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General Digital Corporation

General Digital Corporation has promoted these products/services:

General Digital Corporation - TwoView™ / TwoView Solar™

Dual flip-up LCD monitors, 2U rack mount, integral keyboard and trackball, industrial / military grade, available sunlight readable displays and many more options (read more)

General Digital Corporation - TwoView Micro™ / TwoView Micro Solar™

Dual display flip-up/flip-down LCD monitor; 2U rack mount; well suited to industrial and military environments; multiple configurations: flip down from ceiling, flip out from wall, or flip up from rack; sunlight readable displays available (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Rugged Environmentally Sealed (IP67) LCD Monitor

Barracuda ™ / Barracuda Solar™. Impervious to liquid immersion, dust and other contaminants. Industrial- / military-grade construction. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Saber PanelMount Solar™

Panel Mount LCD Monitor, Daylight and Sunlight Readable, Industrial- / Military-Grade, LED Backlight Option, Night Vision Goggle-Compatible (NVIS) Display Option (read more)

General Digital Corporation - SlimLine 1U™ / SlimLine 1U Solar™

Advanced flip-up LCD monitor with integral keyboard and trackball, 1U high, rack mount, industrial / military-grade, available sunlight readable display and more options. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - SlimLine Lite II™ / SlimLine Lite II Solar™

Flip-up LCD monitor with integral keyboard and trackball, 2U high, rack mount, industrial / military grade (read more)

General Digital Corporation - SlimLine Micro™ / SlimLine Micro Solar™

Flip-up LCD monitor, 1U high, rack mount, high performance video controller, industrial / military grade, available with a sunlight readable display, touch screen, and more (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Rack Mount Hinge™ / Rack Mount Hinge Solar™

Flip-Up/Flip-Down LCD Monitor, 1U / 2U High, Rack Mount, Industrial / Military Grade, Available with Sunlight Readable Display, Touch Screen, and Many More Options (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Saber RackMount™ / Saber RackMount Solar™

Rack mount LCD monitors for industrial and military environments. Equipped with high performance video controllers. Displays from 8.4" to 24.0". (read more)

General Digital Corporation - GenStar III™

Specially designed for air traffic control towers and the FAA's STARS program, the GenStar™ series LCD monitors (19" & 20") are sunlight readable, LED backlit, and can be used as standalone devices or mounted to an articulating arm. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Titan™

Large format (37" - 65") rugged industrial-/military-grade LCD monitors to serve all digital signage and telepresence needs. Available in rack mount, panel mount, and standalone/mountable configurations. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Saber Standalone™ / Saber Standalone Solar™

Standalone / mountable rugged LCD monitors; support for VESA mounting; display sizes from 6.4 inch to 24 inch; video signal compatibility with DVI, NTSC, R-170, SoG, and many more; sunlight readable models available (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Flip-up and Flip-down LCD Monitors

Flip-down and flip-up monitors have become quite necessary in a variety of industrial and military applications. Whether mounted in a 19" rack, to the roof of a Humvee, or a ship's bulkhead, General Digital has the perfect flat screen LCD monitor to suit your needs and your budget. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Sunlight Readable & NVIS Compatible LCD Monitors

When discussing display technology that has the capacity to be sunlight readable or night vision goggle compatible—or both—LED backlights invariably enter the picture. Here, we outline the finer points of these technologies and how this trinity works together, allowing General Digital to bring you LCD monitors with superior performance. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Impact™ / Impact Solar™

Open frame ruggedized LCD monitor kits, sizes from 6.4 inch to 24 inch, easily integrated into existing products, available options include touch screens, sunlight readable displays, and much more (read more)

General Digital Corporation - LED Backlights for LCD Monitors

LED backlights are the smart alternative to CCFL backlights, featuring numerous advantages and cost savings for many applications. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Stowaway™

Commercial-grade / light industrial-grade low profile 2U high rack mount flip-up LCD monitor (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Smart Card Reader

Save space and improve efficiency by installing an optional CAC Smart Card reader in one of our flip-up LCD monitor / keyboard products. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Rack Mount Keyboards

Commercial-, industrial- and military-grade keyboards in several configurations, which include trackballs, backlit keys, NEMA12 sealed enclosures, Smart Card readers, and more. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Desktop Keyboards

Desktop keyboards in commercial, industrial and military grades. Most feature trackballs or touch pads. Several options available. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - RackMate™

Economical Commercial-Grade Rack Mount LCD Monitor (read more)

General Digital Corporation - PanelPal™

Economical Commercial-Grade Panel Mount LCD Monitor (read more)

General Digital Corporation - GenFlective™ Display Enhancement

Passive and Cost-Effective Optical Brightness Enhancement and Antiglare Treatment for Flat Panel LCD, OLED & Plasma Monitors (read more)

General Digital Corporation - UV Bonding of Displays for Extreme Environments

Our latest proprietary UV bonding process for displays will take you where no other silicone bond has gone before! (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Optical Bonding of Flat Panel Displays

Improves a display's optical performance and durability, as well as its ability to resist the detrimental effects of shock, vibration and moisture. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Reflections on Reflections

A dissertation on different types of display reflections and some of the treatments available to reduce them. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Film Laminations with Optical Films

Light emitting displays all suffer from a visibility problem when used under conditions which include high ambient lighting levels. By applying optical films to a display's front surface, General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories can effectively and efficiently improve brightness and contrast by reducing surface reflections. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - Flat Panel Display Brightness Enhancements

A dissertation on problems encountered with displays used in direct sunlight and various ways to combat those problems. (read more)

General Digital Corporation - EMI Shielding of Flat Panel Displays

A dissertation on the methods General Digital's Optical Bond Laboratories uses to reduce EMI emissions in flat panel displays. (read more)