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Elasto Proxy Inc. - Sponge Rubber Profiles from Elasto Proxy

Elasto Proxy designs and fabricates sponge rubber profiles with low, medium, and high density firmness. Our products include accordion seals, bulb seals, door seals, d-strips, e-strips, lip seals, and sponge cord. Sponge rubber profiles are used to seal surfaces and to prevent leakage. These high-quality rubber products have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are made of various... (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Solid Rubber Profiles of all durometer levels

Elasto Proxy designs and fabricates solid rubber profiles in a variety of duro, materials, and shapes. A measure of hardness, durometer or duro is an important specification to consider during seal selection. Most solid rubber profiles range from 30 to 90 duro. At 30 duro, solid profiles have the consistency of pencil erasers. At 90 duro, they are hard like hockey pucks. (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Rubber Tubing for Sealing and Shock Absorption

Elasto Proxy designs and custom-fabricates industrial tubing for low compression force sealing and shock absorption. Choose soft, bendable tubing made of silicone, neoprene, or EPDM for rubber seals under low compression conditions. Elasto Proxy can also cut lengths of industrial tubing into tube rings to reduce mechanical vibrations. (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Sponge Rubber Profile; Shock & Acoustic Insulation

Elasto Proxy Supplies EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, and Other Sponge Rubber Profiles

Elasto Proxy designs and fabricates sponge profiles made from neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, silicone and other elastomeric materials. Known also as foam rubber and sponge rubber, these rubber products are used for shock absorption and provide good compression and recovery. (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Rubber Floor Mats: Vehicle, Construction, Sanitary

Elasto Proxy designs and custom-fabricates rubber floor matting for cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment, and agriculture machinery. Durable, weather-resistant rubber floor mats are cut to your exact specifications using our efficient water jet cutter. We also provide sanitary floor mats with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to food processing facilities and commercial k... (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Weather Stripping for Outdoor Applications

Elasto Proxy designs and fabricates weather stripping for building and construction products, electronic enclosures, and other outdoor applications. Our high-quality, low-volume rubber products are used for either dynamic or static sealing, depending on your requirements. Choose from our selection of standard rubber weather stripping, or ask about Elasto Proxy’s custom sealing solu... (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Dual Durometer Profiles

Dual Durometer Profiles for Reliable Attachment and Stronger SealingElasto Proxy Designs and Custom-Fabricates Dual Durometer Extrusions for Rubber PartsDual durometer extrusions are industrial rubber parts with different areas of hardness. (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Specialty Seals & Insulation for Military Vehicles

Sealing and insulation solutions for military applications must be able to withstand extreme conditions. Depending on the mission, service, and theater of operations, military vehicles may face high or low temperatures, snow or blowing sand, and attacks via land mines, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), or improvised explosive devices (IEDs (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

Thermal and acoustic insulation can be made of composite materials and formed into application-specific shapes and thicknesses. For example, thermal-proof panels made of ceramic fiber, polyurethane foam, and microcellular or silicone foam can provide heat shielding as high 1200° C in locomotives (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Dual Durometer Profiles: Attachment & Sealing

Elasto Proxy Designs and Custom-Fabricates Dual Durometer Extrusions for Rubber Parts Dual durometer extrusions are industrial rubber parts with different areas of hardness. Typically, the harder rubber compound is used for attachment while the softer rubber is used for sealing. Sometimes, different rubbers are used because of design considerations such product color scheme... (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Bulb Trim Seal, no metal clips or adhesives needed

Elasto Proxy designs and fabricates bulb trim seals that can be pressed into place without metal clips or adhesives. These versatile rubber seals are used in both indoor and outdoor applications, and provide reliable sealing against air, water, dust, and noise. These high-quality rubber products can fit any type of flange or edge, and work well in applications with low-to-medium c... (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Solid Rubber Profiles - Compression Resistance

Solid Rubber Profiles Provide Greater Compression Resistance

Elasto Proxy Designs and Custom-Fabricates Extruded Profiles Made of Solid Rubber

Solid rubber materials can be extruded into profiles of various shapes and sizes. These rubber extrusions have a fixed cross-sectional shape and provide dimensional stability, design flexibility, (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Sealing Essentials: Free eBook

Sealing challenges can be complex, and no two applications are the same. So whether you’re a seal designer or a technical buyer, you need a resource you can trust from a partner who listens. This free e-book from Elasto Proxy explains what you need to know about compound selection, seal geometry, industry standards, application requirements, and vendor capabilities. (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Extruded & Molded Rubber, 700+ Profiles in Stock

Elasto Proxy Stocks Over 700 Natural and Synthetic Rubber Profiles, Including Sponge Rubber. Specializing in the design & custom fabrication of rubber profiles for automotive, defense, mobile specialty vehicles, food and medical equipment, electronics, green power, and mass transit industries. Rubber Extrusions, Sanitary Seals, Molding, Thermal & Acoustic Ins... (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Tech Article: 3D CAD Modeling Capabilities

Seal Simulation and Product Design: Elasto Proxy Announces Technical Article About 3D CAD Modeling Capabilities; Explains Benefits of Predictive Modeling for Rubber Parts (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - A Sealing Challenge Case Study

One of our largest mass transit manufacturers had an issue with one of the trains they were working on. The door seals had become worn and were causing leaks. It was a very urgent matter, as they needed the replacement in two weeks from the time they placed the order (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Ready For Any Sealing Challenge

How Elasto Proxy Solves Sealing Challenges

Elasto Proxy solves sealing challenges through expert analysis, custom fabrication, and careful testing. Engineers, product designers, and manufacturers depend upon our experienced technical services team to find and fabricate plastic and rubber components for specific applications (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Download our Sealing Essentials eBook

NEW - Compound Selection: Materials and Distinctive Polymers

How do you know if you need EPDM, silicone, or a blend of both materials? If your application doesn't require solid rubber, should you use foam rubber or sponge rubber instead (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Coated Fabrics

Elasto Proxy uses coated fabrics and provides fabric coating services for acoustic insulation and water-repellent materials. (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Insulation for Reducing Sound, Heat, & Vibration

Acoustic Insulation, Thermal Insulation, Sound Dampening Foams, and Vibration Damping MaterialsElasto Proxy Supplies Specialty Insulation for Reducing Sound, Heat, and Vibration Elasto Proxy designs and custom fabricates acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, sound dampening foams, and vibration damping materials. (read more)

Elasto Proxy Inc. - Window Channels

Window Channels for Automotive, Military Vehicles, and Mass Transit Elasto Proxy Designs and Custom-Fabricates Extruded Rubber for Windows Window channels help secure window frames to vehicle bodies and hold window glass in place. These extruded rubber products also eliminate rattling while providing protection against dust, rust, moisture, and drafts. (read more)