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Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth Publishes Two Updated MAQ20 Documents

Dataforth has just published two revised and updated MAQ20 Industrial Data Acquisition & Control documents: a system overview 4-page brochure and the detailed 32-page MAQ20 2015 Product Catalog. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - What is Signal Conditioning? Part 1

The ability to effectively measure and control industrial processes is essential for reliable automation, data acquisition, and quality assurance in today's industrial environment. Signal conditioners are the vital link between analog input signals from sensors, and your process control equipment. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - What Is Signal Conditioning? Part 2

Signal conditioners are the vital link between analog input signals from sensors, and your process control equipment. Dataforth line of isolated analog signal conditioners includes two mechanical formats: plug-in-the-panel, and DIN rail mounted products. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth - What is Data Acquisition?

Data Acquisition is the process of measuring analog and digital signals that represent real world physical conditions, then digitizing the measurements for manipulation by a control system. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - MAQ20 Modular Data Acquisition & Control System

The MAQ20 is a high performance, highly flexible system developed for a wide range of applications including factory and process automation, machine automation, military and aerospace, power and energy, oil and gas, and environmental monitoring. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - 8B isoLynx SLX300 Data Acquisition System

Built on the proven performance and outstanding reliability of both our 5B isoLynx 200 system and our miniature sized SensorLex 8B isolated signal conditioning modules. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - SCM5B isoLynx SLX200 Data Acquisition System

This fast, intelligent system is fully isolated and provides outstanding protection for your critical measurement systems. It is designed specifically for industrial factory automation, process control, test & measurement, machine control, and data acquisition application. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - Dataforth's MAQ20® RTD/Potentiometer Module Excels

Dataforth’s MAQ20® Industrial Data Acquisition & Control System features an analog resistance input module designed to provide outstanding channel protection. The MAQ20-RTD31 interfaces to 3 types of 3-wire sensors and has 6 input channels, each of which is protected up to 240Vrms continuous overload. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - MAQ®20 Load Share Power Supply Module

Dataforth’s MAQ20 Industrial Data Acquisition & Control System offers an accessory Load Share Power Supply Module for expansion, standby and redundant power. Some MAQ20 I/O models deliver significant amounts of power to field devices, and power requirements may exceed the output of the Communications module. Load Share Power Supply modules can provide the additional power. (read more)

Dataforth Corporation - MAQ20 Thermocouple Modules = Excellent Accuracy

As a result of the advanced method of Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) used in Dataforth Corporation’s MAQ20 thermocouple modules, the accuracy of these modules is significantly better than that offered by competing models. (read more)