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FLIR has promoted these products/services:

FLIR - FLIR Launches Brand New Test & Measurement Line

FLIR’s new T&M products include three electrical meters – the FLIR DM93, FLIR CM83, and FLIR CM78 – that have large/clear LCD displays, bright dual-LED worklights, and Bluetooth connectivity to Android™ devices and METERLiNK®-enabled FLIR IR cameras. Also new are the FLIR VP50 NCV detector with bright light, the FLIR MR77... (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Releases New Clamp Meter

The new FLIR CM78 is a 1000A digital clamp meter that includes a non-contact IR thermometer and Type K thermocouple. Useful for working on industrial equipment and complex machinery, this new clamp meter enables users to quickly capture accurate AC/DC readings up to 1000A or 1000V, and users can take location-specific temperature readings using the IR thermometer or Type K thermoc... (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Unveils New Digital Multimeter

The new FLIR DM93 is a rugged DMM designed with advanced VFD filtering and shielding that help professional users and electrical troubleshooters accurately analyze non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals found in VFD-controlled equipment. Other features include LoZ Mode to eliminate ghost readings in long-run scenarios, and Automatic Data Recording to detect intermittent glitches. (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Reveals New Power Clamp Meter

The new FLIR CM83 is an industrial power clamp meter with power analysis and advanced VFD filtering for testing three-phase systems and VFD-controlled equipment. Other features include Harmonics Mode to find noise from different electrical sources, Phase Rotation to confirm phase orientation of three-phase systems, Inrush Current to detect start-up transients, and VFD Mode. (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Releases New NCV Detector + Light

The new FLIR VP50 is a compact non-contact voltage detector. The FLIR VP50 has a powerful LED worklight, as well as a dual-LED convenience light at the probe tip. Other features include vibration feedback and multi-colored LED alarms – useful for inspections in noisy areas, and high/low sensitivity modes for testing industrial equipment, low-voltage systems, and tampe... (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Announces New Moisture Meter

The new FLIR MR77 is a rugged moisture meter that features a pinless sensor and an external pin probe to capture moisture readings up to 0.75" below the surface of various wood types and building materials. The FLIR MR77 also includes a field-replaceable temp/humidity sensor, IR thermometer with laser pointer, Bluetooth connectivity to Android™ devices and METER... (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Releases New HD Video Borescope

The new FLIR VS70 is a rugged videoscope with intuitive handset controls that let users maneuver the camera probe into tight areas. The FLIR VS70 features a large 5.7" color LCD display, 180-degree and 90-degree camera views, SD card storage of video, image and audio files, a six-to-eight hour battery life, USB port of battery charging and file transfers, and a headset for voice a... (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Offers Brand New E-SERIES IR Cameras with MSX

FLIR’s new E-Series thermal cameras offer a unique combination of performance and affordability – in fact the FLIR E4 starts at only $995. Compact, rugged and user-friendly, the FLIR E4, E5, E6 and E8 IR cameras are designed for professionals who need to detect and diagnose electrical overloading, mechanical overheating, moisture & air leaks, missing... (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Unveils New FLIR E40, E50, and E60 IR Cameras

FLIR launches the new FLIR E40, E50 and E60 thermal cameras, which feature a 3.5" color LCD touchscreen display and a built-in 3.1 MP digital camera that enables the simultaneous capture of digital photos and thermal images. The latter feature, combined with MSX imaging technology, creates sharper IR images that better illustrate the location of heat-related issues in therm... (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Releases New High-Performance IR Camera

FLIR announces the release of the all-new FLIR T600, a professional-grade thermal imaging camera with a superior 172,800 pixel (480 x 360) infrared resolution, a 5MP digital camera, and an ergonomic rotating optical block that makes it easier for users to capture images various angles. The new FLIR T600 meets the demands of industrial, plant, utility, HVAC, and building profession... (read more)

FLIR -  IR Camera For Building and Home Inspection Video

Build your business on the vast potential of improving energy efficiency with thermal imaging. (read more)

FLIR - Upgrade from IR Thermometers to FLIR i3

The FLIR i3 shatters price/performance barriers as the most cost-effective thermal imaging camera on the market making it easier than ever for professionals to upgrade from a single-spot IR thermometer to the big picture of a full-featured infrared camera. (read more)

FLIR - Online IR camera and lens selection tool

FLIR announces an online IR camera and lens selection tool. This interactive tool allows the user to compare up to three camera models with different lens configurations and camera input variables, such as distance to target, target size, integration (exposure) time, and image sub-window size. (read more)

FLIR - ThermaTrakā„¢ Find Lost Or Missing IR Cameras

ThermaTrak™, an exclusive new high-tech service to locate missing or stolen infrared cameras and thermal imagers is now being included in several models of FLIR cameras. (read more)

FLIR - ITC - Infrared Training Center

Our state-of-the-art in house training centers include an applications lab, multi-media lecture hall, and computer lab facilities. We bring the field into our lab with real-world hands-on workshops. ITC courses are interesting, fun and practical. (read more)

FLIR - Infrared Cameras For Fast Gas Leak Detection

FLIR today announced the launch of its second generation line of GF-Series infrared cameras, previously known as GasFindIR™. The line includes two innovative IR cameras designed to reduce product and revenue loss associated with industrial gas leaks, and improve worker safety in areas where leaking gas can cause fire and explosion. (read more)

FLIR - FLIR A-Series Infrared Cameras

FLIR A-Series infrared camera systems are affordable and accurate solutions for machine vision, automation systems, and R&D projects that require accurate non-contact imaging and temperature measurements. (read more)

FLIR - FLIR R&D Infrared Cameras

Every day researchers throughout the world are looking for new methods to help them solving their scientific questions. Infrared thermography has proven to be an invaluable tool to solve a wide variety of scientific problems based on heat and temperature measurement. (read more)


FLIR announces its new Model SC2500-NIR near infrared camera designed for a wide range of science and research applications. The design of the SC2500-NIR makes it the only fully integrated camera covering the spectral range of 0.9µm to 1.7µm that combines thermal imaging and non-contact temperature measurements with superior data acquisition capabilities (read more)

FLIR - Thermal Imaging For The Petrochemical Industry

In refineries and other petrochemical facilities, equipment failure can lead to lost profits and even potential injury. What you can't see definitely can hurt you. Fortunately, there are FLIR infrared cameras to help. (read more)

FLIR - FLIR Thermal Imaging for Research & Development

In Research & Development and product/process testing, accuracy and reliability are vitally important. FLIR's SC-Series IR cameras are used for capturing and recording thermal distribution and variations in real time, allowing engineers to see and accurately measure heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes. (read more)

FLIR - TKG250 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Extech’s new TKG250 captures non-destructive wall thickness measurements (0.20 mm-508 mm) on steel structures, primarily. The TKG250 displays live A-Scan waveforms on its color LCD, and dynamic color change alarms, as well as selectable flashing keypad, audible beeping, and vibration feedback alerts help detect minimum/maximum thicknesses. Includes Echo-to-Echo, B-scan, and Automat... (read more)