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Dewetron, Inc. - TrendCorder - Chart Recorder Replacement

The TrendCorder is the ideal replacement for paper and digital chart recorders. Featuring 18 wide range ISOLATED voltage channels with 250 kS/s sampling, upgradable to handle any signal or sensor. Easy operation using the wide multitouch display. Lightweight and highly affordable. Available also with 6 channels. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - Next Generation Data Acquisition Instruments

The DEWE2 is a whole new series of DEWETRON instruments, featuring our ground-breaking TRION plug-in modules. We've never been able to build systems this rugged, this reliable, this easily configurable before - and with greater accuracy specs than ever. Each TRION module provides 24-bit A/D conversion with anti-aliasing filtering, PLUS the top-notch signal conditioning for which DEWETRON... (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - Portable and Affordable DEWE Data Acquisition

The D310 is an all-new lower cost data acquisition platform. It is a stand-alone system that has its own computer inside, with a 500 GB removable HDD, plus ethernet and USB interfaces. It is available both with and without a built-in display.

  • Built-in powerful computer
  • Removable 500 GB HDD on the rear panel
  • Includes data acquisition software
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Dewetron, Inc. - SMALLEST "All In One" Data Acquisition System

The D300 is Dewetron’s SMALLEST "all in one" data acquisition system. It's a stand-alone instrument with its own computer inside, with a 500 GB removable HDD, plus ethernet and USB 3.0 interfaces. It features a wide-range DC power input, making it ideal for all kinds of in-vehicle and mobile applications.
Take your pick from our ORION series A/D cards, off...
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Dewetron, Inc. - D510: Benchtop/19" Rack Data Acq

The D510 is a classic Dewetron "all in one" data acquisition platform. There are two basic configurations: the D500 features 16 DAQ module slots (expandable to 32 slots), while the D511 supports up to 96 MDAQ differential input channels. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - D410 Series

The D410 is a powerful benchtop data acquisition system which accepts up to 96 channels of differential signal conditioners, or up to 32 ISOLATED high bandwidth conditioners. The front panel is removable, so you can place the 17" touchscreen anywhere. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - Atlas V Launch Uses Dewetron Hardware

On July 15 at Cape Canaveral, an Atlas V rocket was successfully launched, and all of its systems were monitored and recorded using brand new measurement hardware developed by DEWETRON. Measuring systems developed by DEWETRON, the market-leading specialist for testing and measuring systems, contributed to the successful mission. The launch showcased DEWETRON’s competence in providi... (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - Vehicle Testing-Test Anything That Rolls

DEWETRON offers a broad selection of test and measurement systems which fulfill specific applications within the world of testing cars, trucks, busses, and motorcycles and their components. From portable models for in-vehicle use, to larger “all-in-one” systems for the test bench, we've got it all. Here are just a few of the major applications that our systems cover:

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Dewetron, Inc. - DEWE-571 Power Tester

DEWE-571-PNA goes to the head of the pack among portable power testers. With 4 x voltage and 4 x current inputs, and packaged in a rugged high-impact enclosure, we have pushed the envelope tremendously in putting a powerful analyzer into an incredibly convenient and portable box...and it runs 2 hours from its own batteries!
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Dewetron, Inc. - DEWE-800 Laboratory Data Acquisition System

The DEWE-800 series is our latest rack-mounting data acquisition and computing platform, featuring DEWETRON's unique combination of style and quality. Since we have two basic varieties of signal conditioning for dynamic signals, the DEWE-800 is available in two basic models - one with DAQ modules, and one with MDAQ input modules. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - EPAD2/CPAD2 Series: Low-Speed/Isolated

EPAD2 series modules have a SERIAL interface, while CPAD2 modules have a CAN BUS interface. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - DEWE-VGPS-200C 200 Hz Speed / Distance Sensor

Where are you and how fast are you going? That's what GPS sensors and interfaces are ideal for telling you. We're all familiar with the 1 Hz GPS-based navigation systems found in cars, boats, and hand-held systems, but if you increase the speed and accuracy, GPS can also be used for dynamic braking and handling vehicle testing applications. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - EPAD2 networkable signal conditioners

Each EPAD2 provides 8 input channels, and models are available for thermocouple types J, K, and T, as well as VDC and low current via shunt resistors. EPAD2 modules connect to your DEWETRON system via the standard EPAD connector, to any computer using an interface box. Best of all, EPAD2 modules can be daisy-chained together, adding hundreds of channels to any system. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - Energy Test: Power Recording/Analysis

Few technologies affect our daily lives more than energy. Reliable power is no accident, however. There are numerous systems involved in the generation, transmission and processing of energy, and DEWETRON instruments are involved in monitoring, testing and improving all of them. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - Noise and Vibe Systems

Noise and vibration recording and analysis presents its own set of challenges and requirements. DYNAMIC RANGE is the watch word -- and we've got you covered with our 24-bit A/D cards, and state of the art IEPE signal conditioning. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - Industrial Test Applications

DEWETRON systems are right at home in tough industrial applications. Whether you work in a clean room or a steel mill, a paper plant or an oil rig, we've got a system that will help you to do your job better, from the smallest handheld recorder to a large scale networked system with thousands of channels. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - Aerospace Testing with Dewetron Systems

DEWETRON systems are heavily used for space and flight testing applications, starting with NASA, military organizations, and virtually every major aerospace and defense contractor in the world. The reason? Versatility. You can do so much with our systems - from analog to PCM, ARINC, 1553, VIDEO, GPS, IRIG … the list is long. (read more)

Dewetron, Inc. - DASYLab Data Acq Workbench

DASYLab has many of the programming tools that LabVIEW provides, except in a non-programming environment. Simply connect together the data acquisition elements that you need and create your own displays and processes in minutes. That's the power and convenience of DASYLab.

Key Features

  • Support for many DEWETRON DAQ modules<.../li>
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Dewetron, Inc. - Data Acquisition Software-You've Got Options!

YOU'VE GOT OPTIONS! Dewetron is a company with a wide range of data acquisition hardware, and also a wide range of software choices. One size does not always fit all, after all. We've got customers who need to program their own solutions, as well as those who want a turn-key solution. That's why we've got several great software applications to offer.

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