Emhiser Research, Inc. - Ultra Miniature Telemetry Transmitter

True FM digital transmitter available in L-Band and S-Band with programmable transmitter carrier frequency in 1.0 MHz steps using RS232. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - FX30 Series, Active, Low Noise Frequency Tripler

FX30 Series, Active, Low Noise FET Frequency Tripler (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Airborne and ground based telemetry equipment

With over 30 years of experience in developing Space, Airborne and Ground-Based telemetry products, Emhiser is a tested and reliable source for the Aerospace and Defense industries (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - ELCO-MS-226/506-00 from Emhiser Micro-Tech

About the ElCO Series:

Low cost alternative

• Superior mechanical stability

• Available in bulk or tape and reel

• Pin and surface mount packages

• Ideal for large and small production runs (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Voltage Controlled Oscillators

Custom Voltage Controlled Oscillators

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Over 20 Years in RF Design
  • Pick-N-Place Capabilities
  • Reel Capabilities
  • TO-8, Surface Mount, Leaded, and Connectorized Packages Available
(read more)
Emhiser Research, Inc. - TO-8 wideband VCO

Emhiser Micro-Tech's TO-8 wideband VCO, EVCO-MPR-208/408-00, tunes a 2.0Ghz to 4.0Ghz octave from 0 to 24 Volts. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Airborne and Ground Based Telemetry Systems

Emhiser Research has over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing Space, Airborne and Ground based telemetry products. Emhiser is a tested and reliable source for the Aerospace and Defense Industries. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - High Frequency VCO

Emhiser Micro-Tech's wideband VCO, ELCO-TLS-728/848-01, tunes 7200 to 8400 MHz from 0 to 12 Volts. This 0.35 in"sq. TLS package VCO operates on a 5 VDC supply requiring less than 30 mA current. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Reliable/Affordable Aero Transmitter Solutions

Emhiser Research has been providing transmitter solutions for the Aerospace and Defense Industries for more than 30 years. Using advanced RF, digital and analog simulation programs and other design techniques, Emhiser designs and manufactures reliable, affordable units in conformance with your application and program needs. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - G-BAND TRANSMITTERS

G-BAND TRANSMITTERS provide cutting edge performance in the ever-increasing universe of G-band (4400 to 5000 MHz and 5090 to 5250 MHz) applications. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - FX20 Series Active Low Noise Frequency Doubler

FX20 Series, Active, Low Noise FET Frequency Doubler (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Quality RF/MIcrowave Signal Processing Products

EMHISER TELE-TECH, INC. (ETTI) is an engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in the design, development and production of radio frequency (RF) and microwave signal processing products in low frequency ranges from DC to 5 GHz.

Our standard and custom RF products include mixers, couplers, power dividers, transformers, phase shifters, IQ networks and switches.

E... (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Mini VCO’s for Wireless, Medical, Space, and more

Emhiser Micro-Tech is a unique, innovative, and rapidly growing company in the miniature voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) industry. Emhiser was founded following years of effort to locate a reliable, quality minded VCO manufacturer. Based on the belief that a VCO manufacturer can be reliable and offer customer service without jeopardizing product quality Em... (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Surface Mounted, Wideband VCO

Emhiser Micro-Tech's surface mounted, wideband VCO, EWO-MS-208/408-01, is designed for the communications market and can be manufactured to meet the customer's specific requirements.

Freq Range : 2000 - 4000 Mhz

Tuning Voltage : 1.3/14.2 Vdc

Vcc : 12 Vdc Icc : 43.5 mA

Min/Max Power : 4.8/6.0 dBm

Phase Noise : -90 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - G-Band Transmitters - Cutting Edge Performance

36 cubic inch Video Transmitter Programable or channelized, 4 frequency bands available, up to 40W output power. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. -  EMT Introduces 2000 - 3000 Mhz Hermetic VCO

Emhiser Micro-Tech introduces a hermetically sealed VCO designed for harsh military and other demanding environmental applications. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - EVCO-MS-807/897-00

Emhiser Micro Tech announces a new low cost, low phase noise VCO with a frequency range of 800 - 890 Mhz (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Emhiser Introduces Low Profile Surface Mount VCO

Emhiser Micro Tech (EMT) announces a new , ROHS compliant, low profile, low cost, surface mount VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)which operates at 5725 Mhz to 5825 Mhz. The EVCO-MSS-578/588-01 VCO has a low phase noise of -95dBc @ 10kHz with a package size of 0.5" X 0.5" x 0.1". (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Low Cost 2-4Ghz VCO

Emhiser Micro-Tech's surface mounted wideband 2Ghz to 4Ghz VCO; EWO-MS-208/408-00 (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - DC44-30 4X4 Butler Matrix 2.4-2.5 GHz

DC44-30, 4X4 Butler/Hybrid Matrix, 2.4-2.5 GHz, 25 W power input, SMA connectors (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - DC44 1800 MHz 4-way broadband RF power divder

DC44, 10-1800 MHz 4-way broadband connectorized RF power divider/combiner. Available with SMA TNC or BNC connectors. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - HX62A 300 MHz Magic-T 180° Hybrid

.3-300 MHz 180° Hybrid can be used as a 3 port 180° power divider or as a 4 port 180° 3 dB hybrid. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. -  2000 to 4000 MHz Wideband VCO

Emhiser Micro-Tech's surface mounted wideband 2Ghz to 4Ghz VCO; EWO-MS-208/408-00. (read more)

Emhiser Research, Inc. - Connectorized VCOs

Emhiser Micro-Tech's connectorized VCO; EVCO-04-308/358-00. (read more)