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GEEPLUS Inc. - Voice Coil Actuators for Ventilator Applications

Custom Voice Coil Actuators

GEEPLUS manufactures custom Voice Coil Actuators to match your unique specifications. Our custom Voice Coil Actuators helped to make Geeplus the worldwide leading supplier of actuators for ventilator applications. (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - Custom Mechanical Clutches

GEEPLUS Inc. manufactures custom mechanical clutches to match your specifications. (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - Custom Electric Rotary Actuators

GEEPLUS Inc. manufactures custom electric rotary actuators to match your specifications. (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - Custom Linear Actuators

GEEPLUS Inc. manufactures custom linear actuators to match your specifications. (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - Amazing Rice-Sized Mini Solenoid Packs a Punch

Amazing Mini Solenoid: Tough, Reliable, the Size of a Grain of Rice!

Ideally suited for use in cameras, card latches, hand held card reading devices and locking systems, the amazing S1L mini solenoid offers a life operation in excess of 100k operations. The component is not only smaller, but it is also simpler in design and more robust than the small motors which it is desi... (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - Introducing the SUPER STROKE Solenoid!

Like a Proportional Solenoid at a Super Price: The Super Stroke Solenoid!

By using many of the components of a tubular solenoid, Geeplus has manufactured the super stroke solenoid to be a very cost‐effective solution compared to other long‐stroke actuators or proportional solenoid designs. (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - Popular Bistable Rotary Solenoid, Up To 50% Off!

Bistable Rotary Solenoid (BRS 1212) is versatile, resilient, and now incredibly affordable!

Responding to market demands for an affordable bistable rotary solenoid, Geeplus strategically altered the manufacturing process of the popular 12 mm bistable rotary solenoid to provide savings of up to 50% for volume applications. (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - VCAs Upgrade Precision, Control in Medical Devices

Voice Coil Actuators (VCAs) boast bi-directional capability, a long life cycle, controllability, repeatability, and precision, all with very low hysteresis. This makes VCAs perfect for ventilator applications, for example, where precise control of inhalation and exhalati... (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - Hybrid Stepper Motor with 50%-100% Higher Torque

Hybrid Stepper Motor with 50%-100% Higher Torque, Less Noise

The DSMH series of hybrid stepper motors have been upgraded by a new lamination design that produces torque typically 50 - 100% greater than round body designs!

The high rigidity of the hybrid stepper motor's laminations also helps to reduce audible noise. (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - Free Linear Solenoid Digital Toolkit!

Your Linear Solenoid Digital Toolkit Includes (all files available for free download):

  • PDF: Info and Selection Process of Linear Solenoids / Linear Actuators
  • PDF: Info and Selection Process of Push/Pull Solenoids
  • PDF: Info and Selection Process of Latching Solenoids
  • PDF: How Proportional Solenoids Work
(read more)
GEEPLUS Inc. - Free Voice Coil Motor Digital Toolkit!

Your Voice Coil Motors Digital Toolkit Includes:

  • Voice Coil Guidebook: Characteristics and Selection of Voice Coil Motors
  • Introduction to Voice Coil Motors: Voice Coil Parameters
  • Voice Coil Calculator
  • Voice Coil Motor Catalogue, with more information on Voice Coil actuators
(read more)
GEEPLUS Inc. - Geeplus: Precision Electromechanical Actuators

Actuators: Solenoids (Linear Solenoids, Rotary Solenoids), Voice Coil Actuators, Electromagents, Hybrid Stepper Motors and More!

Geeplus--the worldwide leading supplier of actuators in ventilator applications--supplies, designs and manufactures a wide range of electromechanical actuators. Learn more in this brief introductory video. (read more)

GEEPLUS Inc. - An Economical, Proportional AND Quiet Solenoid!

All the benefits of a quiet, long-stroke Proportional Solenoid, at a non-proportional price

In addition to doubling the useful stroke of a standard solenoid, the new design of the Super Stroke Solenoid from Geeplus now reduces noise! (read more)

News articles and press releases for GEEPLUS Inc.:


A totally new concept in magnet design and construction has enabled Geeplus to develop a voice coil motor which develops between 30 and 40% more force than devices using a similar coil.


Claimed to be the world's smallest bistable rotary solenoid, Geeplus have launched the tiny S1020 which measures a miniscule 2cms long and just 1cm in diameter.


A new range of slipping clutches from Geeplus are designed to protect clutches and other rotating components against overload in order to limit the maximum torque applied to the primary drive.


The use of a permanent magnet instead of a spring has resulted in a new bistable rotary solenoid from Geeplus, which the company claims has a significant increase in speed of operation.


The use of an electrically driven permanent magnet rotor in the Geeplus' new solenoid provides fully energised torque which is available for the fastest rotation in either direction.


Ideally suited for use in pick and place machines and pressure or position sensitive control valves, the VM2836 voice control motors offer excellent control characteristics


The VM2836 voice coil motor includes a flex circuit termination and cover to provide a simple and reliable electrical connection.


A very low profile flat voice coil motor from Geeplus Europe is designed in such a way that it offers good clearance in assembly and has latitude for tilting on one axis.