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Electromate has promoted these products:

Electromate - Low-Cost Integrated Stepper Motors Ship <1 Week

The STM Series are NEMA 17, NEMA 23 and NEMA 24 frame Integrated Stepper Motors fusing step motor and drive technologies into a single device, offering savings on space, wiring and cost over conventional motor and drive solutions. (read more)

Electromate - Embedded Extended Environment Servo Drives

With extended temperature range, shock/vibration protection and overall increased robustness, the AZX series of embedded, plug-in modules are not only capable but powerful, compact and affordable solutions. (read more)

Electromate - New Low Cost Stepper Drive Series From AMP

The New Low-Cost STR Series Drives are step and direction input drives available in two power ratings, 4 amp and 8 amps per phase. (read more)

Electromate - Faster, Sharper Touchscreens from Exor Electronic

Exor Electronic R&D's high-end UniOP eTOP panels such as the eTOP10, eTOP33, eTOP40 and eTOP50 have received a major performance increase and will be equipped with a brand new CPU. (read more)

Electromate - Motion Control Made Simple Textbook

Electromate Industrial Sales has just published the industry's most comprehensive guide to electro-mechanical motion control. (read more)

Electromate - Brushless DC Servo Amplifier Delivers 2.1kW Output

The B25A20AC brushless servo amplifier provides 12.5A continuous (25A peak) at rectified/filtered line voltage up to 175VDC BUS and will operate over an input voltage range from 30 to 125VAC. (read more)

Electromate - Spring Applied Brakes for Servo & Stepper Motors

The FSBR brakes are rated up to 100 Lb-in static torque, and fit motors up to 5.3" OD. (read more)

Electromate - Galil's New Controller with Ethernet/RS232

Galil Motion Control, manufacturer of high-performance motion controllers and plug-in drives, announces their new DMC-40x0 Ethernet/RS232 controller family, the latest addition to its ultra high-speed Accelera controllers. (read more)

Electromate - Netzer Absolute Encoders Feature SSI interface

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors has launched its new SSI interface – available within the Electric encoder™ or as an external board. The industrial common digital streaming – SSI, provides a wide variety of options and flexibility to the existing Netzer DS product line of the Electric Encoder™. (read more)

Electromate - NEMA 23 Planetary Gearbox Features

Bayside Controls introduces their high performance PX23 series precision inline planetary gearboxes designed for demanding industrial motion control applications. (read more)

Electromate - Planetary Gearheads Shipped in 48hrs

The new Shimpo VRL Planetary Gearbox is an excellent choice when switching brands, as it offers drop-in mounting dimensions for some of the more popular servo reducer mounting methods (read more)

Electromate - Integrated Electric Actuators rated to 100N thrust

The SCN5 series actuators are compact yet powerful integrated mechatronic cylinders that feature a motor, encoder, drive and actuator in one integral package (read more)

Electromate - New Downhole Drilling Brushless Servo Motor

maxon motor launches with its EC 22 HD (Heavy Duty) a standard motor for extremely harsh operating conditions. Developed for the exceptionally high requirements in deep drilling technology, the electronically commutated motor EC 22 HD resists even most extreme conditions in which "normal" motors call it quits. (read more)

Electromate - Short Delivery Nema 23 Frame Brushless Servo Motor

The Nema 23 frame ElectroCraft RapidPower Plus Brushless Servo Motor, is a high voltage, high performance brushless servo motor incorporating the latest electro-magnetic components creating high continuous torques with low inertia for rapid acceleration. It is available with hall-effect commutation or encoder feedback and a variety of connection options. (read more)

Electromate - Actuator offers electric alternative to pneumatic

Tolomatic's new ERD electric rod-style actuators are designed as an economical electric alternative to non-repairable pneumatic cylinders. Sleek and compact, ERD electric rod-style actuators deliver forces up to 75 pounds (334 N) at speeds up to 40 inches per second (1,016 mm/sec). ERD actuators are stroke configurable and ship in five days. (read more)


PITTMAN LO-COG Series 9000 brush-commutated DC motors and gearmotors perform quietly and smoothly over time. (read more)


Harmonic Drive has launched a new product line of ultra-flat gearing component sets. (read more)

Electromate - New Lightweight Harmonic Drive® Gearhead Series

Using new lightweight materials and an optimized design Harmonic Drive has developed the SHD-2UH-LW Lightweight Series. These axially compact gear units feature a large hollow input shaft and a robust cross roller bearing so loads can be mounted directly to the unit without the need for additional support bearings. (read more)

Electromate - New Harmonic Drive® Hollow Shaft Planetary Gear

The new HPF Precision Hollow Shaft Planetary Gear from Harmonic Drive® was designed based on the popular HPG Harmonic Planetary® gearhead. The large coaxial hollow shaft allows cables, shafts, ball screws or lasers to pass directly through the axis of rotation. The HPF also incorporates a large output flange for mounting the driven load. (read more)

Electromate - Advanced PCB Mount Servo Drives

Z-Drives from are µ-sized plug-in style servo drives capable of torque, velocity & position modes for brushed, brushless or voice coil motors. (read more)

Electromate - Right Angle Gearheads with Hollow Shaft Option

The Able EVB Right Angle Gear Reducer from Shimpo Drives is offered in solid shaft and hollow shaft designs with modular adaptor flanges and keyless compressible bushings to easily mount to any manufacturer's servo motor (read more)

Electromate - Low-cost NEMA Frame Brushless Servo Motor/Encoders

The EXC-Series is a cost-improved version of the popular Excalibur family of AC Servo motors sold under the Rockwell Automation brand (read more)

Electromate - Bayside NE34 - Spur Gearhead Products

Bayside's NEMA gearheads feature a high efficiency spur gear design, in a light, compact package. Designed to mount directly to the face of NEMA face stepper and servo motors, NEMA gearheads are ideal for applications requiring smooth operation and low starting torque. Ratios from 3:1 to 100:1 are available in NEMA 23, 34 and 42 frame sizes. (read more)

Electromate - Servo Drives Feature High Power in a Small Package

The M/V™ series motor controllers are fully functional, four-quadrant servo drives purposely designed and built to operate today's modern mobile electric vehicular platforms. Providing high power from battery supplies with multiple operating modes, for either permanent magnet brushed or brushless motors, propels this motor controlling series ahead of all others. (read more)

Electromate - Pocket Motion Controller is Smart and Compact

The DMC-300xx Pocket Motion Controller from Galil combines a high performance motion controller and a 800Watt sine drive in a low cost, compact 3.9 in. x 5.0 in. x 1.5 in. package. The DMC-300xx is also available with an optional onboard microstep driver. (read more)

Electromate - Economical Hybrid Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

This Nema size-17 ultra-reliable, stepper-based linear actuator is capable of producing linear forces up to 800 pounds and resolutions up to 0.000125" per 1.8° step. (read more)

Electromate - Lo-Cog Brush DC Gearmotors From Pittman

PITTMAN Series GM8000 brush-commutated DC gearmotors from feature 11-slot skewed armatures to minimize magnetic cogging (or reluctance torque) and promote quiet and smooth operation (read more)

Electromate - New Low Ripple DC Tachometers from Servo-Tek

Servo-Tek Tach Generators provide a convenient means of converting rotational speed into an isolated analog voltage signal suitable for remote indication and control applications. (read more)


Kollmorgen announces the introduction of its new Platinum U Series of high performance pancake servo motors. (read more)

Electromate - Power-Off Brakes for NEMA 23 or NEMA 17 Motors

Inertia Dynamics introduces their compact 89XX power-off brake module with output shaft designed to mount directly to NEMA 23 & NEMA 17 frame motors. (read more)


The 25A8 PWM servo amplifier is designed to drive brush type DC & PMDC motors with & without tachometer feedback. Power MOSFETS and surface mount technology deliver up to 99% efficiency with switching frequency to 22 kHz. (read more)

Electromate - LinTech Offer New Low Profile Screw Driven Stages

LinTech is pleased to introduce the 130 series tables which are designed to maximize performance while minimizing physical size and cost. These tables use a low friction, preloaded, recirculating linear ball bearing system, which rides on a single precision ground linear rail. (read more)

Electromate - Absolute Encoders Feature 20 Bit Resolution

Netzer’s Rotary Electric Encoders™ provide exceptionally accurate, high resolution, absolute position with miniature to wide diameter hollow shaft. Available with Analog Sin/Cos , Digital SSi , Digital AqB+I outputs, these rotary encoders feature up to 20 Bit Resolution (with 12 bit A/D) and accuracy to <0.01° . (read more)

Electromate - Programmable Actuator with Graphic User Interface

The IDEA Drive is an integrated linear actuator, electronic drive, and control unit fully programmable with an easy-to-use patent pending GUI (Graphic User Interface) (read more)

Electromate - Linear Shaft Motor Provides High Performance

Nippon Pulse America introduces their smallest linear servomotor, the 4mm Linear Shaft Motor. The 4mm shaft diameter, a small forcer size (10mm x 10mm), a total weight of 9 grams, and strokes as long as 40mm make the 4mm Linear Shaft Motor a suitable replacement in piezo type applications. (read more)

Electromate - Faster, Sharper Touchscreens!

Exor Electronic R&D's high-end eTOP panels such as the eTOP10, eTOP33, eTOP40 and eTOP50 have received a major performance increase and will be equipped with a brand new CPU. They will replace the current models keeping the same part number but with the letter B added as a suffix. Included in this second generation touch series is the new 7.5" eTOP20B. (read more)

Electromate - CANopen and EtherCAT Servo Drives from Kollmorgen

Kollmorgen AKD™ Series is a complete range of distributed control Servo Drives that are fast, feature-rich, flexible and integrate quickly and easily into any application. AKD ensures plug-and-play commissioning for instant, seamless access to everything in your machine. (read more)

Electromate - Low-cost Brush Servo Motor Line Shipped from Stock

The ID23000 and ID33000 series are ideal motors for applications using a simple DC brush drive for cost sensitive applications. In addition, the higher inertia armatures provide improved motor to load inertia matching for medium to high inertia loads. Low cogging torque and simple brush commutation provides smooth performance at all speeds. (read more)

Electromate - PITTMAN Series 9000 Brush DC Motors

PITTMAN® Series 9000 brush-commutated DC motors can deliver quiet and smooth operation over time for equipment used in data storage, medical/biotech, semiconductor processing, and automation applications, among others. Their modular construction promotes customization to satisfy specific requirements. (read more)


MTS Sensors recently unveiled the new R-Series sensor as the latest innovation in the Temposonics® family of magnetostrictive position sensors. (read more)

Electromate - Ruggedized DC Tachometers by Servo-Tek

Servo-Tek's Ruggedized DC Tachometers feature sturdy aluminum housings and strong mounting flanges. (read more)

Electromate - NEW High Precision Zero-Backlash Mini Gearhead

The CSF-XHF Size 11 gearhead from Harmonic Drive LLC delivers 1.5 arc-min positional accuracy in a package size that is just 43mm (square) x 38mm long. (read more)

Electromate - Announcing Galil's RIO-47100 Remote I/O Controller

The RIO-47100 is an intelligent input and output controller for the Ethernet and can communicate with multiple devices including Galil's DMC-40x0 Ethernet motion controllers. (read more)

Electromate - Applied Motion Products' New OEM Stepper Drives

Applied Motion Products has expanded its family of OEM stepper drive solutions with the ST5-S Stepper Drive. The ST5-S delivers up to 5.0 A with 24-48VDC input, and is specifically engineered to deliver maximum performance benefits in a compact and cost-effective package that satisfies the price and performance requirements of the OEM market. (read more)

Electromate - Bayside's PS90 Series - Inline Planetary Gearheads

Bayside introduces their highest performance STEALTH PS90 series precision inline planetary gearboxes designed for the most demanding industrial motion control applications. Incorporating advanced helical planetary technology & helicrown gear tooth design, these gearboxes deliver the industry's highest torque per frame with quiet smooth operation, all in a rugged compact package. (read more)

Electromate - DC Tachometer Generators- Low Ripple Type

Servo-Tek low-ripple CS series servo motor tachometers satisfy the need for a low-cost, very low-ripple tachometer. In addition to being the first economical low-ripple units of their type, Series CS tachs incorporate: temperature compensation, long brush life, excellent linearity, etc. These motor tachometers can be found on most Getty's servo motors. (read more)

Electromate - “The No Assembly Hassle” Modular Encoder

The QPhase™ QD200 has been designed to eliminate the assembly hassle and hidden cost of installing modular or kit encoders onto OEM products. (read more)