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Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth Adds Two New Modules to MAQ20® System

Dataforth has added High Density Discrete Input and Output Modules to the MAQ20, significantly increasing its capabilities and flexibility. The Input Modules have 20 discrete input channels that interface to 10-32VDC signals; one module has +24VDC compliance voltage. The Output Module has 20 isolated discrete output channels that can switch up to 60VDC signals and sink up to 3A of current. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Why Should Sensors be Isolated

Connecting a physical sensor to a data acquisition system is a serious undertaking. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Updated MAQ®20 Brochure Available from Dataforth

Dataforth has just published a new, updated brochure describing the high performance MAQ20 industrial data acquisition and control system. The 4-page document provides an overview of the MAQ20 system and all current MAQ20 modules. It also describes the Dataforth PID loop controller and the two available software systems. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - What is Signal Conditioning? Part 1

The ability to effectively measure and control industrial processes is essential for reliable automation, data acquisition, and quality assurance in today's industrial environment. Signal conditioners are the vital link between analog input signals from sensors, and your process control equipment. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - What Is Signal Conditioning? Part 2

Signal conditioners are the vital link between analog input signals from sensors, and your process control equipment. Dataforth line of isolated analog signal conditioners includes two mechanical formats: plug-in-the-panel, and DIN rail mounted products. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - MAQ20 Modular Data Acquisition & Control System

The MAQ20 is a high performance, highly flexible system developed for a wide range of applications including factory and process automation, machine automation, military and aerospace, power and energy, oil and gas, and environmental monitoring. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - SCM5B DC LVDT Signal Conditioning Modules

The SCM5B43 general purpose input modules provide isolation and signal conditioning for precision linear DC displacement transducers in the popular "5B" configuration. They are part of the Dataforth family of 250+ high quality, cost-effective 5B I/O modules and accessories. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Analog Signal Conditioning - Buy vs. Build

We created a "Top 10" listing of reasons why you should buy analog signal conditioners instead of building them into your next application. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - SCM5B Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning Products

Designed for industrial plant environments, Dataforth's 5B modules protect user equipment from lightning and heavy equipment power line voltages and reduce electrical noise in measured signals. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - 8B Voltage and Bipolar Current Output Modules

Dataforth's 8B49 voltage output modules accept high-level voltage input, then isolate, filter, and convert the signal to a high-level isolated process voltage output. The 8B39-07 bipolar current output module accepts high-level voltage or process current input, then isolates, filters, and converts the signal to an analog process current output. (read more)