-contact sealing element design eliminates scoring and shaft wear. "Wash Down" profiles are ideal for food processing industry applications. Contact Daemar for more information. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - O-Ring Fluid Compatibility for Valves

To achieve optimum sealing performance and to maximize the longevity of the seal in the valve it is important to start with the correct elastomer for the particular application. Daemar's Fluid Compatibility Selector allows you to compare the performance of our elastomers with over 500 fluids.

Fluid Compatibility Selector

To achieve optimum sealing performance and to... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Hydraulic Seal line-up features U-Cups

U-Cups derive their name from their shape and are self-sealing on both the inside diameter and outside diameter. They are most often used for sealing rams or rods and are very popular due to the small gland space required. Daemar offers u-cups in several styles in both inch and metric sizes. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - CJ Composite Bushings

CJ composites are ideal for non-lubricated, high-load applications in a variety of climates and operating environments, exhibit a high load capacity similar to bronze, powdered metal and steel, and provide longer wear and extended operating life without the costs associated with lubrication. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Shim Rolls

Shim Stock Rolls features a roll of shim conveniently packaged in an easy opening box. Simple to store and transport the boxes are well labeled for quick and easy part identification. Shim stock can be easily stamped, bored, cut, milled, sheared or drilled to suit any application. Contact us for your custom sizes. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Oil Field Thread Protection

Oilfield drilling equipment requires the use of heavy drill pipes that are expensive and are susceptible to damage. Thread protection is vital for the optimal and successful operation of drilling systems. Our line of plastic thread protectors is quite extensive and covers any type of field application or occurrence, including extreme weather and rough handling conditions. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Simplify Bushing Applications with Dryslide THX

DMR Dryslide THX Bushings are designed to provide long life and trouble free maintenance. The simple uni-body design allows for high load capacity, low speeds and the POM (Acetol) liner enables both rotary and oscillating movements. Dryslide’s excellent physical properties coupled with its low cost relative to other bearing solutions make it the unbeatable choice for value. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Fast and Easy Assembly with Push-On Fasteners

Daemar’s DMR push-on fasteners (hat and retainer) are designed to hold components on plain round shafts, rods or axles. Reduce Costs by eliminate costly secondary operations such as notching, threading or drilling. “Push-ons” can be quickly inserted on a shaft or stud with no need to find a thread or turn a nut down with a torque wrench. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Reduce Assembly Costs with Retaining Rings

Simplify your assemblies, reduce costs and decrease material waste by incorporating retaining rings into your designs. Daemar stocks a complete line of retaining rings that perform a range of versatile functions allowing manufacturers to replace more costly components including: machined shoulders, cover plates and screws, cotter pins and washers, and set screw collars. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Spirolox Rings Provide Greater Design Freedom

Spirolox retaining rings provide a strong, yet flexible, 360 degree retaining surface. They offer you greater freedom of design and speed production by reducing the number of required parts and eliminating excess machining such as counterboring, threading, drilling, and other complicated and costly processes. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Partner with Daemar for Custom Shim

The DMR™ Custom Job Shop was built on one simple premise – that standard sizes do not fit all. Partner with a manufacturing company that doesn’t fully understand this premise and you could be putting your valuable machinery in harm’s way. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Simplify Linear Bearing Applications with LM76

LM76 Self Lubricating Linear Bearing products excel in applications for machine automation, exercise equipment, food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical processing and medical devices. The LM76 Minuteman bearings, pillow blocks and flange blocks are direct drop-in replacements for linear ball bearings. FDA/USDA compliant linear bearing options are available. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - New Hammer Union Thread Protectors

After extensive research in the field, Caplugs has developed innovative part designs that not only protect your threads, but are easier to install and remove. The HU Series parts are designed to protect the machined threads and sealing surfaces of Hammer Union Joint connections. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - JM Clipper Seals

A complete selection if JM Clipper seals in inch and metric shaft sizes. JM Clipper seal sizes ranging from below one inch to well over 40 inches OD. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Dryslide™ Bushings

Self-lubricated dry sliding bearings. A composite structure consisting of steel backing, sintered bronze interlayer, PTFE anti-wear surface. Options include: lead-free, bronze or stainless steel backings. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Masking Protects Parts During Finishing Operations

Daemar now offers a complete line of masking products for part protection during finishing operations - caps, plugs, stoppers, masking tapes, tubing and sheeting. Available in a range of materials including: Silicone, EPDM and High Temperature Vinyl. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Disc Springs - DIN2093 and DIN6796

Daemar Disc Springs are designed for use in many applications including Actuators, Ball Valves and Switchgears. The standard DIN2093 line features 246 sizes with outside diameters ranging from 6mm to 250 mm. To aid with assembly disc springs can be delivered pre-assembled in stacks or on guiding devices. For bolt pre-load applications a line of DIN6796 Heavy Duty Belleville washers is av... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - DMR Maintenance Kits

Kits are effective tools for reducing costs for maintenance and assembly staff by eliminating the guess work in part selection and saving time in part ... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - DMR™ Shaft Repair Sleeves

DMR Sleeves are precision stainless steel wear sleeves designed to prolong the life of damaged shafts and yokes by providing a new sealing surface. DMR Sleeves offer a cost effective alternative to resizing, metalizing or replacing severely damaged surfaces. DMR Sleeve's low profile design means that the same size seal can be utilized and multi-lip oil seals can be accommodated. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - DMR™ Slotted Shim

DMR™ slotted shims are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. Each kit contains 10 (mini) or 20 (standard) shims of each thickness (.001, .002, .003, .004, .005, .010, .015, .020, .025, .050, .075, .100, .125). Let DMR™ kits provide the right solution for all of your slotted shim applications. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - DMR Bearing Isolators

Bearing isolators (Protech seals) are designed to protect bearings with zero lubricant leakage and total exclusion of contaminants. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Quad-Rings

Providing excellent sealing characteristics in a broad range of applications, Quad-Ring® seal's are available in a full range of standard sizes, in Nitrile and Fluoroelastomer. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Type W - Mechanical Seals

Off road and earth moving equipment must endure extreme service conditions that would quickly destroy common elastomeric lip seals. The drive components on such machines require stronger seal performance to keep out dirt, water, rock and mud while maintain positive lubrication retention. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Wave Springs

A wave spring is made from coiled flat wire with waves added to give it a spring effect. Wave springs are superior to coil springs in certain applications because they provide lower work heights with the same force. This not only provides for space savings, but also smaller assemblies that use less materials, hence lower production costs. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - X-Ray Inspectable and Metal Detectable Seals

As elastomers degrade, there is a high risk of rubber fragments breaking off, resulting in product contamination, product recall and down time. Due to it's low conductivity, elastomeric material is often missed by even the strongest detection systems. X-ray inspectable and metal detectable seals provide confidence to food and pharmaceutical manufacturers by insuring product safety and in... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Molded O-Rings

The O-ring is a simple and versatile seal that can be used in thousands of applications. O-rings are manufactured in a wide variety of compounds to suit your every need. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Mechanical Seals - Large Selection of Types

Daemar delivers a range of Mechanical Seal solutions from the standard Types A, B, C, D and E. Daemar can also supply custom seals such as our new Type W Axial Shaft Seal. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Braided Compression Packing

Daemar offers a huge inventory of the most popular packing styles. In addition, our manufacturers fabricate a wide variety of other constructions designed to meet specific customer requirements. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Reliable Source for Retaining Ring Solutions

Daemar manages the sourcing and delivery of millions of retaining rings to the manufacturing and MRO marketplace. Industry applications are broad; from high volume automotive assembly lines requiring design assistance and supply chain management, all the way to the simple replacement of a single ring for maintenance (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Prolong Life of Damaged Shafts & Yokes

Over time sealing lips can groove shafts due to factors such as dirt, heat, excessive water, lack of lubrication and high shaft speeds. DMR Sleeves offer a cost effective alternative to resizing, metalizing or replacing severely damaged surfaces (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Keep Equipment Running - Hydraulic Seals Fast

Down time on machinery is costly..... You need a resource that can deliver the right replacement components fast. Loaded Lip, U-Cup, Rod Wiper, Wear Rings & Strips, Piston Seals, T-Seals, Bearings, Vee packing and so much more. Daemar's large inventory regional warehousing network provides you fast, courteous service & gets you the replacement parts you need, when you need them. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Fluid Sealing and Precision Components

Choosing the correct fluid sealing or precision component is essential. Whether it's a new design or an existing maintenance requirement, Daemar has the products you need. Our mission is to be industry's first choice for Fluid Sealing and Precision Component solutions. with a team dedicated to providing exceptional service & a complete range of products (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Fluids Systems - Why replace when you can repair?

So you have to fix things and get replacement seals to keep that pump or hydraulic system working? The demands of modern applications make choosing the correct fluid sealing or precision component essential. For your maintenance requirements, Daemar has the products that you need. Daemar Inc. is ISO-9001: 2000 registered (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Need components for crucial fluid power systems?

Supplying the pace of industry. With an extensive inventory of O-Rings, molded & quad-rings in a variety of compunds & a comprehensive selection of Shaft Seals, Oil Seals, Bearing Isolators....Daemar can help. Shaft sizes ranging from 1/4" to 40" at our 4 stocking facilities are ready to supply your JIT maintenance or production requirements (read more)