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Digi-Key Corporation has promoted these products:

Digi-Key Corporation - infineon ICL5101 Controller IC for LED Driver

The LED driver IC ICL5101 integrates a half-bridge controller with a PFC stage in a single package. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Linear Technology LTC6950 1.4 GHz PLL

The LTC6950 is a low-phase noise integer-N frequency synthesizer core with clock distribution. The LTC6950 delivers the low-phase noise clock signals demanded in high-frequency, high-resolution data acquisition systems. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Trinamic TMC5130 Stepper Motion Control ICs

The TMC5130 successfully combines several Trinamic technology innovations into a single device that also achieves a maximum for motor voltage and current specs in a monolithic motion controller with integrated MOSFET drivers. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - NXP PCF85263 CMOS Real-Time Clock

NXP's PCF85263A is a CMOS Real-Time Clock (RTC) and calendar optimized for low-power consumption and with automatic switching to battery on main power loss. The RTC can also be configured as a stop-watch (elapsed time counter). (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Pressure Sensors from Honeywell

No matter the need, Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C) has the microstructure, pressure sensor solution. Our sensing element design consists of four piezoresistors on a chemically-etched silicon diaphragm. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - GE Digital MegaDLynx™ Power Modules

GE Energy's Digital MegaDLynx™ power modules are non-isolated DC-DC converters that can deliver up to 40 A of output current. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Newhaven Display Slim OLED Displays

Newhaven Display International, Inc., known for their cost-effective and high-quality displays, announces the first line of slim-character OLEDs. These OLEDs bring to Newhaven Display’s vast product line a more affordable OLED option that is half the thickness and twice the contrast. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Teledyne LeCroy WaveJet Touch Oscilloscopes

The WaveJet Touch from Teledyne LeCroy provides the performance, features, and touch-screen user interface to simplify operation and shorten debug time. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - TE’s Solar and Wind Energy Solutions, at Digi-Key

With approximately 7,000 engineers deployed globally and superior technical solutions that are specific to the Solar and Wind industries, TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco Electronics) is ready and able to help you tackle your toughest challenges. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Digi-Key EDA & Design Tools

No matter where you are in the design cycle, Digi-Key has the right tool to help you meet your design challenges head-on. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 10 Oscilloscope

The WaveSurfer 10 combines the MAUI advanced user interface with powerful waveform processing, in addition to advanced math, measurement and debug tools, to quickly analyze and find the root cause of problems. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - XP Power I Series at Digi-Key

XP Power offers the I series of low-power, isolated, DC/DC converters. The series, now comprising of several families, offers a range of industry-standard mounting options including SIP, DIP and SMT with single and dual outputs. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Teledyne LeCroy HDO4000 at Digi-Key

Combining Teledyne LeCroy's HD4096 high definition 12-bit technology, with long memory, a compact form factor, 12.1" touch screen display and powerful debug tools, the HDO4000 is the ideal oscilloscope for precise measurements and quick debug. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Maxim MAXREFDES24EVSYS Kit at Digi-Key

The MAXREFDES24EVSYS design accelerator kit allows users to quickly demonstrate and evaluate the functionality of Maxim Integrated’s 4-channel analog output (AO) reference design (MAXREFDES24) without the need for a bench power supply, digital multimeter, or Xilinx development kit. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Infineon Light Electric Vehicle Solution

Infineon is offering highest power density and system efficiency for electric vehicle applications, with a comprehensive portfolio to address a broad range of battery-powered motor control applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - CUI Buzzers and Audio Alerts

CUI’s comprehensive line of magnetic and piezo buzzers are used across many major industries as a means for audible identification or alert. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Fairchild FL7734 PWM Controller at Digi-Key

Fairchild's FL7734 is a highly-integrated PWM controller with advanced Primary-Side-Regulation (PSR) technique to minimize components for low-power LED lighting solutions. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Delta GE Series Filters at Digi-Key

Delta’s GE series was developed for devices that need a high-level of EMI suppression such as in electrical, test and measurement, office automation, and data-communication equipment applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Measurement Specialties TSYS02D at Digi-Key

The TSYS02D provides factory-calibrated data corresponding to the measured temperature. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - TE Connectivity NECTOR M System

The NECTOR M power system offers flexibility in lighting luminaire designs and can be seamlessly integrated into existing or new construction. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Fairchild Gate Drivers at Digi-Key

Low-side (LS) drivers are building blocks for applications driving power MOSFETs in a clamped inductive load – driving MOSFETs, in secondary synchronous rectifier, and pulse/gate drive transformers. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Mentor Graphics Designer Schematic™ & Layout™

Mentor Graphics Designer Schematic and Designer Layout provides the engineer with professional, low-cost tools to produce PCB designs. Designer products are available as annual subscriptions to reduce the cost of entry. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Cree XP-L Series High-Density Class LEDs

The XLamp® XP-L LED is the first commercially-available single-die LED to deliver breakthrough efficacy of up to 200 lm/W at 350 mA. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - TRINAMIC TMC5062 Stepper Controller-Driver ICs

TMC5062 stepper controller-driver IC is a powerful system-on-a-chip, integrating sophisticated ramp-generators and two power stages plus best-in-class diagnostics and protection in a tiny 7 x 7 mm² QFN package. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - PUI Audio Lead-Wire Speakers

PUI Audio features a selection of off-the-shelf speakers equipped with 6" lead wires attached. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Available Now at Digi-Key – Fluke Connect™

Fluke Electronics has the largest suite of connected tools in the world. Fluke Connect™ the best way to stay in contact with your team without leaving the field. See the tools that save you time and increase your productivity. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Murata SPM15/25 Series DC/DC Converters

The SPM15/25 series isolated DC/DC converters represent the next generation in Industrial Potted Module Technology. Featuring a full 15 W and 25 W output in one square inch of board area, the SPM15/25 series isolated DC/DC converter family offers efficient regulated DC power for printed circuit board mounting. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Freescale QorIQ LS1 Communications Processors

Freescale has developed a revolutionary new networking system architecture for QorIQ platforms, built with ease-of-use in mind. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - New at Digi-Key – Cree XLamp CXA Solutions

Cree’s CXA LED arrays deliver high lumen output and efficacy in a family of single components. They are chip-on-board components, eliminating the need for reflow. The arrays deliver system-level performance to over 10,000 lumens and can be used in GU10s and commercial downlights or outdoor area and high-bay lighting. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Available Now at Digi-Key – NMB VL Series Fans

The VL series from NMB is available in dimensions of 40 x 20, 92 x 25, 120 x 38, and 150 x 172 x 50, in 12, 24, and 48 VDC. Standard features include auto-restart, reverse-polarity protection, low-noise, and high-flow, as well as NMB dual-ball bearings. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - AlphaWire EcoCable Mini Cable

Small just got mini. Introducing EcoCable Mini, AlphaWire’s newest, completely recyclable high-performance cable, which is the smallest and lightest to date. The latest addition to our EcoGen™ family of recyclable wire and cable, EcoCable Mini is small, but the performance advantages are big. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Arbor Intel® Atom™ Processor Compact Board

Arbor Solution's Miniboard product line consists of powerful Core logic with highly integrated features, which can be packaged into high-density designs to fit the critical space requirements of embedded applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Maxim Smart Grid Solutions

Utilities need a standards-based communications platform capable of supporting a variety of new services, from automatic meter reading (AMR) to load shedding and demand-side management (DSM). Maxim's G3-PLC™ provides a powerful solution that has been adopted by the IEEE® and ITU standards for low-frequency powerline communications (PLC). (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Scheme-it Free Online Schematic Tool - at Digi-Key

Scheme-it is an online schematic and diagramming tool that allows anyone to design and share electronic circuit diagrams. The tool includes a comprehensive electronic symbol library and an integrated Digi-Key component catalog that allows for a wide range of circuit designs. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Now at Digi-Key – 3M Touchscreen Displays

3M™ Touch Systems incorporates the reliable and durable 3M surface capacitive-touch technology into an array of touch-enabled monitors for use in retail, industrial, healthcare, and transportation applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Souriau UTL Series 3+3 Connectors at Digi-Key

Souriau’s UTL series is built around four key elements: dynamic IP68/69K, UV resistance, UL/IEC compliance, and easy-to-use thumb latch design. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Introducing New Products from KEMET

This is your one-stop resource for the newest and most innovative products from KEMET. Search the tabs to see KEMET’s new line of supercapacitors, inductors, EMI cores, relays, AC line filters and flex suppressors, as well as KEMET’s capacitor line-up (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - t-Global XL-25 Ceramic Heat Spreader

XL-25 is t-Global Technology’s flag-ship ceramic heat spreader, formulated using a proprietary blend of engineering ceramics specially selected to provide optimum thermal management. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - RECOM R1SE Series DC/DC Converters at Digi-Key

The R1SE Series from RECOM, with 1 watt of power, 1000 VDC isolation, and 5 Vinput/output, is the first release in the new economical “E-class”. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Sunon PF Series with Tachometer and PWM

With the rise in thermal control demands, Sunon has released a selection of their most powerful and efficient PF series DC fans with standard 4-wire pulse-width modulation (PWM) input and tachometer output functions. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - NKK Custom Switch and Value-Added Capabilities

NKK Switches bring value, not just from the products we manufacture but by offering value added services and custom switch solutions that save you time, money and help further streamline the supply chain process. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Fairchild Cloud Systems Computing at Digi-Key

Fairchild’s power management solutions drive efficiency while simplifying system design, reducing board space, improving system reliability and accelerating time-to-market. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - EPC eGaN FETs-Based Wireless Power Transfer

The superior characteristics of eGaN FETs, such as low-output capacitance, low-input capacitance, low-parasitic inductances, and small-size make them ideal for increasing efficiency in highly-resonant wireless power transfer systems. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Delta Medical Power Supplies – at Digi-Key

As part of its on-going mission to provide high quality, and reliable power supplies for healthcare and medical applications, Delta Medical Power Solutions is pleased to announce a new series of AC adapter and open-frame models for these applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Molex LED Array Holders for CREE XLamp Arrays

Chip-on-Board (COB) LED array holders simplify the LED installation process by eliminating the need for labor-intensive soldering. Risk of LED COB damage is minimized by the reduction in handling. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - TI DRV8307/8 3-Phase DC Motor Controllers

Texas Instruments' DRV8307 is a three half-bridge pre-driver that drives six N-type MOSFETs 30 mA with a single power supply. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - RECOM R-78 Modular Switching Regulators

The RECOM R-78 series is the original non-isolated, high-efficiency switching regulator designed as a pin-compatible drop-in replacement for LM78 linear regulators. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Delta AA Series AC/DC Power Supplies

Delta offers the AA series of power supplies; these isolated AC/DC converters are the latest offering from a world leader in power systems technology and manufacturing. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - CUI Medical Power Supplies at Digi-Key

Understanding that failure is not an option, CUI has developed a line of embedded and external power supplies designed to provide a solid platform for today's medical applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Linear Technology LTM2884 USB Transceivers

The LTM®2884 is a complete galvanically-isolated USB 2.0 compatible μModule® (micromodule) transceiver. An upstream supply powers both sides of the interface through an integrated, isolated DC/DC converter. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Murata AC/DC High Efficiency Power Supplies

The D1U86G-W-460-12-HxxDC is a bulk front-end power supply which meets the needs of systems requiring high-efficiency distributed-power architectures. The output power of this supply is rated at 460 W with one main and one standby output. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - ON Semi Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)

ON Semiconductor has expanded its high voltage IPM portfolio with the STK55xU3xxx-E family (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Alpha Wire EcoFlex™ Cable at Digi-Key

EcoFlex cables from Alpha Wire are a true engineering breakthrough. EcoFlex cables combine better performance with a minimum environmental impact. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - PUI Loudspeaker Enclosures – At Digi-Key

PUI Audio introduces a line of optimized, enclosed loudspeaker components. Carefully chosen drive units paired with ABS (94V-0) enclosures provide exceptional sound quality and durability. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Linear Technology LTC3588-1 and LTC3588-2

Linear Technology's LTC3588-1 and LTC3588-2 integrate a low-loss full-wave bridge rectifier with a high efficiency buck converter to form a complete energy harvesting solution optimized for high output impedance energy sources such as piezoelectric transducers. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Kingbright HELI Series LEDs

With luminous output up to 12,000 mcd and up to 30% cost saving in comparison to packages with similar performance, this series is designed for high-volume and cost-sensitive applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Analog Devices New Product Express

Analog Devices and Digi-Key present New Product Express - a fast, easy way to get ADI's newest products. These products are in full production, having passed ADI's quality and reliability testing, and are available from Digi-Key to order today! (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Teledyne LeCroy High Definition Oscilloscopes

Combining Teledyne LeCroy's HD4096 high definition 12-bit technology, with long memory, a compact form factor, 12.1" touch screen display and powerful debug tools, the HDO4000 is the ideal oscilloscope for precise measurements and quick debug. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - STMicroelectronics LSM9DS0 – at Digi-Key

The LSM9DS0 is a system-in-package featuring a 3D digital linear acceleration sensor, digital angular rate sensor, and digital magnetic sensor. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Microchip dsPIC33E DSCs – at Digi-Key

Microchip’s dsPIC33E family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) features a 70 MIPS dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP and enhanced on-chip peripherals. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Teledyne LeCroy WaveStation 3000 Generators

The Teledyne LeCroy WaveStation™ 3000 is a high-performance, versatile waveform generator with five standard waveform types, over 40 built-in arbitrary waveforms, a variety of modulation schemes, and two channels on all models. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - FCI High-Speed I/O Connectors and Assemblies

Bandwidth capacity demands driven by rapid growth in data, IP video, Internet, and mobile traffic challenges today’s design engineer to employ cable solutions that deliver both higher data transfer rates and increasing I/O. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Fairchild Motor Control Solutions at Digi-Key

As the demands for energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and meeting government regulations are increasing, the need for highly efficient electronic systems becomes more and more important. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - RECOM Power E Series DC/DC Converters

Modular DC/DC converters were always considered to be more expensive than discrete solutions. (read more)