General Carbide Corporation - Ammunition Tooling

General Carbide is a major supplier of ammunition tooling including bullet forming dies, necking dies, sizing dies and coining punches. All GENERAL CARBIDE grades are guaranteed to be Sinter-HIP'ed (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Powder Metal Compaction Tooling

General carbide is a major supplier of carbide tooling to the Powder Metal (PM) Industry. We supply grades that display high wear resistance as well as high fracture toughness. Our Wire EDM grades are formulated to withstand Wire & Ram EDM and are guaranteed not to crack. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Tooling Tough as Nails!

Powernail stamps 1 billion L-cleats and E-cleats annually from .062-inch steel. After switching to two General Carbide grade formulations, GC-411CT for the die sections and GC-415CT for the punches, they achieved four times longer die life and produced higher quality nails. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - General Metal Forming

General Carbide specializes in tungsten carbide grades that excel in metal forming operations. We have the manufacturing capabilities and carbide grade selection to meet the most demanding of metal forming needs, from galling resistance to high impact to corrosion resistance We have special metallurgical formulations to withstand EDM operations with no resultant cracking. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - MWD Components Benefit from Proper Grade Selection

The abrasive characteristics of drilling mud used in mud pulse telemetry require materials to exhibit superior fluid erosion properties. General Carbide manufactures several grade formulations that provide extended component life and reduced service cost. Our experienced staff will make design recommendations to permit ease of manufacturing that gives the designer the best value. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - GenFixx Assembly for Tungsten Carbide & Steel

GenFixx™, exceeds the joint strength of braze and is more predictable in its reliability. The success of a braze joint cannot be verified non-destructively but the GenFixx assembly technique reduces the risk factor and demonstrates higher strength in joining carbide and steel. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Maximum Galling Resistance with TaC Grades

General Carbide provides maximum galling resistance with our CT family of grade formulations. We can mimimize peak-to-peak micro-welding that occurs in metalforming and PM operations, especially with brass, bronze, copper, aluminum alloys and stainless steels. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Oil/Gas Components

General Carbide has various tungsten carbide grades in operation in oil/gas exploration applications as well as in production and flow control operations and in MWD (measurement while drilling) apparatus. We have the specific grades needed for Oil/Gas applications to resist erosion and corrosion forces that attack conventional carbide. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Designer's Guide to Tungsten Carbide

This is a reference for designers and end users of tungsten carbide. It is a compilation of recommendations derived from practical experience, theoretical stress analysis, proven application engineering practices and modern manufacturing techniques. It will enable the reader to learn how best to utilize one of the most unique engineering materials available today. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Custom Preforms

General Carbide produces custom preform shapes in a variety of grades to meet the most demanding tooling applications. Our modern CNC machine tool capability bolsters our ability to provide 7-10 day delivery on many intricate shapes for an extensive range of products. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Synthetic Diamond Manufacturing

General Carbide is a major supplier of compaction tooling, substrates and backup discs to the Synthetic Diamond industry. We press and sinter substrates with intricate surface configurations. Our ultrasonic cleaning operation and cleaning solution provides a surface finish condition which is receptive to the diamond table without pre-cleaning and is readily able to be brazed. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Industrial Wear Applications

Industrial wear applications are as varied as the industries served. Our engineering staff has years of experience to predict how successful a grade will be in a particular environment. Our pre-forming skills will ensure that stock allowances are kept to a minimum and our hard grinding department can skillfully provide a part with the surface finish and tolerance desired. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Stamping/Lamination

General Carbide is a supplier of tungsten carbide progressive stamping die components. We produce a variety of grades for your unique stamping application. If you are stamping: electrical connectors, motor laminations, medical products, coins, computer components, etc. We have a tungsten carbide grade for you. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Can Tooling

General Carbide supplies many tungsten carbide preform blanks for the can tooling industry. We produce a variety of grades with cobalt or nickel binders for your unique can tooling application. If you are producing: cupper tooling, rivet tooling, scroll dies, bodymaker punches, ironing rings, score dies and other related tooling we have a tungsten carbide grade for you. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Concrete Wear Parts

General Carbide supplies many wear components to the concrete industry including wear plates, tiles, bushings, scraper blades and splitter knives for the concrete block industry. Our application engineering group can specify the optimum wearing grade for a specific application. We can provide a preform shape or a part that is finish ground complete to the tolerance specified. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Rooftile Tooling

General Carbide is a global supplier of concrete rooftile tooling components. We offer a large selection of grades for your Slippers , Rollers , Water Channels and Wear Strips. General Carbide also offers many corrosion resistant and anti-galling grades for enhanced tooling life . Ask for our General Carbide Threaded Insert Technology......... WE WON'T LET YOU LOOSEN UP! (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Grade Development

General Carbide has the capability to develop a tailored grade to meet specific application requirements. We review all operating parameters with the customer and mutually agree upon an existing grade modification or the need to devise a new grade, utilizing a combination of grain size, binder type and content and other alloying agents. We sinter-HIP all grades to ensure top quality. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Materials and Quality Control Laboratory

General Carbide has dedicated a new laboratory to better service its customers in new grade development and failure anaylsis and to enhance its quality control program. This new lab and testing equipment will bolster the existing quality program for incoming raw materials and sintered product manufactured at its facilities. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Steel Processing

General Carbide supplies tungsten carbide components used in steel processing applications including rotary slitter knives, mandrel sleeves, flattening rolls and guide rolls. Our GenTuff product line has high thermal shock resistance and retains its high hot hardness at elevated temperatures, which allows it outlast tool steel as a guide roll or looper roll in rod mill applications. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Wire Draw Dies

General Carbide has earned a respected position as a major supplier of wire draw die blanks in the domestic wire die industry. We strive to provide more than just the world's finest carbide draw dies, we back it up with superior customer service and a selection of grades that takes a back seat to no one. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - 50 Grades of Carbide Available

We Make The Grade
We have one of the broadest ranges of tungsten carbide grades in the industry and the tightest specs you'll find anywhere. This allows us to produce high-quality grades matched to your most exacting requirements. General Carbide manufactures over 50 different grades of carbide, all of which undergo 100% sinter-HIP processing. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Fastener Tooling

General Carbide is a quality supplier of preforms, header die blanks and semi-finished nibs for the fastener market. We manufacture over 50 grades of carbide ranging in cobalt binder from 3% to 30%. Quick delivery is possible from a new manufacturing cell, dedicated to quick turnaround business for the fastener market. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Chain-Serts Extends Life of Saw Chain Tips

General Carbide has helped Indigo Innovators perfect a replaceable carbide saw chain tip that lasts 50 times longer than traditional steel saw tip inserts. General Carbide also made the progressive die to stamp the chain links, as well as the powder metal die and punch to mold the tip holder. (read more)

General Carbide Corporation - Boring Bar

One of the most impressive material characteristics of cemented carbide is its stiffness compared to steel. A boring bar must extend inside a cylinder's bore for extreme lengths while performing a metalcutting operation and it must do so with minimal deflection. General Carbide has many years of experience in producing boring bar blanks with the proper material characteristics. (read more)