Device Technologies, Inc. - Collaborative FEA (CFEA™) Rail Solutions

The CFEA process is very important and should be considered when there are many variables that may affect sealing performance. During the collaborative review process customer data is collected and a CFEA is completed.

DTi capitalized on the similarities of the two applications. In each application, one for a rail coach window and the other for a locomotive power supply cabi... (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Fast-Drop™ Fiber Management Bend Radius Control

The Snap On, Fast-Drop™ Fiber Management Bend Radius Control Modules (RCMs) provide the BICSI recommended minimum bend radius for fiber optic cables, hoses and tubing. RCMs are UL94 V-0 and RoHS Compliant. Multiple mounting options make this the fiber manager of choice. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Protect-Fast™ Braided Wrap/Expander Sleeve

DTi's Protect-Fast™ Braided Sleeving/ Expander Sleeving is lightweight, yet strong and is an excellent way to protect automotive, telecom and data center cable assemblies from abrasion and cutting. Its open, woven structure enables the Expander to be enlarged up to 3 times the initial diameter. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Seal-Fast™ High Heat Edge & Plate Seals

Seal the Deal.... The Seal-Fast™ Edge Seal provides Continuous High Performance Silicone Edge Seal solution without adhesives...a better,cleaner, and faster way to protect your equipment from high temperatures, moisture and dust. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Spring-Fast® SL Wire Protection Grommet Edging

Spring-Fast® Slim-Lok™ (SL) Aero Series plastic trim, installs easily and continuously SL is fully encapsulated in a flexible polymer for enhanced abrasion protection for use on high performance applications including military vehicles, aircraft and medical equipment. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Spring-Fast® Tools and Kit for Grommet Edging

Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi) announced a new tool offerings for improved and expanded application opportunities of the FAA Approved and IFE Standard per ARINC 628, p5, Spring-Fast grommet edging technology (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. -  Reel-to-Reel Dielectric Coating

Dielectric Coating process applies thermoplastic or thermoset polymer resins, to reel-to reel linear metallic substrates including cable, wire, precision stampings, or steel strips. The coating can be applied selectively, or, to fully encapsulate the surface, creating functional and/or decorative finishes. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Trim-Fast™ High Heat Edge Trim Protection

Trim-Fast™ Edge Trim creates that 'finished edge' and is available in a variety of materials, which include a flexible steel or stainless steel substrate encapsulated with a High Heat Silicone, EPDM or PVC extrusion for easy, accurate and fast assembly. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging:

Device Technologies Spring-Fast® High Performance SL Series:

Encapsulated and 'Uninterruptible' Metal Grommet Edging

The high-performance UL 94 V-0 SL Series grommet edging is the next- generation "power strip" of flexible and continuous wire abrasion protection (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Push-Lok® PCB Stand-offs

Push-Lok® Printed Circuit Board Standoffs perfectly position PCB's from the chassis without the time and expense of offline swaging screw machine standoffs. The base portion, when the pin is driven using the P-Punch spring-loaded attaching tool, spreads the fastener portion to secure the standoff. The edge latch portion allows the PCB to be assembled and removed for modification or f... (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - G Series Conductive Fabric-Over-Foam EMI Gasket

Fabric over Foam EMI gaskets exhibit low surface resistivity (<0.1Ω). Conductive adhesive tape is available for all gasket types, combining excellent flexibility with superior adhesive strength to guarantee a precise fit on uneven surfaces. Gaskets also available in high flame retardant configurations. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Trim-Fast™ Edge Trim Grommet Edging

Trim-Fast™ Edge Trim, specifically designed for enlarged sizes with thicker panel applications, covers sharp sheet metal edges and provides a finished appearance while protecting your equipment from "abrasion failures." (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Conductive Cushion Gasket EMI Shielding

Conductive EMI Cushion Shielding is constructed from a wide combination of conductive fabric, conductive foam and conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. The highly flexible foam is plated with copper/nickel, or silver, providing optimal shielding effectiveness. Conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive facilitates installation on a variety of substrates. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Push-Mount™ Cable Tie Wire Management System

Push-Mount Cable Tie System, DTi's 'one-piece, one-touch' wire management solution improves efficiency by combining quick & easy snap-in mounting button with a pre-assembled wire tie. The tamper-proof Push-Mount Cable Tie, with a low profile head, prevents snagging when the cable is trimmed and the harness is pulled through a bulkhead. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Spring-Fast® SL Aero Grommet Edging System

The Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft, (Tranche 3) will be armed with Device Technologies, Inc. Spring-Fast SL Aero Series Wire Protection Grommet Edging System to defend and protect against dangerous cable and wire wear. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Wire Abrasion Protection

Wire Abrasion Problem & Solution

When cable harnesses and wires exit from sheet metal architecture, they are often routed over and through sheet metal panel edges. Over time, there is potential for serious abrasion and failure as the wire insulation comes into contact with the sharp, metal edges and begins to chafe. The typical industry solution for reducing abrasion is... (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Ground-Fast® Universal Grounding Panel System

Device Technologies' Ground-Fast® Grounding System snaps into panels to protect electronic and printed circuit board components. The fastener creates constant and immediate contact between panels, protecting and optimizing your design. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - DTt Ti's - Self-Gripping Hook & Loop Cable Straps

The Hook & Loop cable management strap, made from UL94 flammability rated material, is a self-gripping fastener offering a secure and neat way to bundle wires, cables and cords. The Hook & Loop Strap wraps around cables and latches on its opposing side for secure containment. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Spring-Fast® Wire Protection Grommet Edging

Select the safest, fastest and surest solution to protect wires and cables from abrasion. The nylon clad, stainless steel substrate assures durability and performance in hostile environments. Protection against vibration and shock, immersion, salt spray, high and low relative humidity, and low temperatures is unsurpassed. One product does it all. (read more)

Device Technologies, Inc. - Ground-Fast ® Heel & Toe Grounding Clip

DTi's Ground-Fast® grounding device quickly attaches a cover or lid to a panel to insure printed circuit boards and electronic components are protected. The fastener combines mounting clips, which quickly snap into holes, to create an electrical ground contact from the lid to the panel. (read more)