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Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. has promoted these products/services:

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - SuperBot-1 Smart Automated Programming System

SuperBot-1 Smart Automation Desktop Programming system


Modular system design capability.

Improved switching time

High throughput (1200 devices per hour).

Supports standard Tray & Tape Reel and Tube input & output for IC packages. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - High Performance Power Analyzer

High accuracy and great sesitivity - annalyzer of choice for low power measurement:

  • 0.1% F.S. accuracy.
  • True RMS measurement.
  • Wide bandwith (DC to 300kHz).
  • Wide measurement ranges (1000V and 300A maximum).
  • Harmonic Analysis: 1 to 60.
(read more)
Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Measures irradiance as required by IEC 62446

Solar Survey Multifunction Solar Irradiance Meters, Model 100,Model 200R

  • Measures irradiance as required by IEC 62446
  • Built-in compass and inclinometer measure roof orientation and pitch
  • Dual channel temperature measurement
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Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - PV-150 Solar Installation Test Kit

•Combines all electrical tests required by MCS and IEC 62446
•Memory for up to 200 records
•USB download to PC
•Single key testing and measurement
•Safe test connection with energised PV array (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. -  Testing without direct contact with live wires !

•CSA Approved
•Non-contact detector clips. No metal contact points to advocate greater safety
•Two functions in 1 unit : open phase & phase sequence detection
• Designed for checking a wider range of 3-phase power sources
•LED display lights with buzzer indicator
•Brightness button feature for better visibility in dimly lit areas... (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - SuperPro 6100 Universal Programmer
  • 92,000+ devices supported from 332 IC Manufacturers
  • ARM9 32 Bit MCU + Linux for algorithm processing
  • Supports NAND / eMMC devices up to 256 GB
  • Stand-alone (no PC required) and PC hosted mode
  • Built-in 144 universal pin-driver
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Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - DC Power Supply up to 6KW in 1U package

The SL Series DC programmable power supplies now cover power densities to 6KW in 1U (1.75" high) package.

The full range consists of 70 models up to 1000 Vdc and currents up to 250 Adc. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - 1KV Portable Insulation/Continuity Tester

The Model 360 digital provides three functions:

Insulation test to 4TOhms

AC Voltage to 600V

Resistance to 4KOms (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Compact Portable Appliance Tester PT100

PrimeTest 100 handheld tool, appliance and cord tester was designed for the demanding safety regulations of electrical device testing.

It can be part of an OSHA Assured Groundings Scheme compliance programm.

Only 3 buttons and a large LCD screen gives a clear pass or fail indication for the operator. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Power Tool and Electrical Appliance safety tester

The SafeCheck 8 is a comprehensive safety tester with following functions:

  • Earth/Ground Bond Test
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Leakage
  • Power Cord Test (IEC)
  • Power/Run Test
  • Test Result Storage
  • Printer and Scanner Link
  • Predefined and custom test sequences
(read more)
Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Transmission Tower Earth Tester

25kHz high frequency TM-25M grounding resistance meter was developed for overcoming difficulties with testing transmission towers.

The TM-25M allows testing without disconnecting ground wires which act as lightning rods, protecting the lines from atmospheric discharges (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Portable Milli-Ommeter

The series 4000 digital ohmmeters offer true portability without any sacrifice to accuracy or functionality.

Model 4002 has 1 microohm resolution at 1A, models 4000/4001 are 10 microohms at 100mA. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - 100A Portable Micro-Ohmmeter

The MPK-102 high-current micro-ohmmeter is a truly portable, microprocessor-controlled instrument, used to accurately measure very low contact resistances of breakers and switches, busbars, transformers, motors etc. with test current from 1mA to 100A. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Unique 20KV Insulation Tester

The MI-20KVe is specially well suited to test isolation resistances in transmission lines and medium voltage distribution systems, whether aerial or underground, as it allows to perform testing with voltages near to the operational value. Besides, it is an excellent auxiliary when detecting cable failures. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Duncan's Portable Insulation Resistance Tester

The MI-10KVe High-Voltage Megohmmeter is a truly portable device
that allows the measurement of insulation resistances using test voltages
up to 10kV. It employs a state-of-the-art technology for the safe measurements of insulation resistances up to 2.0TOhms with four test voltages: 1kV - 2kV - 5kV and 10kV. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - The New iTIG II 12 kV Winding & Motor Analyzer

The Electrom iTIG II offers a comprehensive range of high and low voltage motor tests to analyze the condition of insulation systems in all types of windings and coils. Like its predecessor, the Electrom iTIG surge tester, the iTIG II has a modular and flexible design. It comes in several different models with varying options and output ranges from 4kV to 12kV to fit most budgets. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - NEW Universal USB IC Chip Device Programmer

SuperPro-6000 - USB Interfaced Ultra-Fast 144pin Stand-Alone Universal Programmer from Duncan Instruments. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Higher Accuracy Than Other Cable Height Meters
  • Measures the height of up to 6 cables
  • Easy to aim and read measurement results
  • Measures the distance between adjoining wires
  • Handles various types of cable
  • Large measuring sensor, high accuracy
  • Compact and portable
  • Measures horizontal distances between objects
  • Temperature compensated
(read more)
Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Current Leakage? Intelligent Detection

Unique MD 9270 Leakage Clamp TRMS Meter With Power Functions. Intelligent loss analysis: complex algorithms detect loss and allow determining possible reasons for current loss. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - PV150 Solar Installation Test Kit

The world’s first all-inclusive solar PV specific installation electrical safety testing kit, now with SolarlinkTM and USB connectivity. The PV150 Solar Installation Test Kit includes all of the tools needed to determine the electrical safety and performance of photovoltaic installations (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Clamp On Digital DC Milliammeter

Measure current loop signals with Model 2500 high resolution and high accuracy milliammeter without opening the circuit. The Model 2500 displays mA and percentage on the high visibility LCD display. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - RBB Series Resistance Decade Boxes - Duncan Instr.

RBB series of precision decade boxes are suitable both for the laboratory and in the field. The RBB Series available from Duncan Instruments offers an unbeatable selection of models suitable for RTD and general resistance substitution. Proven construction assures stability and long service life. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Model 108A High Precision Power Analyzer

The Model 108A Universal High Precision power analyzer measures 280 electrical parameters on one to six channels. With up to 2MHz frequency response, wide voltage and current input ranges, color touch screen the 108A is both easy to use and equally at home in the lab and field. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - New 10KV Smart Insulation Tester

The MD10KVx insulation tester is one of the most complete and sophisticated available in the market. It features auto range, 4000 readings memory, diagnostic tests, leakage, capacitance and real time clock. Optionally available with a built in printer the unit represents a state of the art insulation measurement system. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - The New Generation of Microhmmeters

A truly remarkable instrument featuring: Wide Measuring Range High Accuracy Programmable Measuring Current Programmable Hi/Lo Limits Automatic Temperature Compensation Digital Calibration Data Logging Fast Measuring Mode Open Circuit Voltage Limit Multiple Interface Options (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Quick! 1-sec measurement Ground Resistance Tester

Duncan Instruments' Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 2301 has a multifunction display and performs ground resistance measurement from 0.001 to 1200 ohms without driving ground rods. It is fast (1 second measurement) and accurate (1.5% typical). (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Wide Input Voltage Range Power Supply

WPS1 is a DC to DC down converter designed to accept wide range of input volts 24 to 600V, making it ideal power supply for contactor coils, solenoids or solar panels. Pinout is compatible with Panasonic EHDRD3363 DC-DC converter. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - NEW Low Cost High-Performance PQ Analyzer

NanoVIP3 is the new handheld three phase power quality & energy analyzer, able to combine a high level of performance with an extremely competitive price. What makes it unique is its small size, however, the instrument has all the features normally found so far only in high-end products. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - CRDO7+ Digital Low Resistance Micro-Ohmmeter DLRO

The CRDO7Plus is an exceptional digital micro-ohmmeter for precise low resistance measurements and fast updates. It also has dual AC/Battery voltage operation and a back-lit LCD display that is multilingual. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Digital-Delay/Pulse Generator –BNC Model 575

State-of-the-Art Digital Delay/Pulse Generator BNC Model 575 is available in three versions (two, four and eight channels) and with several options/features not found on competitively-priced products. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Duncan's Professional 10KV Insulation Analyzer

The MI3200 insulation tester has the PI, DD and DAR diagnostic functions, battery and line operation, IP44 rating and is equally at home in the lab and the field. Optional accessories include Teralink software and RS232 and USB cables. Do not shortchange yourself - you can have a full featured tester at an attractive price. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - GFR Series Ground Fault Relays from Duncan Inst.

The GFR Series relays protect industrial electrical equipment such as motors, transformers and feeders, against the damage caused by low magnitude ground currents. GFR-2/3 work effectively on both high and low resistance grounded distribution systems. The package consists of: Ground Fault Protection Relay and Zero Sequence Current Transformer. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - New Android Accesible Power Meter / Data Logger

Cost Saving Through Energy Monitoring.

Wiring check, large memory, remote and real time measurements make the KEW 6305 from Duncan Instruments one of most comprehensive portable power meters. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - KEW 3125 Economical 5KV Insulation Tester

KEW Instruments Model 3125 digital 5KV insulation tester packs a number of high end features at a very reasonable cost. Numeric and bar graph display, timer and PI measurement are just a few of them. Small attractive packaging and high quality construction differentiates this product from other insulation testers. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Measurement of Ground Electrode Systems

Digital Earth Resistance & Resistivity Tester Measure earth resistance and ground resistivity with built-in printer The EM-4055 earth tester is a digital, microprocessor controlled instrument that allows to measure the earth resistance and ground resistivity (using Wenner´s method), as well as to detect parasitic voltages present in the ground. (read more)

Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd. - Protect yourself with 1000V fused leads

SFTL-CAT IV Kit includes: Two 1000V ceramic fuses, plus one red/one black; right angle shrouded meter plugs, test lead/probe body assembly, screw-in probe tips, in a reuseable pouch. (read more)