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Electro Standards Laboratories has promoted these products/services:

Electro Standards Laboratories - 12-Chan'l RJ45/BNC/DB9 Simultaneous Keylock Switch

The LineSelect™ Model 9212 is a 12-Channel RJ45/BNC/DB9 A/B Switch enables two RJ45 CAt5e Channels, eight BNC Channels and two DB9 Channels to switch positions simultaneously via the front panel keylock.

RJ45 Channels are tested for Cat5e compliance! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 Cat6 Switch with RS232 Remote, No Enclosure

The Model 7382 8-to-1 RJ45 Cat6 Switch with RS232 Serial Remote allows quick connection to any one of 8 RJ45 interface devices from one COMMON device.

  • Outstanding Cat6 RJ45 Interface Switching Capability!
  • Comprised of two boards, interconnection cables and connectors for installation in an enclosure.
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - Secure Off-Line Switch Ideal for Conference Rooms!

Model 5534 4-State RJ45 Switch is Ideal for Secure Conference Room Communication Applications!

♦ Allows the sharing of a single device among three other devices, with a secure off-line position.

♦ Manually operated by keylock. No power required.

♦ Meets Cat5e performance. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - M7281 Video Feed Controller Switch, w/Remote

Allows 3 Video Sources to be switched among 2 Video Monitors with the option of all sources to be put in a Cutoff Position.

  • All video source and monitor connectors are RJ45/Cat5/100mbps
  • DB9 accepts remote contact closure switch commands
  • All switches are remotely controlled. There is no local control.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - B15 Transceiver A/B Switch Module w/Slide Latch

The Model 9141 is a DB15 Transceiver Switch Module that allows the quick connection to any one of two devices from one Common device.

  • The Model 9141 is an open fram module designed to be installed in the Module 9025 Rack.
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - Connect/Disconnect Between 2 Fiber Networks w/6277

QuickSwitch Model 6277 is a Single Channel SC Duplex Online/Offline Switch that allows quick connection or disconnection between two fiber optic networks or devices.

♦ OFFLINE switch position stops any and all data throughput for the unit.
♦ Supports Gigabit data rates! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 Cat5e A/B Switch, 2 Foot Legs, No Enclosure

The Model 8085-002 is an A/B Rotary Switch cabled with 2ft RJ45 legs for installation into any custom enclosure.

  • Certified for Cat5e Compliance
  • Switches all 8 pins
  • Allows Compatibility with All RJ45 Interfaces
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Dual Channel RS232/RS530 A/B Switch w/Remote

Model 7265 Dual Channel RS-232/RS-530 A/B Switch with Remote Control Port

  • Two Remotely Controllable Switches in a slim 1U high rackmount package
  • Local switching via front-panel pushbuttons
  • Remote switching via contact closure
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Exclusive Remote 4-Position DB25 Switch

Model 7330 is a DB25 A/B/C/D Switch that may only be controlled from DB9 port using RS232 Serial ASCII commands.

  • Exclusive Remote Control - No Local Control.
  • Switch between four DB25 ports.
  • All pins of DB25 are switched.
  • Switch ports are transparent to all data.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M7212 Remotely Controllable DB25 A/B Switch

Model 7212 Remotely Controllable DB25 AB Switch shares a single DB25 interface device connected to the Common port with 2 other devices connected to A & B ports.Provides backup switching to your critical data links. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 PoE Switch w/Touch Control&Programmable Timer

Model 7182 RJ45 Connect/Disconnect PoE Switch with Touch Sensitive Display Control & 8-Hour Countdown Programmable Timer (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 6239 Audio, Video, BNC Coax AB Switch

Model 6239 Audio and Video XLR 3-Pin & BNC Coax Interface, A/B Switch, Manual, Desktop

  • Switches Audio & NTSC Composite channels to either of two locations.
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - 5 Channels of Switching Packed in 2U,19-inch Rack!

The Model 9500 5-Channel Manual Switch has four channels of DB25 A/B switching, and one channel of RJ11/12 A/B/C/D switching.

♦ Each channel is individually operated via its front panel rotary switch.
♦ No power is required.
♦ Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Normal/Redundant Fallback Switch Self-Configures!

M4148 allows data broadcast from two data origination devices to be channeled to two devices designated as destination devices.

  • M4148 will self-configure its connectivity based on the devices connected to it, or the user can override its connection status via a pushbutton.
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - SC Duplex to RJ45 Auto Fallback Switch/Converter

Fiber Optic / Twisted Pair Copper Conversion is Built In!

Provides Automatic Fiber Optic Link Backup

Fully Compliant with 802.3u 100 Base TX/FX standard (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - 5-Channel DB9/RJ45 Cat5e Switch w/ Contact Closure

The Model 7429 is 5-Channel Switch comprised of (3) DB9 channels and (2) RJ45 Cat5e channels of A/B Switching.

  • Remote Contact Closure status provides dry contact logic to obtain the switch position via two sets of dry contacts.
  • The RJ45 Channels 1 & 2 are certified for Cat5e compliance.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - KVM Switch w/Shock & Vibration Resistant Enclsoure
  • Each Channel can Share ONE Keyboard, Video, Mouse System with TWO Laptop Docking Stations.
  • Mounted in a shock and vibrations resistant enclosure.
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - 4-Chan'l DB9 A/B Switch w/ 24Vdc signaling Remote

The Model 7326 is a 4-Channel DB9 A/B Switch that allows simultaneous switching of all four channels either locally via a front panel pushbutton or remotely via a terminal block remote port that accepts 24Vdc signaling. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Share DB37 Devices or Switch to Backup with M7331

The Model 7331 is a Single Channel DB37 A/B Switch that allows the sharing of one DB37 device or network among 2 others.Ideal for sharing DB37 interface devices, or switching to backup! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 4189 4-Way Fiber Optic Switch/Converter

QuickSwitch 4189 4-Way Fiber Optic Switch Converter with Dual Wavelengths

  • Ports 1 & 2: 850nm 10FX ST Duplex multimode fiber optic ports
  • Ports 3 & 4: 1300nm 100BaseFX ST Duplex multimode fiber optic ports
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - LC Simplex F.O. Switch Ideal for Multiple Devices

The Model 6316 is a single Channel all fiber optic LC Simplex A/B manually operated Switch

  • Switch to backup fiber optic data link, quickly and easily!
  • Ideal for switching data to multiple displays, billboards, signs.
  • Add flexibility to IT platforms and networks.
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - Access&Monitor Signals With M800 HSSI Breakout Box

M800 HSSI (SCSI-2) Interface Breakout Box designed to monitor all signals of the SCSI-2 interface.

  • Inserted in series between SCSI interface devices to provide access to & monitoring of all data, timing, and control signals.
  • Fifteen one-foot mini patchcords that plug into test points on the box are provided to facilitate access to signals passing t...
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 A/B/C Switch has Triple RS232 Remotes

Model 4409 is a single channel RJ45 A/B/C Switch with Triple RS232 Remotes that allows the user the capability of sharing a single port interface device connected to the COM port among three other devices.

  • (3) RJ45 RS232 Remote Ports can be used simultaneously.
  • Also has 3 pushbuttons on front panel to control switch.
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - 50 Ohm BNC ONLINE/OFFLINE Switch Ideal for Audio

Model 7180 Dual Channel BNC 50 Ohm Online/Offline Switch with Contact Closure

  • Ideal for switching BNC Connection remotely via internet.
  • Outstanding for switching Audio.
(read more)
Electro Standards Laboratories - HP Fiber/RS232 Converters w/ European Power Supply

Models 4137EU & 4139EU HP Fiber/RS232 Converters with European 2-Pin Power Supplies

♦ Allow connection of HP Fiber Optic Linked Terminals to RS232 Port of Controller.

♦ Convert RS232 Serial Communication Interface to HP Versatile Link plastic core cable.

♦ Data transfer rate up to 120 Kbps (enhanced RS232) (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Improved RS232 Breakout Box, 2 Voltage Test Points

The Model 700 EIA RS-232 Interface Analyzer / Breakout Box has been redesigned. It now features a set of two voltage test points, one plus (+) and one minus (-), allowing the user to synthesize missing control signals. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - SC Fiber Optic Switch w/Keylock for Added Security

The Model 6315 is a Single Mode Fiber Optic SC Duplex A/B Switch with RS232 Remote Control and Key Lock functionality for added security.

- 1500 nm Wavelength
- RS232 Serial Remote Control (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - M4349 Rugged DAQ/Sensor Monitoring Module on GSA

The CellMite® ProD Model 4349 is now available on our GSA Schedule!

The Model 4349 creates both a low speed monitoring data stream and a high speed transient event data stream that are designed to measure and report both static and pulsed sensor events. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 A/B Switch with Dual RS232 Remote Ports

M4407 Remotely Controllable RJ45 A/B Switch with Dual RemoteSwitch via pushbutton or remotely over either or both of two serial remote ports! A device connected to either of the 2 remote ports can send trigger character over an RS232 serial port to change the state of the switch. (read more)