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Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc.

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. has promoted these products:

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. - TriViewTM Left-Right-Total Tension Indicator
  • 24 VDC or Optional 100-240 VAC power input
  • QuickCal Zero and Calibration
  • Choice of Panel Mount OR NEMA 1 wall-mounted steel enclosure
  • Green Power-on LED
  • 5-inch Touch Screen with tension meter and menu driven choice of scale
  • Independent 0-10Vdc and 4-20mA outputs proportional to left, right, and total tension
  • Touch sc...
(read more)
Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. - TENSION CONTROL 101

TENSION CONTROL 101: Closed Loop PID Control

A brief overview of tension transducer measurement and PID control (read more)

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. - The Truth about Extended Range Transducers

The nature of the Extended Range option on Dover Flexo’s tension transducers is misunderstood by some in the industry. So, we thought it might be helpful to present the facts about this feature and to discuss when and why you might choose it. (read more)

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. - Trying to Simplify Web Tension Control?

The simplest way to determine the running tension on your web in any isolated zone of your web press or machine is to install an idler roll that also measures tension. The most reliable dead-shaft idler roll with accurate tension-sensing capability is the original: the TR Tension Roll transducer. (read more)

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. - Control Tension the Easy Way

Get improved finished product quality in your web process by adding direct tension measurement and control equipment. Starting with a pair of DFE tension transducers and an automatic tension controller is an affordable, easy-to-implement machinery upgrade with a fast ROI. (read more)

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. - Aluminum Idler Rollers & Tension Rollers

Dover Flexo Electronics' precision-machined aluminum idler rollers and tension rollers are manufactured to the highest quality and can be used solo on your press or web machinery or with any stationary shaft, shaft-end tension transducers or UPB transducers including DFE’s Model C, or UPBH and SUPB type transducers.
If you’re planning to install shaft-end transducers at... (read more)

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. - TrueViewTM Tension Indicators

The TrueView™ Tension Indicator with Quik-Cal™ push-button zero and calibration is a general purpose device for the measurement and display of process web tension.

In addition to amplifying the signal output from tension transducers installed in the web path and displaying actual tension on an its analog meter, the TrueView Tension Indicator powers the tension transduc... (read more)


Tension monitoring retrofit allows a flexible packaging converter to keep close tabs on loose web (read more)

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. - Measure & Control Multiple Tensions Across a Web

Do you have tension-related issues that may benefit from a tailor-made solution? (read more)

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc. - Save Your Ears with Silencerâ„¢ Friction Pads

Quiet is the new standard for pneumatic brakes as part of a high-performance tension control system. (read more)