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DieQua Corporation has promoted these products:

DieQua Corporation - SK - Torque Limiters

The R+W SK series is a zero backlash device for limiting torque and protecting machine components. It is available in a coupling or pulley hub configuration. All sizes are available in single position, free wheeling, or load holding designs. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Reversing & Disengaging Tandler Spiral Bevel

The Tandler spiral bevel gearbox series “S” and “AS” offer output shaft rotation reversing or disengagement capabilities in a right angle gearbox through the manual actuation of a two or three position spring loaded switch handle. Motion must be completely stopped and the gears unloaded before the handle position can be changed. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - The Best Bevel Gearboxes In The World

The Tandler series of spiral bevel gearboxes from Diequa provides precision, performance and design versatility far exceeding any other standard bevel gearbox. They are ideal choices for applications requiring precise rotary motion, high speed, heavy duty cycles, environmental protection, or customized designs. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Low Ratio Right Angle Servo Gearhead

The ServoFoxx FS2 series from Diequa is a right angle single stage reduction spiral bevel gearhead offering low backlash and a revolutionary motor mounting system to assure the optimum performance of your high speed servo system. Single or dual output shafts and several hollow bore options are available. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Economical servo gearbox for simple motion control

The FRT series servo gear box from Diequa is ideal for multiplying torque and reducing inertia in less dynamic servo driven applications requiring simple motion control profiles or variable speed control. They are extremely compact, run quiet and have high shock capacity. Their reliability and cost effectiveness provide excellent value. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Screw Jack Systems

Most screw jack lifting systems require multi-jack configurations with a variety of drive, connecting and safety components. Only the Zimm series from DieQua gives you all the options in a complete package with the most advanced design. Check out the benefits and get the application guide. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Mini Cycloidal Replaces Strain Wave Gearing

When needing higher precision, higher torque, higher tilting moment, and more rigidity than a similar size flex spline strain wave gear reducer can offer, the true zero backlash Spinea TwinSpin Mini series can provide all that and more. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Housing Material Options for Bevel Gearboxes

The Tandler spiral bevel gearbox series is offered in a variety of housing materials and surface finishes. This provides optimal design versatility when environment or weight is a critical consideration. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Tandler Hypoid Gearbox

The new Tandler Hypoid Gearbox from Diequa offers the ultimate in performance and load connection versatility for high cycle servo driven applications. As a logical extension to our precision spiral bevel program, additional single stage ratios are now available from 5:1 up to 15:1. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - New Line of Planetary Servo Gearheads

The Sesame series of planetary servo gearheads offers all the typical planetary design solutions plus a whole lot more. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - 2&3 Way Power Series Takeoff Gearbox

Tandler Series DA, EA & ZA - Two and Three Way Power Takeoff Gearbox

Tandler auxiliary gearboxes offer up to 6 shaft extensions for power take-off in the same or perpendicular planes. Some versions are available with hollow shafts and mounting flanges.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low Backlash - Hardened and lapped matched set gearing provi...
(read more)
DieQua Corporation - Right Angle Planetary Bevel Servo Gearhead

The ServoFoxx series PSK2 is a precision right angle servo gearhead featuring a planetary input stage and a spiral bevel output stage. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - High Precision Reduction Gear

The Spinea TwinSpin (TS) high precision reduction gears are designed for applications requiring a high reduction ratio, high accuracy, zero backlash, high moment capacity and high stiffness in a compact design with a limited space for installation. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Planetdrive – Economical planetary servo gearheads

Offering an economical solution for motion control servo driven applications, the Planetdrive planetary gearhead provides high reliability and superior performance. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - K Series Helical Bevel Has Offset Input

Mounting closer to the load is a major advantage of the offset input design of the K Series of helical bevel gearmotors and speed reducers from DieQua Corporation. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - New Screw Jack Application Guide

View screw jack application examples to spark your creativity. Get design and installation advice to improve integration and performance. See all the latest system component options. The new Zimm screwjack application guide from DieQua Corporation provides all that and more. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Shaft Mount Spiral Bevel Gearbox – Series HW

Offering a variety of hollow output shaft configurations, the Tandler series HW spiral bevel gearbox provides maximum design versatility for shaft mounting requirements. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Backlash Measurement in Worm Reducers

Being heavily involved in the integration of gearboxes in motion control applications, DieQua is often approached with requests for solutions that meet various backlash requirements. Sometimes these requirements are quite stringent, which we have products for. Other times a high degree of accuracy is not needed but a reasonable limit is necessary. The second scenario is typical wh... (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Heavy Duty Servo Gearboxes

For high torque applications where using traditional planetary and planetary/bevel gearheads is cost prohibitive, the WATT Drive series provides economical inertia and speed reduction using a variety of inline and right angle helical gear designs. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Counter Rotating Spiral Bevel Gearbox – Series EA

The precision, yet rugged, design is ideal for driving multiple machine axis or for power take offs. The Series EA Spiral Bevel Gearbox offers up to 4 shafts in the same plane, with 2 shafts that are counter rotating. (read more)

DieQua Corporation -  New Precision Right Angle Servo Worm Reducers

Dynabox precision servo worm right angle gearheads are available in 3 backlash levels to satisfy a variety of applications. Output options include single and dual shafts, hollow bore with keyway, hollow bore with shrink disc, and rotary output flanges. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - DieQua Corporation - Worm Speed Reducers

Varvel worm speed reducers and gearboxes provide highly reliable operation in a light weight but very strong die cast aluminum housing up to 85 mm CD and in cast iron from 110 to 150 mm CD. Ground worm gears offer better efficiency and long life. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Right Angle Gearboxes and Gearheads

DieQua offers the widest range of right angle gearboxes, gearheads, and gearmotors, for both motion control and power transmission, available from a single source. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Inline Servo Gearheads - Series PL2FS

The Tandler ServoFoxx series PL2FS inline planetary servo gearhead provides the ultimate in motion control. Prime benefits are low backlash, high rigidity, and the widest range of ratios. A revolutionary motor connection system maximizes performance. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - Special Design Gearboxes

Special design gearboxes are the norm at DieQua Corporation. With our enormous variety of standard components and custom machining capabilities, a specially designed and manufactured gearbox for your specific application is something we do all the time. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - BKL - Zero Backlash Bellows Couplings

The R+W bellow coupling offers zero backlash, low inertia, and high torsional rigidity. This coupling series is available in a wide variety of sizes and connection configurations. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - FU - Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers

The WATT Drive parallel shaft speed reducer offers shaft mounting with keyway or shrink disk and a modular housing for base or flange mounting. Standard input shaft, motor adapter, or integral motors are also available. (read more)

DieQua Corporation - HG - Inline Helical Speed Reducers

The WATT Drive inline speed reducer offers rugged construction in a compact design. Input options include a standard shaft, IEC or NEMA motor adapters, and integral motors. (read more)