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Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - 2-96V Lead Acid Battery Regenerator & Charger

The BR-500 Battery Regenerator & Charger is a multi-functional, universal 3-in-1 regenerator for 2 - 96V lead-acid batteries. By using intelligent smart control pulsing technology to increase battery capacity, Eagle Eye’s regenerators and battery chargers are the most advanced and effective in the industry. The regeneration process minimizes damage of electrode plates by... (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Pro Battery Monitoring System For UPS

Eagle Eye's iPQMS-Pro UPS Battery Monitoring System is a scalable system designed to monitor the health of critical battery systems by measuring: string voltage and current, jar/cell voltage and impedance, connection resistance, and temperature. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Hands-On Training: DC Power Systems 101

This course covers the theory and design of the DC power systems that are typically used in standby applications. The attendees will receive instruction on the operating characteristics of the individual system components and their application within specific market areas. The basics of system design from system configuration/sizing through installation and commissioning, will als... (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Battery Room Compliance Signage to Prevent Injury

Safety is crucial for every battery room; therefore, OSHA takes battery safety very seriously. Battery safety and other hazard warning signs are beneficial for stationary battery rooms because their goal is to prevent accidents and employee injury. The impact of improper, insufficient or lack of safety signs could result in: physical harm to employees, fines, potential litigation and cou... (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Download Our 2017 Product Catalog Today!

View Eagle Eye's new 2017 Product Catalog. Learn more about our battery monitoring, testing & charging solutions. The 2017 Catalog includes new products, more models & updated specifications and industry information to better suit your needs. Interactive guides for NERC PRC-005-2 Compliance & IEEE Maintenance Activities for stationary batteries are included! (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Measure Density & Density-Related Values

The SG-Ultra Max is the premier portable digital hydrometer/density meter in the SG-Series hydrometer line. The SG-Ultra Max measures density and density-related values of your sample within seconds. Results appear on the LCD screen with backlight and are ready for storage, printout or export to a PC. The lightweight and robust design enable on-site operation in a wide range of en... (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - 2017 Battery Training Courses Available Now!!!

Learn more about Eagle Eye Power Solutions upcoming battery training course schedule. Eagle Eye offers a hands-on approach to learning about battery management, DC system design, and safety as well as IEEE recommended best practices, real time battery monitoring systems, battery testing, and data analysis. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Fastest Portable Battery Tester!

Eagle Eye's IBEX-Ultra battery testing kit is the premier kit in Eagle Eye's IBEX-Series portable battery tester line. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Load bank for 208V, 380V, 415V, 440V, 480V @ 500kW

The Eagle Eye LB-480-500kW 3 phase load bank is designed for high power portable load testing of generators, UPS, and other critical AC power sources. This portable load bank tester can be controlled manually with built in controls or with software controls on a computer. The software allows the user to setup automatic load profiles which will display and record the load test data. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Solutions for NERC PRC-005-2 Compliance!

Eagle Eye Power Solutions understands the importance of testing and maintaining batteries per NERC compliance standards. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Battery Ground Fault & Voltage Monitor

The Eagle Eye VGM-100 Battery Voltage and Ground Fault Monitor is a combination battery voltage and battery ground fault monitor that reads battery status, detects out-of-limit conditions, and provides alarm indications at precise user settings for 24V, 48V, 125V and 250V systems. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Pinpoint Faulty Grounding For DC Systems

The Eagle Eye GFL-1000 Ground Fault Locator is an essential instrument to pinpoint faulty grounding where electrical cables have breakage and loss to the ground. The unit measures current leakage of DC systems with high resistance. The GFL-1000 is designed to fast-detect, track, and locate virtual grounding faults for both offline and online DC systems. Measurement of online DC sy... (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Electronic Hydrometer / Liquid Density Monitor

The Eagle Eye SG-100M specific gravity meter/liquid density monitor will replace ordinary glass bulb and optical refractometer hydrometers that are limited in range, utility and functionality. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Monitor Battery Electrolytes per NERC Standards!

The Eagle Eye ELM-Series Battery Electrolyte Level Monitor is a reliable dual sensor system that monitors the electrolyte level and temperature of individual flooded batteries. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Prevent Battery Thermal Runaway!

The Eagle Eye BTM-Series Battery Temperature / Thermal Runaway Monitor is a dependable low-cost solution to protecting stationary batteries against over-temperature and thermal runaway conditions. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Battery Monitoring System for NERC Compliance

Eagle Eye's Battery Monitoring System is a complete battery monitoring system to meet NERC PRC-005-2Compliance. Substation backup battery maintenance is one of the most critical aspects to ensuring power to consumers when there is an outage or a system failure. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - AC/DC load banks for any load testing requirement!

Eagle Eye offers multiple load banks for any load testing requirement. The LB-Series has 4 different series of load banks each designed for a different application - DC Load Testing, DC Constant Current Load Testing, and SMART DC Load Testing, used for battery discharge tests. We also offer AC Load Banks for AC applications, as well as battery discharge testers. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Microprocessor Controlled Float Battery Charger

Eagle Eye’s AT10.1 is the easiest operating float battery charger in the industry today. The AT10.1 has over 20 years of proven reliability and has become the industry’s “gold standard” for all stationary battery charging applications. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Insulated Battery Toolkit

Insulated tools are designed to safeguard personnel and equipment that is susceptible to shorting out and creating spiking surges to electrical apparatuses. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - NEW Thermal Imaging for Preventative Maintenance!

The TIC-500 Thermal Imaging Camera is a portable, rugged infrared camera designed for use in a variety of applications including preventative maintenance, construction, medical, and more. Using an uncooled focal plane infrared detector, the camera displays a thermal image as a multi-color image with user-selected color palette, sensitivity, and span. Images can be stored on the mi... (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - BQMS Battery Monitoring System

The BQMS Battery Monitoring System is a modular system that allows for complete monitoring of a single or multiple battery systems. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - IBEX-Pro Portable Resistance Battery Tester

Eagle Eye's IBEX-Pro battery testing kit is an affordable portable testing solution that offers battery management software and numerous accessories to offer a complete battery testing package. (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Hydrogen Gas/Smoke Detector With Intrusion Alarm

The Eagle Eye HGD-3000 Hydrogen Gas and Smoke Detector with (optional) Silent Intrusion Alarm is designed for unattended battery installations or remote shelters containing gassing lead acid batteries and charging systems - most commonly found in the telecommunications and utility sectors. Other applications for hydrogen gas detection include forklift and golf cart charging areas,... (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Light, Portable Load Banks For AC Power Sources

Eagle Eye's AC Load Banks are the smallest AC load banks in the industry that offer unmatched capacities with rugged durability. Each load bank is fully self-contained and designed for portable AC load testing that can easily withstand harsh testing environments. Our resistor design and assembly make it possible to achieve smaller portable load banks than any one in the industry.... (read more)

Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC - Easily Monitor Battery Electrolyte Levels!

Real-time battery electrolyte monitoring for flooded battery systems! Easy-to-install system with no need for site surveys. Can be integrated with Eagle Eye's real-time battery monitoring solutions! (read more)