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DeWAL has promoted these products:

DeWAL - 3 Enhanced UHMW-PE Products unveiled by DeWAL

DW406BF and DW406WF are pigmented UHMW films that can be used in the hose lining or other contact areas for potable water, pharmaceutical applications and cosmetic manufacturing, along with more traditional hydraulic and chemical hose. The films are black and white respectively, and the pigment fillers are FDA compliant. (read more)

DeWAL - DeWAL's BlueShield

BlueShield is DeWAL's masking compound. It is a single step compound designed for complex or difficult masking jobs. (read more)

DeWAL - Silicone -Free Adhesive Tapes

A Quartet of products formulated with silicone free acrylic adhesives so important in many industries. (read more)

DeWAL - Tapes for the Oil & Gas Industry

The DeWAL pressure sensitive tape line includes a group of specially constructed products made for use in oil and gas exploration and production. DeWAL oil and gas tapes provide the temperature and chemical resistance of Teflon® FEP and PTFE backing films combined with DeWAL proprietary adhesive systems. (read more)

DeWAL - New clear UHMW polyethylene film

Joining DeWAL’s line of UHMW-PE tapes and films, two new products offer additional opportunities for production quality and efficiency.DW 400 is an extremely abrasion-resistant UHMW-PE film that has been put through a proprietary densification process, giving it outstanding tensile strength of 21,000 psi , for hoses, rubber belting and chute linings. It can be black or tra... (read more)

DeWAL - Films for the Hose Industry from DeWAL

DeWAL produces a full line of PTFE and UHMW-PE films. These films are particularly adaptable in many hose applications. Since DeWAL films are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, they are an excellent choice for hose linings. The abrasion resistance and low friction features of DeWAL films promote extremely low wear and extended hose life. (read more)

DeWAL - Low Friction Wear Reduction Coatings and Tapes

Dynaglide® is part of a series of specially formulated PTFE friction and wear reducing coating material for industry’s most demanding applications.
These high performance tapes are used to Lower Friction and Reduce Wear. They are based on PTFE and UHMW-PE bearing and seal compounds. (read more)

DeWAL - PTFE-Adhesive Coated Tape for Machinery Rollers

DeWAL is manufacturing a tensilized PTFE tape that drastically reduces friction and wear on high speed rolling machinery. This pressure sensitive tape uses a PTFE film coated with a high temperature silicone adhesive, and combines it with a filled composition that enhances key performance characteristics. (read more)

DeWAL - Plasma Applicator Kit

DeWAL is now offering a tool kit which will be invaluable to the masker of intricate parts. (read more)

DeWAL - Unsintered PTFE Film for Wire and Cable Insulation

DeWAL DW 203 Unsintered PTFE is designed for use in wire and cable as electrical insulation. The material is particularly well suited for cable insulation, harness wrap and as the dielectric medium in coaxial lines. It provides many of the features inherent in ordinary sintered PTFE with the addition of markedly enhanced drape-conforming characteristics and improved sealing properties. (read more)