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E+E Elektronik - High-End Industrial Humidity Transmitter

The highly accurate EE310 humidity and temperature transmitter is dedicated for demanding process control. The modern multi-functional display with data logging function enables intuitive operation and offers an optimum overview of the measuring task. Extensive settings and diagnostics can thus be performed directly on the device. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Digital Humidity Sensors with Sensor Coating

The EEH110/EEH210 set new standards on the digital humidity sensor market. The sensor impresses with its high level of measuring accuracy. The active sensor surface is optimally protected from contamination and corrosion by the proprietary E+E sensor coating. With small dimensions and several interface options, the humidity sensors can be used in... (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Modular In-Line Flow Meter

The compact EE741 in-line flow meter measures accurately the consumption of compressed air and technical gases. Thanks to the modular design, one and the same transmitter can be used for three different pipe diameters (DN15, DN20, DN25). To do so, the transmitter is simply combined with the appropriate gauge mounting block. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - EE150 Humidity And Temperature Transmitter

Compact Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for HVAC and building technology, the EE150 humidity and temperature transmitter has been optimised specifically for use in the HVAC and building automation and impresses with an outstanding price/performance ratio. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - EE441 Strap-On Sensors

The strap-on sensors are used for temperature measurement on round ducts and pipes in applications like heating systems and solar collectors. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Hand-held Transmitter Now Also Measures CO2

Now available for the Omniport 30 hand-held transmitter from E+E Elektronik is a CO2 probe with a measurement range of 0…2000 / 5000 / 10,000ppm. This means that the device can be used for ambient air monitoring or for CO2 leak localization. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - EE771 Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The EE771 is a thermal mass flow meter for compressed air and gases. Irrespective of pressure and temperature, the EE771 flow meter registers mass flow, volumetric flow or standard flow. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Maintenance-free CO2 Sensor Module

The EE893 CO2 sensor module from E+E Elektronik is the ideal choice for demanding OEM applications. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Modbus CO2 probe for demanding OEM applications

The EE871 CO2 probe from E+E Elektronik is designed for maintenance-free use in demanding OEM applications. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Humidity & Temperature Sensor for HVAC

The EE160 combines advanced technology with innovative design.
The reliable and long-term stable E + E sensor technology, a user-friendly housing design and the latest manufacturing technology create the specially for the HVAC industry designed, humidity and temperature transmitter EE160. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - HCT01 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The HCT01 humidity and temperature sensor combines high-quality, long-term tested thin-film sensor technology with the easiest workability and a cost-efficient integration of the humidity sensor into your application. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Low Power Humidity and Temperature Probe

The highly accurate EE071 humidity/ temperature transmitter operates on ultra low power and features Modbus RTU protocol. (read more)

News articles and press releases for E+E Elektronik:


The EE893 CO2 sensor module from E+E Elektronik is the ideal choice for demanding OEM applications.


E+E Elektronik has added an additional passive temperature measurement function to the tried-and-tested EE85 CO2 transmitter for precise measurement of CO2 concentrations and temperatures in HVAC applications.


The free humidity calculator from E+E Elektronik is used for the rapid conversion of humidity measurements.


Irrespective of pressure and temperature, the EE771 flow meter from E+E Elektronik measures mass flow or volumetric flow in your supply system with the greatest accuracy.


EE240 wireless sensors from E+E Elektronik are the ideal solution for high quality, wireless measurement of humidity, temperature or CO2.