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General Monitors, Inc. has promoted these products:

General Monitors, Inc. - Safety Video: FL4000H Multi-Spectrum IR Detector

A new Flame Detection Video from General Monitors demonstrates how the FL4000H Multi-Spectrum Infrared Flame Detector responds to flames 210 feet away, as well as its immunity to arc welding. The FL4000H Detector leads the industry in quickly detecting flames at the furthest distance, monitors them longer, and prevents nuisance false alarms. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - S4000CH Combustible Gas Detector

The Model S4000CH Intelligent Sensor is a microprocessor- based transmitter designed for use with General Monitors' catalytic bead sensors. The unit features one person calibration and can virtually self-calibrate by simply activating a magnetic switch and applying gas. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Ethylene Gas Detector Performance-Verified

The advanced IR400 Combustible Gas Detector from General Monitors sets a new industry standard as the first combustible point infrared (IR) ethylene monitor to achieve dual FM and CSA performance verification, meeting FM 6310, FM 6320 and CSA C22.2 requirements. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - S4000TH Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector

The S4000TH Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector from General Monitors is designed to protect people, equipment, and plants from the dangers of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and features the HART® communication protocol for ease of field communications. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - S4100C Combustible Gas Detector

The Model S4100C Intelligent Sensor from General Monitors is a microprocessor-based transmitter with integral three-digit readout. It is designed to measure and display concentrations of combustible gases in the 0-100% LEL range, but will continue to display concentrations up to 120% LEL. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Advanced Multi-Spectrum IR FL4000H Flame Detector

Featuring a next-generation, multi-spectrum infrared (MSIR) sensor that incorporates neural network technology (NNT), the FL4000H Flame Detector from General Monitors provides reliable flame monitoring with superior false alarm immunity, a wide field of view (FOV), and one of the industry’s longest detection ranges. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Gas/Flame Detectors DNV-GL & MED Marine Approvals

General Monitors announces that its most popular advanced gas and flame detectors now meet the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) for Det Norske Veritas’ (DNV) Offshore Standards as well as DNV·GL Type Approval. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Gas & Flame Detectors Protect LNG Vaporizers

Operators at remote liquefied natural gas (LNG) production sites who rely on portable or skid mount vaporizer production equipment will find General Monitors provides comprehensive gas and flame monitoring to prevent accidental explosions and fires. Download our LNG/CNG Industry Application Note. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - General Monitors Joins FDT Group

With the protection of people and equipment in hazardous industries as its mission, General Monitors has joined the Field Device Tool (FDT) Group. The company now offers one of the industry’s widest selections of gas and flame detectors with state of the art sensing technologies enabled with FDT Device Type Manager (DTM) technology. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Gas Detectors Protect Shale Gas Rigs

Oil and gas engineers responsible for hydraulic fracturing operations in the production of natural gas will find the Combustible Gas Detectors product lines available from General Monitors accurately sense potentially explosive hydrocarbon gas and alert crews in time to complete an orderly shutdown of the drilling rig. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Gassonic Observer-i Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

Designed with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) intelligence and real-time broadband acoustic sound processing technology, the state-of-the-art Gassonic Observer-i Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector sets a new global industry standard in highly reliable ultrasonic gas leak detection with unprecedented suppression of false alarms. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Fire & Gas Detection System

The HazardWatch Fire & Gas Detection System from General Monitors is a highly intelligent safety monitoring solution designed to help process and plant engineers protect their operations, equipment and staff from fire and combustible gases while meeting the world's most demanding safety standards. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - IR4000M Multi-Point Monitor

The IR4000 Infrared Combustible Gas Detection System from General Monitors is a highly scalable, reliable plant solution. The system's IR4000M Multi-Point Monitor can connect up to eight IR400 Point IR Gas Detectors and read their status with one command for a complete integrated gas detection system. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Flame Detectors Receive IECEx Approval

A majority of General Monitors Flame Detectors are now IECEx approved for hazardous monitoring in a wide range of industrial processes. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) established the IECEx system to certify equipment for operation in explosive atmospheres. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Reliable Carbon Dioxide Point IR Detector

Offering reliable gas detection performance with low maintenance, the rugged Model IR700 Infrared Carbon Dioxide Point Detector from General Monitors requires no routine calibration and provides complete control room status and control capability for monitoring CO2 at the ppm level. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - TS4000H Toxic Gas Detector For Ammonia Detection

The TS4000H Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector from General Monitors delivers accurate ammonia detection and protection, offering reliable monitoring for a variety of applications. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - TS4000H Toxic Gas Detector Is IECEx Approved

The TS4000H Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector from General Monitors is now IECEx approved, informing customers the TS4000H has been independently evaluated and found to be compliant with international safety standards for explosive environments. The TS4000H offers protection against a wide range of hazardous industrial gases and is able to safeguard against oxygen deficiency. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Breakthrough Open Path Gas Detector

With an advanced feature set, the new IR5500 Open Path Gas Detector from General Monitors redefines the industry standard as the first and only open path detector to meet agency performance requirements on both the LEL•meter and ppm•meter scales and is the industry's first detector with split range scale for ppm•meter and LEL•meter monitoring. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - SM100 Sampling Pump Module

By means of a sample line the SM100 can monitor areas that are far from the gas detector, inaccessible, or too cold, hot, or wet for direct monitoring. A sampling pump can supply gas for up to three gas detectors, a particularly useful feature when monitoring three different gases in a single line. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - PA4000 Photoacoustic Gas Monitor

The versatile PA4000 Photoacoustic Infrared Gas Monitor from General Monitors provides precise, high-performance gas monitoring while eliminating interference from water vapors, offering a reliable, low maintenance, cost-saving solution in situations where contaminants or interference preclude use of other measurement techniques. (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - Gas Leak Detection Simulator Tool

Gassonic, a General Monitors company, has developed the world's first gas leak simulation tool for ultrasonic gas detection. The new Simulator can be accessed in a trial version on Gassonic's website at (read more)

General Monitors, Inc. - TS4000H Gas Detector For Small Hydrogen Leaks

Reliable monitoring for small hydrogen leaks in a variety of industrial and commercial facility environments is now available with the TS4000H Intelligent Hydrogen Gas Detector from General Monitors, which accurately detects hydrogen at 0-500 ppm levels. (read more)