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GE Analytical Instruments has promoted these products:

GE Analytical Instruments - Automate Your Measurements in Compliance

Automating Your Lab Conductivity Measurements with Confidence (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - On-Line Organics Monitoring

Dennis DiBiagio, Director of Manufacturing Services at PMRS, uses GE Water & Process Technologies analytical instrumentation at his facility. In this video, Dennis discusses the Sievers 500 RL On-Line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer which is used to monitor organics in their most important GMP water. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Automating Your Lab Conductivity Measurements

This video look at Automation vs Manual Conductivity Measurement in the lab talks about productivity and confidence in your testing. Lab Manager, Dondra Biller talks about pharmaceutical companies need to reduce the time required to test water samples for conductivity in the laboratory. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Reduce the time required to test

Superior productivity

Tools that boost productivity are essential to managing your chaotic workday. The new Sievers M9 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers offer you time-tested dependability with faster-than-ever analysis to help you reach the peak of productivity. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - TOC monitoring in real-time

Wastewater treatment plants are constantly looking to increase efficiency by optimizing water treatment processes. The water monitoring and analytics industry continues to grow to support this need. One key trend involves the use of total organic carbon (TOC) to help optimize treatment processes that remove dissolved organics from water (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Reach the peak of productivity!

GE Analytical Instruments leads the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer industry with its sensitive, selective, easy-to-use line of Sievers Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers and the convenient, battery-operated CheckPoint TOC Sensor. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Reach the Peak of Productivity

Reach the Peak of Productivity with GE's NEW Sievers M-Series Analyzers (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - New Sievers InnovOx On-Line TOC Analyzer

The new Sievers InnovOx On-Line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer measures TOC in wastewater, industrial process, and environmental samples for multiple industries. The InnovOx On-Line joins the InnovOx Laboratory TOC Analyzer in offering GE's innovative Supercritical Water Oxidation technology for improved reliability, uptime, and robust handling of challenging sample matrices... (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Cleaning Validation Seminars

Learn a best-practices approach to cleaning validation and real-time release testing (RTRT) using TOC analysis. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers 500 RL On-Line TOC Analyzer

The Sievers 500 RL On-Line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is a reagentless analyzer designed for continuous monitoring of organics in ultrapure water for pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and power applications. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers 500 RLe Toc Analyzer for Microelectronics

The Sievers 500 RLe On-Line TOC Analyzer represents the latest advancement in the science of ultra low level TOC measurement in microelectronic applications. The 500 RLe is the industry's only on-line, reagentless TOC analyzer capable of accurately detecting problematic compounds such as urea, trimethylamine, organic acids and bases. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - ASTM E2656: Process Control and Real-time

The 21st century has ushered in unique challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. As cost pressures continue to mount with the proliferation of generics and the "patent cliff," worldwide regulatory bodies have placed renewed emphasis on patient health. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers 500 RL

Installation Guidance for the Sievers 500 RL

Aligning the 500 RL TOC Analyzer with Regulatory Expectations and

ASTM Best-practice Standards for On-line TOC Testing (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers Certified TOC Vials (<10 ppb)

GE Analytical Instruments introduces its new Sievers Certified TOC Vials and Sievers Cleaning Validation Kits for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications. Reliable, economical, and scrupulously clean, the 40-mL Sievers Certified TOC Vials are certified to be below 10 ppb for use in critical applications, including USP and EP water testing and cleaning validation sampling. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers Laboratory TOC Analyzer

The Sievers M9 Laboratory Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer enhances productivity for laboratory TOC measurements. Automated calibration and validation procedures, fast analysis time, automated reagent adjustment, and the high-capacity GE Autosampler combine for an unequalled level of efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers M5310 C TOC Analyzers

The Sievers M5310 C TOC Analyzers are designed to monitor organics in raw water, finished drinking water, or any point in the treatment process. Lab, On-Line and Portable models offer superior analytical performance, 1-year calibration stability, and regulatory method compliance. Features include grab sample labeling, dual-stream capability, and on-line TOC percentage removal calculation. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - TOC Analyzer -- InnovOx On-Line

GE Analytical Instruments designed the new Sievers InnovOx Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer to provide industry-leading sample handling robustness and instrument uptime for process, environmental, and wastewater TOC Analysis. Can now be installed in classified areas with the Class I Div II enclosure. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - InnovOx Laboratory TOC Analyzer

The new Sievers InnovOx Laboratory Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer represents a true breakthrough in high TOC measurement technology and reliability. The InnovOx (short for innovative oxidation) can consecutively handle thousands of common—as well as difficult samples such as brine and cellulose—with unprecedented system uptime. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers 500 RL Online TOC Analyzer

GE Analytical Instruments understands that choosing an on-line TOC instrument involves a completely different set of selection criteria compared to a laboratory instrument. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - CheckPoint On-Line/Portable TOC Sensors

Measure low-level total organic carbon (TOC) anywhere,
anytime with the new CheckPoint* Pharma and
CheckPointe On-Line/Portable Total Organic Carbon
(TOC) Sensors from GE Analytical Instruments. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - GE Autosampler

The GE Autosampler succeeds the Sievers 900 Autosampler and features a robust new design for handling high-volume laboratory applications. The GE Autosampler easily integrates with the Sievers 900 Laboratory, 900 Portable, 900 Portable Turbo (in normal mode only), 5310 C Laboratory, and InnovOx Laboratory TOC Analyzers. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer (NOA) 280i

The Sievers® Nitric Oxide Analyzer offers a versatile detection system for (NO) analysis. Employing GE Analytical Instruments highly sensitive, ozone-chemiluminescence technology, the NOA 280i has unsurpassed versatility for liquid and exhaled breath NO measurement. The Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer, it has proven to be the instrumentation of choice by researchers worldwide. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Leakwise - SLC-220 Smart Controller

The Smart Leakwise* Controller (SLC-220) is a digital signal processor that interfaces with Leakwise ID-220 Series Sensors to report hydrocarbons spill/leak alerts, including layer buildup and thickness, to users via a wide variety of outputs and communication interfaces for local or remote reporting. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - TOC Analyzer Certified-Plus Protection Services

Protect Your TOC Analyzer Investment with Certified Plus* Aftermarket Products & Services. To help you get the best possible performance from your Sievers Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer, GE Analytical Instruments offers the Certified Plus* suite of aftermarket products and services. (read more)

GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers Certified (<10 ppb) TOC Vials

Sievers Certified (<10 ppb) TOC Vials are designed for use in critical pharmaceutical applications such as USP and EP Water testing as well as municipal water testing. (read more)