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Dow Water & Process Solutions - Design and Selection of Feed Spacers for RO

The feed spacer in spiral wound reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements addresses the structural requirement for an open feed channel and also provides mixing that reduces fouling and solute enrichment at the membrane surface. To improve upon the conventional belief that thicker spacers are best for high-fouling feed water, Jon will review performance data from pilot and full-scale RO sys... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - RO Technology Helps Address Water Scarcity

Breakthrough Reverse Osmosis Technology Helps Address Water Scarcity. Learn how DOW FILMTECTM ECO Elements save energy in this infographic. (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - See How Water Enables Reliable Power Generation

It can take almost 16 gallons of water to power 60-watt light bulb for just 12 hours, making water the lifeblood of the electrical generation industry. In every power plant in the world, water provides the medium to convert heat energy into electrical energy by driving the turbines that run the electric generators. The quality of this water is of paramount importance to ensure efficient... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - New ECO Membrane Chemistry with LDP Feed Spacers

DOW FILMTEC™ ECO elements offer unparalleled rejection and flow performance for your industrial water needs, helping to enable lower energy usage and reduced regeneration costs, guaranteed by Dow. With a new industry-leading performance rejection of 99.7% at 150 psi, DOW ECO elements provide robust performance over a longer element life. At highest quality, the elements deliver 40%... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - Energy and Cost Saving Elements keeps Beer Flowing

Breweries need power to produce their products, and power plants need consistent, high-quality water to operate effectively. A power station for a major brewer in North America turned to Dow Water & Process Solutions and Consolidated Water Solutions to deliver a means to a flavorful, robust and satisfying end. (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - High-solids water can be a challenge

The recycling and reuse of industrial wastewater is challenging due to wastewater variability and shifting manufacturing conditions. While older technologies for fine-particle filtration, such as cartridge filters and bag filters, can mechanically achieve the required degree of filtration, they tend to have prohibitive operational costs. This is typically due to the need for frequent fil... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - New DOW FILMTEC™ SEAMAXX™ Reverse Osmosis Elements

Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW), is helping power plants, municipalities and manufacturers put the ocean to work. (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - R&D 100 Award: TEQUATIC™ PLUS

Less than a year after its global launch, R&D Magazine, one of the most respected publications in the R&D industry, recognized the TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filteras a groundbreaking solution for treating difficult, high-solids water.

The unique filtration device from Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) helps process a wide range of difficult high-solids... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - FILMTEC ECO elements receives recognition

Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow), received the top prize honor of “Market Choice” for the new DOW FILMTEC™ ECO Reverse Osmosis (RO) elements in a product contest held by the Aquatech China committee and, an online water industry network.DW&PS Greater China commercial director Chr... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - Vital Water Solutions achieve healthier outcomes

Clean, safe water is a critical component to health and healthcare. Dow Water & Process Solutions provide a number of critical water treatment technologies and components — from water softening for heating/hot water systems to water for food preparation — for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, clinics and laboratories. (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - Improve Downstream Efficiency

Real progress is no longer defined by productivity, efficiency or profit alone. It is instead measured as much by what you don't produce as what you do — by making a definable difference in business and in the world. At Dow Water & Process Solutions we are driven to help you continually move forward — uniquely able to deliver the innovation, technology and... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - Conserving Water and Energy with Reverse Osmosis

Our individual global water-energy “splashprint” is much higher than most of us think. Consider that it takes 2,867 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans or 1,500 gallons to make a desktop computer. (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - DOW FILMTEC™ ECO RO Technology

Water covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface, yet fresh water is a scarce and limited resource. With just one planet and a growing population, Dow is committed to minimizing our own footprint and to delivering solutions that help customers and society do the same. (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - See How Water Affects the Taste of Beer

Every natural ingredient used to make our foods and beverages has unique properties which define the characteristics of the final product such as taste, color and texture. A cow’s diet affects the taste of the cheese her milk is used to make. The grapes that become wine absorb flavors from the soil in which they grow. Water from different sources has different mineral profiles. Thi... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - TEQUATIC PLUS Solves Difficult Water Challenges

The TEQUATIC™ PLUS fine particle filter, with its innovative design, opens the door to lower cost of ownership for treating difficult water. The TEQUATIC PLUS filter:

  • Combines the power of continuously cleaning, cross-flow filtration with centrifugal separation and solids collection into one simple device.
  • Is designed to process a wide range of difficul...
(read more)
Dow Water & Process Solutions - DOW IntegraPac™ Skids

For OEMs seeking a cost-effective, streamlined solution for ultrafiltration water treatment, DOW IntegraPac™ skid design provides the answer. The ready-to-assemble design delivers a convenient—and cost-effective—way for organizations to produce higher quality pure water.   (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - The Power of Water

Do you think about water when you flip on your light switch? It can take almost 16 gallons of water to power a 60-watt light bulb for just 12 hours. Water is the lifeblood of the electrical generation industry, as it plays an integral role in converting heat energy into electrical energy, driving the turbines that run electric generators.

This week is World Water Week, and this in... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - Improving Hospital Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater from health care establishments is not only similar to municipal wastewater, but also contains a variety of potentially hazardous components, including microbiological pathogens (bacteria and viruses), hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals and radioactive isotopes.

Iraq’s Ministry of Health (MoH) sought a simpler and more efficient and cost-effective means of treat... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - Observe the new ECO System

Transform your industrial water plant, from standard to ECO. Plants that switch from conventional RO elements to DOW FILMTEC™ ECO elements join a unique population of thriving ECO plants.

By using new membrane chemistry and low dP feed spacers, DOW FILMTEC ECO elements are able to deliver significantly lower energy costs and reduced chemical consumption in downstream polishi... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - DOW IntegraFlo™ Ultrafiltration Modules

Enhanced, ultra-efficient design helps deliver up to 85 percent more flow compared to traditional modules potentially resulting in reduced capital expenditures by up to 25 percent* (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - ROSA (Reverse Osmosis System Analysis) Software

ROSA (Reverse Osmosis System Analysis) design software continues to evolve and grow to meet your demanding system design needs. The latest version, ROSA 9.0.0, is now available to aid in system design using DOW FILMTEC™ elements, the highest quality RO and NF elements available globally.

For Installation Instructions, click HERE. (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - Case Study: TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter

TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter Helps Solve Cost and Safety Challenges (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - Water Powered Microelectronics?

Modern electronics owe their construction to one of Earth's oldest substances: water.

Microelectronics producers use ultra-pure water (UPW) to fabricate integrated circuits and remove contaminants that would decrease yields. Through 12 or more intense purification steps, UPW is stripped of all impurities – no dirt, salts, minerals or anything else – just... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - DOW™ Ultrafiltration Membranes

Industries have stringent requirements to control wastewater discharge in the environment to prevent pollution. At the same time, the high volume of water required for processes used in the chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, textile, steel and iron, food and beverage industries can make business unsustainable in areas where water availability is limited. Dow technology is helpin... (read more)

Dow Water & Process Solutions - Fine Particle Filtration: TEQUATIC™ PLUS filter

If you are faced with difficult-to-treat water challenges, you’ll want a filtration solution you can count on. Traditional filtration products, however, usually don’t make the cut. They are often expensive, complicated, intermittent and maintenance heavy, with high consumables. (read more)