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Krytox™ Performance Lubricants

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants has promoted these products:

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - High Performance Lubricants for Extreme Conditions

Need a lubricant that changes the rules of what is possible? A way to extend the life of critical components in the systems you design? You need reliable, high-performance lubricants that can stand up to even the toughest conditions. DuPont™ Krytox® lubricants tolerate temperature ranges from -70 °C to 399 °C. How's that for extreme? (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - DuPont™ Krytox® Oils and Greases

Krytox® oils and greases offer a unique combination of properties that provide exceptional performance, with solutions to your most challenging problems. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Krytox® Performance Lubricants for Bearings

Lubrication of sintered bearings, with their thirsty capillary channels, requires high-quality oils and greases that will ensure smooth-running lubricity and consistent viscosity for the full use-life of the machine. DuPont™ Krytox® perfluoropolyether- (PFPE-) based synthetic lubricants were made for this tough job. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Krytox® Lubricants for Electric Motors

A North American paper mill improves equipment reliability by switching lubricants, implementing the use of Krytox®grease AUT 2E45 on 100 motors as a pilot. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Automotive NVH and Hybrid Technology Applications

Savvy new vehicle automotive designers can engineer a quieter vehicle with DuPont™ Krytox® lubricants-reducing surface wear wherever materials make contact and minimizing unwanted noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) that can also generate significant damage over time. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Lubricants

Prevention of wear and customer dissatisfaction from automotive noise, vibration and harshness ("NVH") are important competitive factors to manufacturers. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Automotive Underhood

High quality automotive lubricants can help auto makers reduce costs associated with extended warranties. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Krytox® Performance Lubricants for Electric Motors

Krytox® lubricants are long-lasting and can withstand the inherent stresses in the high-rpm world of electrical motive forces. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Aerospace, Aviation & Defense Applications

Krytox® aerospace lubricants have demonstrated the broad applicability to replace hundreds of purpose-formulated conventional oils and greases throughout the aerospace and aviation industries through the state-of-the-art fluoropolymer technology of DuPont. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Krytox® Lubricants for Petrochemical Industry

At DuPont, we know from first-hand experience that chemical and petrochemical industry systems require lubricants that help support operational safety. DuPont™ Krytox® Performance Lubricants do just that, with a broad selection of specially formulated synthetic oils and greases that are nontoxic, non-reactive, non-flammable, and noncorrosive. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Lubricants for the Chemical Processing Industry

Krytox® lubricants were invented by DuPont, a chemical industry leader. With unparalleled expertise in the special needs of chemical manufacturing, DuPont understands that chemical and petrochemical industries require lubricants that can help provide safe operations. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Krytox® Performance Lubricants for Valves

Smooth operation in extreme temperatures and longer use-life make Krytox® lubricants a first choice for valve seals. Krytox® lubricants provide smooth valve operation, less re-lubrication and field-proven performance that can save you time and money. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Krytox® Performance Lubricants for Seals

If you’re one of the many maintenance professionals charged with ensuring the proper functioning of seals that enable the efficient operation of pumps, compressors, engines and other pressurized machines, DuPont™ Krytox® lubricants can “seal the deal.” Krytox® oils and greases lock down seals that provide the barrier integrity required for superior perform... (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Krytox® Lubricants - For Optimum Gear Performance

Why risk mission-critical performance with hydrocarbon lubricants? DuPont™ Krytox® lubricants are ideally suited for filled-for-life, flameproof performance in thrust reverser gearboxes, aircraft climate-control and steam system valve-actuator gearboxes and virtually any bearing, value, or seal application where extreme temperatures and extreme conditions exist. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Krytox® Oils/Greases Improve O-ring Performance

The ability to lengthen the use-life of O-rings is an ongoing challenge for the maintenance and operational professionals that maintain those machines — and DuPont™ Krytox® Performance Lubricants can help. Nontoxic, non-flammable Krytox® oils and greases can help improve the performance of a variety of O-rings in a wide range of industries. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Design Specification Lubricants

When your operating conditions are getting hotter, the components are running faster, the standard lubricants are beginning to fail prematurely, and your warranty costs are rising, count on Krytox® lubricants to handle the most extreme conditions. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Corrugator Lubricants

DuPont™ Krytox® performance lubricants have become the corrugator industry standard for lubricating bearings on heated rolls in single facers and associated equipment. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Lubricants for the Food Processing Industry

In the food processing industry, you don't have to sacrifice safety for performance. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Electronics/Semi-Conductor Industrial Lubricants

In the electronics industry, Krytox® offers excellent safety and protection. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Metal Processing Industrial Lubricants

Krytox® protects in the most extreme metals processing environments. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - Lubricants for Reactive Gas Applications

In reactive gas applications, Krytox® Lubricants offers safety and efficacy. (read more)

Krytox™ Performance Lubricants - DuPont™ Fluoroguard® Polymer Additives

DuPont™ Fluoroguard® Polymer Additives, available in a range of colorless, odorless, chemically inert polymer additives, are based on a fluorinated synthetic oil. (read more)