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Dayoptics, Inc. - NEW ARRIVAL: Deep UV wave plate

Either wide wavelength bandwidth or single point wavelength can be customized as required. Dayoptics gives you solution by utilizing our new IBS coating technology and experience for all types of optical components. The recent purchase of wave plate has advantages, more buy, more discount! (read more)

Dayoptics, Inc. - Color filter

Adoption of IBS coating technology and higher damage threshold (read more)

Dayoptics, Inc. - Mirror

Adoption of IBS coating technology and higher damage threshold

Dayoptics Lens Shows You a True World (read more)

Dayoptics, Inc. - Achromatic Waveplates

Are you looking for a waveplate using at a broadband wavelength, such as 450-650nm? Dayoptics give you an answer.

Dayoptics has special designed achromatic waveplates by using MgF2 and Quartz plates. Since the dispersion of the birefringence can be different for the two materials, it is possible to Compromise the retardation values at a specified wavelength range. (read more)

Dayoptics, Inc. - YVO4 Crystals

Undoped YVO4 crystal has been used as beam displacer due to its large birefringence. Its good physical and mechanical properties make YVO4 well suited for compact fiber optical components, such as isolators, circulators and interleavers, etc. Also good for polarizers. Other crystals such as a-BBO, calcite, Quartz, MgF2, etc. are available upon requirement. (read more)

Dayoptics, Inc. - Glan Polarizers

Dayoptics offers and designs polarizer based on your customer needs.Our capabilities include Glan Taylor Polarizer, Glan Laser Polarizer, Glan Thompson Polarizer, Wollaston Polarizer, Rochon Polarizer, Wedge and Beam Displacer (read more)

Dayoptics, Inc. - Cylindrial Lens -- high precision

Dayoptics are experts in delivering high quality cylindrical lens range even when difficult specifications are involved. We have the capability to deliver precision cylinderical lenses with distant focal lengths. Dayoptics provides with low cost cylindrial lenses with mass production. (read more)

Dayoptics, Inc. - 3D Lens

Take you through the parallel world. (read more)

Dayoptics, Inc. - Panoramic Lens

DayOptronics Lens,Broadening Your Field of View (read more)

Dayoptics, Inc. - Super Wide-angle Lens

DayOptronics Lens, Taking Everything in Your Eyes. (read more)

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Dayoptics will attend Photonics West 2012 with booth number 1901-L


Dayoptics provides many types of cylindrial lenses with high precision, mass production and low cost.


New polarizers with high transmission (>95%) and high extinction ratio (more than 52dB) in specified wavelength are available in Dayoptics.