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Dexmet Corporation

Dexmet Corporation has promoted these products:

Dexmet Corporation - MicroGrid® - Electrochemistry & Fuel Cells

Applications: Electrochemistry and Fuel Cells

Electrochemical cells and fuel cells require electrodes that permit the transverse flow of fluids while maximizing the effective surface area of a given occupied volume. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - Battery Electrodes with MicroGrid®

Applications: Battery Current Collector and Battery Support Structure

The electrically active material comprising the electrodes of most modern battery designs are powders, slurries and laminates and require a mechanical support structure to hold them in place during the manufacturing process. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - MicroGrid® and PolyGrid® Parameter

Application: Filter Media and Media Support

Dexmet expanded metal and plastic is used in filters as both filter media (for coarse particles) and as a support for fine filter media (especially non-woven fabrics). Dexmet can provide a wide variety of metals and geometries to exacting specifications. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - MicroGrid® for EMI/RFI Shielding

Application: EMI/RFI Shielding and ESD Shielding

MicroGrid® precision-expanded metal foils meet your exacting requirements in shielding, electrical conductivity, and heat transfer properties. MicroGrid® is an effective shield against EMI/RFI and ESD. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - Load Banks, Multipath and High Current Resistors

Application: High Currency Resistors

Dexmet Multipath Resistors are used for load banks, brakes, starters and more in emergency power, power generation, test, maintenance, repair and OEM applications. They are comprised of precision cut and expanded sheet metal in various alloys as resistance elements. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - MicroGrid® & PolyGrid™ Expanded Metals & Plastics

Application: Automotive

Dexmet® expanded metals and foils are the materials of choice in bushing and bearing construction. As compared to the typical extruded material or woven material, Dexmet expanded metal save money by eliminating waste AND will not unravel. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - MicroGrid® Precision Expanded Metal Foils

Application: Aircraft Lightning Strike Protection

Copper and Aluminum Expanded MicroGrid® material made to protect composite structures against lightning strikes. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - Heavy Gauge and Decorative Mesh

Applications: Heavy Gauge and Decorative Mesh Dexmet Heavy Gauge and Decorative Mesh offers high rigidity in a variety of sizes and weights. Heavy Gauge expanded metal is defined by the required starting or original material thickness, which ranges between .015" and .090" thicknesses. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - PFOA-Free PolyGrid®

Separation and purification are key criteria for industries that process water, food & beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Dexmet custom manufactures PFOA-free PolyGrid® material in a multitude of open area configurations with controlled pore sizes to provide a more consistent flow rate for your filter application. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - Heating Elements w/ MicroGrid® Precision Foil

Application: Electric Heating Elements

Dexmet has been producing heating elements in a variety of materials for many years. The most common materials are INCO 600, Nickel, Copper and Kanthal, however since we expand all ductile materials, we can create a configuration for you in most any metal. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - Expanded VICTREX® PEEK™ Polymer

Dexmet offers expanded VICTREX® PEEK™ Polymer for applications requiring high temperatures to filter caustic gases or fluids. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - Precision-Expanded Metals, Foils & Polymers...

Precision-expanded metals, foils, & polymers superior to mesh and perforated materials. One-piece, single-unit structure eliminates unraveling and varying contact resistance of woven mesh. Superior shielding, electrical, heat transfer & structural properties. Up to 11,000 openings sq/in. Open area from 95%-10%. Easy lamination with other materials that expand, contract, flex. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - PolyGrid® Precision-Expanded Plastics

PolyGrid® precision-expanded plastics from Dexmet Corporation are used in filtration, separation, purification and chemical processing applications requiring membrane support. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - Filtration Media and Support Elements

Filtration, Separation, Purification and Membrane Support with MicroGrid® Expanded Metals and PolyGrid® Precision-Expanded Plastics. (read more)

Dexmet Corporation - MicroGrid® Precision Expanded Metal & Metal Foil

MicroGrid® precision-expanded foils from Dexmet are used in batteries, electronics, aerospace, medical, wind power, fuel cell, hydrogen/oxygen generation and wherever mesh and perforated foils with high precision, mechanical and electrical properties or EMI/ RFI shielding capabilities are required. (read more)