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elobau sensor technology, Inc.

elobau sensor technology, Inc. has promoted these products:

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Silo switches from elobau

Bulk material switch. Elobau Sensor Technology, Inc. introduces a new line of silo switches, designed specifically for powders, pellets and granular materials that form a cone when the vessel is filled from the top. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - NEW: RFID Safety Sensors

RFID technology, with diagnostic output and protection class IP6K9K (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - For intuitive operation, with Illumination.

Power take off switch 151PTO is a robust, intuitive push button with E-stop function. The power take off push button switch is used primarily in agricultural machinery for safely switching the front or rear PTO shaft on and off. A two-level switch-on ensures no unintended actuation. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Fuel Level Sensor

Off road and agricultural vehicles need reliable and robust Fuel level sensors that can survive rough handling and wide temperature swings. Elobau Fuel level sensors fulfill that need and then some. These rugged sensors have been used for all types of applications and offer long life solutions when reliability is paramount. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Developed for adverse environmental conditions

Product characteristics:

  • Developed for adverse environmental conditions, IP67 protection class (electronics)
  • For forces up to 1000 N in x and y direction
  • Space-saving design allows ergonomic arrangement in armrests
  • High reliability thanks to shielded, contactless Hall technology
  • Friction brake, overpressure points and no-detent actu...
(read more)
elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Heavy duty joystick J4F With safety electronics

The robustly designed Heavy duty joystick J4F, with safety electronics, has been developed and certified in accordance with machinery directive DIN ISO 13849-1:2008 PL d and in accordance with DIN EN IEC 61508:2010 SIL 2. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - New ultrasonic fuel level sensor

The ultrasonic fuel level sensor offers a cost-effective solution as it can be used in tanks of varying sizes. Measurement results can be affected by "sloshing" or inclined positions, these can be reduced by the use of a specially designed diesel-resistant focus tube. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Miniature Float Switch

Designed for single point tank monitoring and dry-running protection, these compact liquid-level switches are available in different materials and are compatible with various fluids, temperatures, and pressures. Our wide range of product options are ideal for different pump sizes and our robust non-contact magnetic float and reed switch technology will work in challenging environments. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - With CAN-Bus interface, measurement up to 360°
  • Long service life and reliability thanks to the mechanics-free MEMS technology
  • Measuring range: single axis 360° or dual axis 180°
  • Up to 4 additional configurable switching points
  • Selectable On-/Off delay per switching point
  • Neutral position adjustment via CAN-Bus
  • Protection class of IP67
  • Temperature range from -4...
(read more)
elobau sensor technology, Inc. - The NEW 1471 Slot Sensor

elobau sensor technology Inc. has developed the new 1471 Slot Sensor. This sensor is a perfect choice for sensing positions, in applications such as floor location vanes on elevators, seats positions in vehicles, park brake lever position, or shifter positions on transmissions. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Highest possible protection against manipulation

Moveable guards such as doors or flaps must be safeguarded according to the risk and monitored with special sensors. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Complete flexibility with maximum individuality!

The new generation of analog level sensors with integrated electronics has arrived! (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - E-Stop Safety Switches

Complete line of E-stop switches for the automation and specialty machine markets. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - CANopen angle sensor

elobau has developed the 424CO, a CAN-capable angle sensor with CANopen protocol, in compliance with ISO 11898. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - 360 degree angle sensor

High accuracy Hall effect angle sensor with 12 bits resolution (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - MR 145 Push-Button switch with Reed contact

New micro push-button with back-light illumination. The 145MR micro button with a reed switch is available with functions and night illumination. The micro button is also suitable for harsh industrial environments as it fulfils the high IP 67 protection class. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - elobau: eloProg expansion modules

The eloProg safety system which can be configured via software profits from three new extensions: provider elobau, Leutkirch, is offering additional fieldbus modules as well as a USB interface module in addition to a bus transfer module which facilitates the decentralized positioning of I/O modules. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Level Measurement Products From Elobau

elobau sensor technology introduces a new line of level measurement products, including sensors for liquids and bulk solids, switches and level indicators. All these products are engineered and manufactured by the company for OEM applications in a wide variety of process industries from food and chemicals to grain silos, machine oil reservoirs and even very high-accuracy level monitoring. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Fingertip Joystick JFT

Due to its compact design, the fingertip joystick is ideal for use in control panels and armrests. The area of application ranges from industrial trucks, agricultural and construction machinery to countless industry applications. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Pneumatic Cylinder Switches

Elobau's pneumatic cylinder switches offer a huge standard programme with its diversity of housings has the optimal solution for almost any application. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - elobau 204 KS Side Mount Switch

The side mount switch is based on Reed switch technology and has a shorter profile then existing side mount switches and fits nearly in all tanks. It is designed to be incorporated in a tank where the level needs to be monitored. The 204 KS has two types of mounting options. We offer a compression grommet that has a 20-23mm form factor and a G ½ version with thre... (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Elobau Suction Pipes

elobau sensor technology Inc. introduces suction pipes. These suction pipes are easily configured for your containers or tanks. A customized solution is also available with quick delivery. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Joystick Base Uniaxial J3

The angular operating range is ±20° (25°). The operating principle is non-contacting. Short circuit-proof with analogue version (short circuit duration: unlimited). J3 has a 4 PIN Molex 5557 connector, alternatives on request. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - 145 MD Push button with Reed contacts

Dual Reed switch push-button. Elobau is currently introducing the new 145 MD dual button, which is based - like its predecessor - on reed technology and is characterized by its very long service life of up to 109 switching cycles. (read more)

elobau sensor technology, Inc. - Illuminated Miniature Thumbwheel

The new function illuminated concept of the 175D allows the operator to clearly identify which function is activated, even in the presence of adverse lighting conditions. (read more)