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Ellsworth Adhesives has promoted these products/services:

Ellsworth Adhesives - The Alternative to Tape

When tapes, liquid glues or hot glues don’t provide the versatility, cleanliness, and aesthetically pleasing look necessary in an application, Glue Dots® are the answer. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Building the Best Aircraft

Aerospace engineers are continuously looking for new ways to develop a lighter, more efficient aircraft while keeping strength, durability and manufacturing costs intact. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - LED Assembly and Protection

As LEDs continue to replace conventional light sources manufacturers search for new technologies to replace materials that are no longer compatible with today’s lighting demands. Ellsworth Adhesives distributes an extensive line of adhesives and specialty chemicals for LED lighting assembly. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Easily Recycle Your Adhesive Packaging

Henkel has partnered with TerraCycle® to develop a new, innovative recycling program for their anaerobic adhesive packaging. It's an easy and convenient way for companies to improve sustainability, and turn empty LOCTITE® anaerobic bottles into useful items, such as park benches, chairs, watering cans and paving stones. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - The Diversity of Dispensing

When using adhesives in manufacturing, the type of dispensing equipment used is just as important as the adhesive itself. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Which Glues to Choose

Did you know that there are five basic types of adhesive joints? Or that silicone adhesives are great for environmental protection? Or some adhesives have thermal and electronic characteristics? Deciding on the best adhesive solution can be a daunting task. Let us give you a hand in figuring that part out. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - ‘LIGHT’ning Fast Adhesive Bonding

UV curing adhesives and equipment materials significantly increases production speed, efficiencies, quality and provides a superior bond. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - New Adhesive for Touch Panel Lens Bonding

Devcon® MA 206 is a two -part acrylic adhesive specifically engineered for bonding touch panel lenses to plastic or metal bezels. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Replace Mechanical Fastening with Adhesives

LORD® 850 and 852 are the latest adhesives developed to replace mechanical fastening in joint designs. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - A Versatile Hot Melt at an Economical Price

Bostik Thermogrip® 6305 is a versatile, fast-setting hot melt adhesive at an economical price. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - A Tough Grease for Extreme Conditions

When a grease or lubricant is needed in extreme temperature conditions, Krytox GPL 202 from Miller-Stephenson is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - No Need to Pre-treat Plastics

Permabond TA4605 is an adhesive developed ideally for bonding untreated polyolefin surfaces without flame, corona, or plasma treating beforehand. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Remove Epoxies Quickly with this Solvent

Dynasolve 185 Cleaner from Dynaloy is a versatile mixture of solvents that are used for depotting, deinking, deflashing and removing epoxies. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Speed + Strength in this Adhesive Hybrid

The strength you’ve always had with a structural adhesive, now has the speed you’ve always wanted. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Lubrication Solutions for Manufacturing

To keep equipment moving smoothly and prevent seizing or corrosion, Ellsworth Adhesives recommends Molykote® brand products from Dow Corning. The Molykote® product line consists of anti-seize pastes, anti-friction coatings, industrial greases and silicone compounds. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - High-Intensity, Flexible Curing System

Using light cure adhesives and equipment is now even faster with Dymax’s latest LED spot-curing system, the BlueWave® MX-150™. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - An Affordable Precision Dispenser – The DC100

The DC100 digital dispenser is the perfect solution for a variety of adhesives and specialty chemical dispensing applications. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - LORD® 406 Acrylic Adhesive

LORD® 406 acrylic adhesive in combination with LORD Accelerator 19 or 19GB can be used to replace welding, brazing, riveting and other mechanical fastening methods. This adhesive system performs particularly well in low-temperature environments and applications that are subject to high impact or high peel loads. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Hot Melt for Electronic Display Assembly

EA-4600 is a hot melt adhesive from Dow Corning that was designed for display and touch screen bonding on computers, tablets, phones and related electronic devices. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - NEVER-SEEZ® Regular Grade Lubricant

NEVER-SEEZ® regular grade lubricant is an anti-seize compound and extreme pressure lubricant. 1 lb Can. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - RFQ

Ellsworth Adhesives has added an online "Request for Quote" feature to This new functionality makes it quick and easy to receive an adhesive quote on more than 15,000 products from over 50 adhesive manufacturers. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Henkel Alodine 1132 Touch-N-Prep Coating 40 ml Pen

Touch-N-Prep® coatings represent a dramatic environmental improvement over current methods of chemical coatings touch up. The easy-to-use, dry-in-place coating is a cost-effective and safe method of touch-up repairs of aircraft and aircraft part surfaces. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - A Tough & Tenacious Adhesive for Transportation

1100 FS is a one-part urethane adhesive/sealant that forms a tough, flexible seal. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - UV Cure Measuring Confirms Quality

Using UV cure adhesives and equipment can increase productivity, lower costs and provide stronger adhesive bonds, but UV cure adhesives require a specific light intensity and duration of light exposure to ensure a quality product. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Increase Bond Strength with Surface Prep Products

Surface preparation is key to achieving maximum bond strength when using adhesives and tapes on all types of substrates including metals, plastics, concrete and ceramics, woods and glass. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Adhesives for Everything

Ellsworth Adhesives has an adhesive for every application, but deciding on which adhesive is best can be a difficult task. Below is a list of some of the most commonly used adhesives throughout multiple industries. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - An Assortment of Sealants

Sealants are used in multiple types of industrial and manufacturing applications. They create a barrier, blocking liquids, gasses, dust and other contaminants from an area. Ellsworth
Adhesives supplies a variety of sealants in multiple chemistries (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Encapsulants

Ellsworth Adhesives is the world's largest distributor of encapsulants. Shop online for virtually every encapsulant used in industrial applications. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - ePlus Inventory Solutions

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing manufacturing environment, cost is the
main concern among many company executives, inventory being one of the major
concerns. Ellsworth Adhesives has developed a web-based inventory management program that is customized to fit each customer’s individual needs called ePlus. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Consider Conformal Coatings for PCBs

A conformal coating is a thin protective film that “conforms” to the surface of a printed circuit board. This coating provides a layer of dielectric protection to circuitry, protecting the PCB against the environment. There are multiple types of conformal coatings, but the most commonly used are acrylics, polyurethanes and silicones. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Dow Corning Sylgard Encapsulants

Ellsworth Adhesives proudly carries Dow Corning Sylgard poly-dimethyl siloxane (PDMS) Encapsulants. They are used for a multitude of specialized tasks from protecting strain sensitive electronic components to creating soft lithography molds in the fabrication of new types of electronic, magnetic, and optical devices. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Fisnar: Fluid Dispensing for Every Industry

Fisnar manufactures industrial robots and automated systems for fluid dispensing; specifically for adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, and coatings. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Who is the Glue Doctor®?

The Glue Doctor® represents Ellsworth Adhesives’ unique capability to help customers find the best assembly solution. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - A Fast Adhesive with Low Read-Through

To solve the problem of Bond Line Read Through, Ellsworth Adhesives recommends 810/20, a low read-through adhesive from LORD® Adhesives. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - E-MAX UV/Visible Light Curing Materials

E-MAX resins cure in seconds upon exposure to UV and/or Visible light, optimizing assembly and inspection. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Protect Your Electronics with Technomelt

Ellsworth Adhesives recommends Technomelt for protecting electronic assemblies from environmental exposure. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Protect Electronics in Severe Environments

Silicones are particularly useful in providing protection to electronics and electrical devices. For the most severe environments, Ellsworth Adhesives recommends Dow Corning EE-1010. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Dispensing Equipment from Top Manufacturers

Ellsworth Adhesives works with the top manufacturers and designers of dispensing products and can provide the newest and best equipment for any application. The following is a list of some of the top manufacturers in dispensing equipment. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Multiple Mold Release Solutions

The Frekote® brand of mold release agents are semi-permanent release agents that minimize fouling and provide higher productivity and profitability. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - BlueWave®: A New Wave of Light Curing

Ellsworth Adhesives presents BlueWave® 200 v3.0 by Dymax, a high-intensity, light-curing spot-lamp system for the rapid curing of adhesives, coatings and encapsulants. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - New Cordless Two-Component Dispenser

Ellsworth Adhesives presents the Mixpac™ DB 2K Battery Driven Dispenser by Sulzer, a cordless, two-component dispenser that delivers versatility and reliability. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Fisnar QuantX Syringe Barrel Assemblies

Ellsworth Adhesives supplies Fisnar QuantXTM patented syringe barrel assemblies. Precision designed and manufactured for machine dispensing, Fisnar’s QuantXTM syringes are designed to help you dispense accurate quantities while minimizing waste. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - 3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive 24 oz Aerosol

3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive is a high-strength, fast contact-type adhesive. Creates a high strength fast tack bond to concrete, wood, MDF, laminates, or polyethylene. Excellent moisture resistance. Scotch-Weld brand. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - LOCTITE MULTICORE HF 212 Halogen-Free Solder Paste

Henkel’s Loctite HF 212 solder paste is designed for applications that require a halogen free solution. It is suitable for a wide range of solder powder particle sizes, and SAC alloys. Exceptional printing and abandon time. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - 3M Fast Tack 1000NF Water Based Adhesive 1 gal Jug

3M Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF is a high performance water-based, one component adhesive formulated for fast bonding and long term heat resistant bonds. Binds to several types of flexible foam, latex foams, fabric, polyester fiberfill, wood, plywood, particleboard and many plastic and metal surfaces. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Versatile Tapes for Manufacturing

Tapes are becoming increasingly more popular within the manufacturing process. This is due to their overall strength, durability and their ability to increase productivity and simplify the assembly process. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - A Fast and Flexible Adhesive from Loctite

Ellsworth Adhesives presents Loctite 4902 and 4903 from Henkel, the first cyanoacrylate adhesives that are truly flexible. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Adhesives for Medical Device Assembly

Ellsworth Adhesives distributes an extensive line of ISO 10993 certified medical device adhesives and specialty chemicals. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - A New Thermal Radical Cure™ Silicone Adhesive

Ellsworth Adhesives presents EA-7100 from Dow Corning®, a silicone adhesive that uses Thermal Radical Cure™ technology which causes the adhesive to cure from the
inside out, allowing the bond line between the two substrates to cure with
complete adhesion. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Forget Fasteners with these Foam Tapes

When aesthetics are key, common adhesives get too messy or a water tight seal is necessary, Ellsworth Adhesives recommends a line of 3M™ Foam Tapes that are specifically designed to meet these requirements. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - A New Multi-Head, LED Spot Curing System

Ellsworth Adhesives presents the BlueWave® QX4, a high-intensity, multi-head, spot-curing system from Dymax®. It has all the benefits that come with LED-curing technology in a small, versatile unit. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Dissipate Damaging Heat Effectively

As electronic devices become smaller, stronger and faster, the need for greater thermal management within these devices has increased exponentially. Ellsworth Adhesives provides a variety of thermally and electronically conductive materials for electronics assembly from Henkel. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - New, Easy-to-Use Soldering Robots

The Fisnar F7000SR series of soldering robots are perfect for replacing hand soldering or bringing outsourced soldering in-house. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - No Need to Keep Cool with this Solder Pastes

Ellsworth Adhesives presents the Loctite® GC series from Henkel, the first-ever temperature stable solder pastes. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Protect Your Electronics from You

Electrostatic discharge can cause an electronic device to become inoperable or operate improperly. Static control products can help solve these issues. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - New Thermally Conductive Gap Filler

Dow Corning® recently developed TC-4525, a thermally conductive, soft and compressible, gap filling silicone adhesive designed to dissipate heat from printed circuit boards. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - A New Benchtop Low Pressure Molding Machine

Meet the little man. The Mold-Man® 1050 is the newest tabletop low pressure molding machine from Moldman™ Systems. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Direct-to-Metal Adhesion Made Simple

For applications that require direct-to-metal (including pre-coated metal) sealing or adhesion, Ellsworth Adhesives recommends 7610DTM from LORD®. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - One Powerful Potting Compound

To keep electronic devices running smoothly and for a long period of time, potting compounds are used to help dissipate heat from the sensitive electronic component. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Coat Confidently: A Versatile Conformal Coating

If a conformal coating with excellent flexibility and reparability is necessary for your next electronics application, try Humiseal® 1C51. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - A Versatile, High Performance Structural Adhesive

One structural adhesive that boasts both high durability and outstanding peel and sheer adhesion is Scotch-Weld™ DP420 from 3M. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - An Encapsulant that can take the Heat

If an encapsulant with flame retardancy and flexibility is necessary in your next electronics application, CONAP® EN-5852 from Cytec Solvay Group may be an excellent selection. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - The New Alternative to Potting & Encapsulating

The Mold-Man™ 2050 from Moldman™ Systems is their new Mix on Demand Molding™ table top, low pressure, injection molding machine with the ability to mold two-part materials like Silicones, Epoxies and Urethanes. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Protect PCBs from ESDs

SCS is a manufacturer of high quality static control protection products and supplies including static shield bags, wrist straps, foot grounders, floor matting benchtop accessories and many other items. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - On Demand Consumer Electronics Webinar

Ellsworth Adhesives Partnered with Dow Corning to Sponsor Consumer Electronics Webinar

Ellsworth Adhesives, a global distributor of adhesives, specialty chemicals and dispensing equipment, partnered with Dow Corning to sponsor a live and interactive webinar through Design World Magazine called "Consumer Electronics: Designing with Flexibility for Reliability".

(read more)
Ellsworth Adhesives - Quickly Cure Adhesives and Specialty Chemicals

If waiting for adhesives or specialty chemicals to cure is slowing down production time, Ellsworth Adhesives recommends UV Cure Materials and Equipment to speed things up. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Tips on Tips

Nozzles and static mixers provide an accurate, clean and simple way to apply adhesives and specialty chemicals. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Is it Time to Switch to Meter Mix & Dispensing?

Meter Mix and Dispensing systems precisely measure, blend, control and dispense adhesives and specialty chemicals with uniform accuracy. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - One Source for Electronic Benchtop Products

Electronics manufacturing requires precision and security to ensure a durable, quality product. Ellsworth Adhesives has the latest products for Electronic Benchtops. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - These Adhesives are Hot

Hot melt adhesives offer an economical way to bond multiple substrates. (read more)

Ellsworth Adhesives - Electronics Masking Made Easy

New from Henkel, Technomelt AS 8998 is a hot melt adhesive specifically designed for temporary masking in conformal coating applications as an alternative to taping and other liquid masking methods. (read more)