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Gearing Solutions - Compact Planetary Gearheads, 1/4 to 30 Horsepower

.Delivering high power density, stability and increased torque capability Gearing Solutions GHP Series Planetary Gearheads fit NEMA motor frames from 1/4 to 30 horsepower and extend motor housings by as little as 4.25 inches (read more)

Gearing Solutions - Fit Any Motor to Almost Any Job

Maxamin Shaft Adapters mean you can fit any electric motor to almost any job! You can combine otherwise incompatible motors. The Convertible Shaft Adapter is a perfect on the spot solution to quickly address power transmission & system breakdowns, for retrofits and to ensure the maintenance crew is prepared with backups. (read more)

Gearing Solutions - Power & Drives in Food Processing Equipment

Need heavy duty mixing, screw conveying or high speed conveying? Gearing Solutions' high-density drives can serve as speed increasers, speed reducers, and perform well with rotary motion power transmissions that require changes in torque and speed. (read more)

Gearing Solutions - Material Handling System Motor Problems?

Exact NEMA motor you need not available? Gearing Solutions Universal Shaft Adapters let you use another NEMA Motor suitable for retrofitting the repair. Our Adapters reduce costs of converting an existing worn out IEC Motor to a readily available NEMA Replacement Motor. Lightweight, sturdy, easy to mount, our adapters extend life of your material handling power transmission system... (read more)

Gearing Solutions - Yaw System Maximizes Wind Power Generation

Efficient yaw control is essential to ensure that wind turbines always face directly into the wind. Gearing Solutions’ Active Yaw Systems have been field proven for over 3 years. Accurate, engineered for safety and efficiency, our Yaw Drives are rugged, durable and Made in America (read more)

Gearing Solutions - Motor & Shaft Adapters for Ease of Maintenance

Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to mount, our adapters can solve challenges and extend life of your motors. Our Adapter line includes both Motor and Shaft Adapters and accepts NEMA or IEC configurations. They have been field tested in rugged applications such as wind turbines and result in reduced maintenance. (read more)

Gearing Solutions - Why Use Gearheads?

Gearmotors are widely used in motion control applications because electric motor manufacturers have done the work of matching the gearbox requirements to the motor capabilities, lowered the cost, and assumed service responsibility. And national electric motor standards assure interchangeability. (read more)

Gearing Solutions - Custom Gearheads For Robotic Applications

This MaxiMin Gearhead (Maximum torque in a Minimum space) drives the welding head on an automated welding repair unit used to replace worn welds on turbine walls.

The robotic drive removes the damaged weld, then lays a new one and cleans up the excess weld material. Smooth operation and ease of assembly were required features. (read more)

Gearing Solutions - ENGINEER TO ORDER Program for Gearheads

Through our Engineer To Order program we can screen several thousand possibilities for the most practical designs and recommend a half dozen options. (read more)

Gearing Solutions - MaxiMin Planetary Gearheads 50% Shorter

Our MaxiMin planetary gearheads are now 50% shorter and extend only 2.776" from the motor face. Standard units are available in 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 ratios and many more. Call 440-498-9538 for a complete listing of Standard Units. (read more)