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Electro Standards Laboratories has promoted these products/services:

Electro Standards Laboratories - New 3-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch Box w/ RS232 Remote

The PathWay® Model 7251 Tri-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch with RS232 Serial Remote Control

- Switches all 8 pins of the RJ45 interface.

- All three channels switch simultaneously.

- The REMOTE port accepts RS232 Serial Data ASCII commands for switch position control and monitoring. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 7406 RJ45 A/B Switch with Remote Control

Model 7406 RJ45 A/B Switch with Remote Control Port

  • Access (2) RJ45 ports via the COMMON port.
  • Control manually via front-panel pushbutton or remotely via RS-232 serial port.
  • Switch retains current position in event of power failure.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 3-Chn'l SC Duplex A/B/OFFLINE Fiber Switch Remote

The Model 6256 allows the sharing of one SC Duplex device among 2 others, with a secure OFFLINE position, for each of its three channels.

  • Individual Control for each Channel
  • Accepts Contact Closure switch commands for Remote Control
  • Supports Gigabit data rates!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Hi-Density CAT5/5e Up to 40-Chan'l A/B Switch

Select # of Channels, 100Base-T or 1000Base-T, Cat5 or 5e. We'll do the rest.

M9740/9741 High Density A/B Switch Systems. These switches accommodate up to 40 channels in only 8.75" of panel height. A ton of switching capability! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 4408 A/B Switch Box is Certified for Cat5e!

Model 4408 is a Single Channel Cat5e RJ45 A/B Switch box with Contact Closure Remote Control.

♦ Allows quick connection to any one of two devices from one Common device

♦ Switches all 8 pins of the RJ45 interface.

♦ Certified for Cat 5e compliance. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Fiber/RS485 Converters Support Casino/VLT Networks

Models 4127 and 4129 are ideal for Casino / VLT Data Networks!

These HP Fiber / RS-485 converters connect fiber optic linked terminals to a controller having an RS-485 interface port.

The advantage of conversion to a fiber optic communication standard is that the data transmission is no longer susceptible to electrostatic or electromagnetic fields. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - M9256 Dual Channel RS530 DB25 A/B Switch

Model 9256 has (2) Independent Channels of A/B Switch Function!

  • All 25 leads switched
  • Supports the complete RS530 interface
  • Manual switch - Requires No Power
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 8-to-1 Switch Supports both DB9 & RJ45 Interfaces

The Model 7816 is a 2-Channel Switch comprised of DB9 and RJ45 Interfaces supporting simultaneous switching of 8 devices for each channel.

  • RJ45 Interface Supports Cat5e
  • IP Addressable!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M4133 Switches to Backup When Primary Line Fails

The Model 4133 DB25 Single Channel A/B Automatic Fallback Switch with RS232 Remote Control

  • Automatically switches to Backup Line when Primary Line Fails.
  • The switch ports are transparent to all data.
  • All 25 pins of the DB25 interface are switched.
  • Remotely controlled via RS232 ASCII Commands
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Well-built 3-Channel RJ45/BNC A/B Manual Switch

Model 8445 Tri-Channel RJ45/BNC A/B Switch enables access to two devices per each of its three channels.

√ Channel 1 accesses RJ45 devices 1-A or 1-B.

√ Channel 2 accesses BNC devices 2-A or 2-B.

√ Channel 3 accesses BNC devices 3-A or 3-B. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - All Fiber Optic LC Duplex 8-Pos Switch w/RS232

The QuickSwitch® 6262 is a single channel LC Duplex 8-to-1 Switch with RS232 Remote that allows the user to share a single port interface device among eight other devices.

♦ Optical data throughput scalability.

♦ MEMS-based mirror/prism switch technology supports Gigabit data rates. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Remotely Switch Your Network via Web with M7365!

The Model 7365 is a 2-Channel RJ45 / RJ48 T1 Interface A/B Switch that allows access to two RJ45/RJ48 T1 networks from one Common network or device.

♦ Remote control via IPhone App, Telnet, GUI as well as Contact Closure transition signals.
♦ Ability to access User Interface via standard web browser.

♦ IP Addressable!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - ULTIMO Prismatic Lithium Ion Capacitor, 3300F
  • New Ultra Low Resistance Ultimo.
  • Key Technology: Pre-doping the anode with lithium ions provides: Higher Capacitance, Higher Voltage, and Higher Energy Density.
  • Excellent durability/reliability.
  • Extremely low leakage.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 4-Way All Optic Switch Simplex-Threaded FC Conn.

QuickSwitch 4294 4-Way Remotely Controllable FC Simplex A/B/C/D, all optic switch

M4294 allows a F.O. device connected to the unit's FC Simplex COMMON connector to access any of the four fiber optic networks connected to the A, B, C, or D ports.

  • Operate via front-panel pushbuttons or from RS232 Serial Remote Port.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 8-Chan'l Cat5e RJ45 Switch w/Terminal Block Remote

The Model 7327 is an 8-Channel A/B switch with Remote Control that allows the sharing of a single device among two other devices, connected to the A and B ports, for each channel.

  • Both local and remote access functionality.
  • Remote access is achieved via 24 Vdc signaling from the user to the REMOTE terminal block located on rear panel.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 4-Chan'l DB9 A/B Switch w/ 24Vdc signaling Remote

The Model 7326 is a 4-Channel DB9 A/B Switch that allows simultaneous switching of all four channels either locally via a front panel pushbutton or remotely via a terminal block remote port that accepts 24Vdc signaling. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - RoHS Compliant 16-Channel Fiber A/B/OFFLINE Switch

The QuickSwitch® Model 6259R is a RoHS Compliant 16-Channel ST Simplex Fiber Optic A/B/Off-Line Switch

♦ All 16 channels are switched simultaneously via front panel pushbutton.

♦ MEMS-based mirror/prism switch technology supports Gigabit data rates. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - SC Duplex Fiber to T1 A/B Switch/Converter

  • QuickSwitch M4374 accesses either of 2 Fiber Optic networks from a computer connected to a T1 RJ45 COMMON port.
  • Hi-speed fiber optic T1 converter electronics.
  • Manual control via pushbutton, remote via RS232 serial port.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Lithium Ion Capacitor Development Shelf

The ActionSystem Model 3312 Lithium Ion Capacitor (LiC) Development Shelf provides a series connection of up to 9 LiC modules (108 LiC cells) along with associated protection, monitoring & cell balancing circuitry.

  • Ideal for bidirectional high power pulses, very low leakage, very high cycle life & exceptional energy density applications.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - RS232/RS530 A/B Switch Features Fallback & Remote

The new Model 7392 RS232/RS530 A/B Switch with Fallback and Remote Control Port Doubles the Reliability of Data Throughput in Critical Network Applications!

  • Features Automatic Sensing Mode and Manual A/B Switch Mode
  • Automatic switch to Backup via Data Activity and Data Carrier Monitor and Switches Back When Signals Restore!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Remote Control Switching via iPhone App with M7365

Each channel of the Model 7365 allows access to two RJ45/48 T1 networks from one COMMON network or device with remote access functionality.

  • Units can be controlled and queried with the ease and simplicity of a touchscreen from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Blue Box RS-232 Breakout Box-Lifetime Warranty

The Model 600 "Blue Box" Breakout Box EIA RS-232 Interface Analyzer
Red LEDs simultaneously display polarity, activity and validity of key interface Signals!

  • Easy testing of computer's serial data interface.
  • Compatible with EIA RS232, CCITT V.24, and MIL-188C.
  • Easy determination of prope....
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 7305 RJ45 Cat5e Switch w/Exclusive Remote

Model 7305 RJ45 A/B Switch features Cat5e Compliance and Voltage Control remote.

  • Exclusive Remote Control, No Front Panel Controls
  • Convenient DIN Rail Mounting
  • Ideal for use in Process Control Systems
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Rugged, High Speed Fiber-to-Multi-Point Converter

M4172 provides an industrial solution for applications requiring single Point-to-Point or Multi-Point Communications Link over short & long distances.

  • Very High Speed, Ruggedized for Harsh Environments.
  • Typical Applications: Factory Automation, Multi-Drop Data Collection Devices, Barcode readers, Time Clocks, Scales, Data Entry Terminals, ATMS, etc.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Manual & Remotely Controllable 5-to-1 BNC Switch

Model 7334 5-to-1 BNC Switch With Remote Control

  • Access 5 devices, ports A through E, via a device connected to the COMMON port.
  • Remote commands switch the unit and lockout front-panel control.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Cat3 Compliant RJ11/12 A/B Desktop Switch

The Model 8043 RJ11/12 Rotary Switch enables access to two Cat 3 networks allowing the user to quickly and easily reroute data between two networks.

  • Cat 3 Compliant
  • High Quality sealed switch with self-wiping low impedance contacts.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 6-Way ST Duplex Fiber Optic Switch / Converter

QuickSwitch 4191 is a 6-Way ST Duplex 100Base-FX Switch/Converter allows the user the capability of sharing any one of six single port interface devices via ports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 from a workstation or device connected to the Common port.

Field Expandable to become 8-Way Unit by adding Fiber Modules! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - 4-channel High Speed Logic-to-Fiber Converter

M6766 is a desktop high speed digital logic level to fiber interface converter that translates 4 input/output logic pairs into 4 fiber pairs, resulting in total of 8 fiber optic connections.

  • Typical operating speeds up to 5 Mbps
  • Convenient ST fiber connectors & logic test points for signal monitoring
  • ESD protection on copper I/O signals
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Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 Cat6 Switch with RS232 Remote, No Enclosure

The Model 7382 8-to-1 RJ45 Cat6 Switch with RS232 Serial Remote allows quick connection to any one of 8 RJ45 interface devices from one COMMON device.

  • Outstanding Cat6 RJ45 Interface Switching Capability!
  • Comprised of two boards, interconnection cables and connectors for installation in an enclosure.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 3-Pos RJ45 Cat5e Rotary Switch Assembly

Model 8163 3-Position RJ45 Cat5eA/B Rotary Switch Assembly, No Enclosure

  • For installation into any custom enclosure
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