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Haskel International LLC - High Pressure Valve, Fitting, and Tubing eCatalog

Easily find, configure, compare, and requests quotes for high pressure valves, fittings and tubing with the interactive e-catalog by BuTech at The eCatalog features the complete selection of standard BuTech high pressure valve and component products. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - New Liquid Pump Selector Program

Input your requirements and see specifications and comparisons of pumps that meet your needs. The NEW Haskel Liquid Pump eCatalog provides an easy to use intuitive "Pump Selection Wizard.' Our pneumatic driven pumps are safe - no heat, flame or spark - and offer many advantages over electrically driven pumps (read more)

Haskel International LLC - High Pressure Components Comprehensive e-catalog

Product selection wizards and parametric search capabilities enable users to easily search for, configure, compare, and requests quotes for BuTech high pressure valves, fittings and tubing. BuTech offers standard off-the-shelf, & customized, high pressure needle valves, ball valves, check valves, and components for oil and gas applications and many other industries. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Subsea Valves Meet API 6A Standards

Complying with globally recognized API 6A specification, BuTech subsea valves meet critical demands in oil and gas production and upstream pipeline applications in the harshest environments, where safety and reliability are critical (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Pneumatic Driven High Flow/Pressure Pumps

Safe operation for hazardous environments - this new air driven piston pump from Haskel handles higher flow and pressure (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Hydraulic Driven Gas Boosters

Suitable for applications requiring higher flow rates that typically go beyond the capability of our pneumatic driven gas boosters. Haskel's range of Hydraulic Driven Gas Boosters offers complete flexibility for your gas compression and transfer needs. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Inert Gas Booster Systems

Haskel's ability to incorporate and interface electronic controls into systems provides precise compression and control of gases. Applications for these systems range from A/C system testing to aircraft jacking, blow molding to breather systems, CFC recovery to cryostat testing.... and many more (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Mini Gas Booster for Dive Applications

Performance, reliability and safety at an affordable price. The oil-free 4-inch drive Mini Sport Booster is a compressed air driven, air cooled, non-lubricated, reciprocating piston, single stage type. The approximate size ratio of the air drive piston to the gas piston is 25:1. The Mini Sport Booster is factory cleaned by Haskel for Oxygen Service. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - New Hydroswage Systems & Tooling Catalog

The Proven Technology for Hydraulic Expansion of Tubes HydroSwage® products are designed & manufactured for use in a wide variety of markets including: Power Generation, Petrochemical, Paper Mills, Pharmaceuticals, Heat & Air conditioning, Sanitary Units, Package & Stationary Boilers & Hydroforming. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Hydraulically expand heat exchanger tubes

With state of the art electronic controls for set up of all process functions via touch screen the Mark V HydroSwage System, hydraulically expands heat exchanger tubes into tube sheets through the direct application of high internal hydraulics pressure. Capable of expansion pressures to 50,000 PSI, the system accepts 100-240 VAC single-phase & requires air inlet pressure between 70 a... (read more)

Haskel International LLC - HydroSwage® Hydraulic Tube Expansion Video

Haskel International offers a wide range of equipment designed for hydraulic expansion of heat exchanger tubes into tube sheets through the direct application of high internal hydraulic pressure. See a video demonstrating the application of this powerful system (read more)

Haskel International LLC - How to expand heat exchanger tubes efficiently

Expand heat exchanger tubes into tube sheets through the direct application of high internal hydraulic pressure. Direct Hydraulic expansion with pure water produces clean joints. Minimize stress, crevice corrosion, and metallurgical changes, avoid forcing lubricant into the tube surface & prevent surface flaking or spalling inside the tube. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Pneumatic Driven Liquid Pumps - New Catalog

For applications from pressure testing to precision spraying and gas transfer to jacking/lifting Haskel's pumps offer safe pneumatic operation - no heat, flame or spark risk - with up to 100,000 psi (7000 bar) capability and infinitely variable cycling speed. The new catalog will help you to select the pump ideally suited to your application (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Mini Gas Charging System

This affordable and effective gas transfer and charging unit is ideal for industrial gas charging & aircraft ground support. Applications include N2 shock absorber & accumulator charging, gas transfer, gauge calibration, pressure testing and purging. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - High Pressure Fluid & Gas Handling Equipment

From air driven pumps for safe operation to high pressure valves & fittings for control, Haskel's products have been trusted around the world for over 60 years. You can access information about the range of standard & custom liquid gas systems, air/hydraulic driven gas boosters and so much more in our new brochure (read more)

Haskel International LLC - New -50 Ratio Gas Booster

From paintball to injection molding, aircraft ground support to fire safety Haskel's new air driven gas boosters meet the need of applications demanding higher flow rates and faster fill times for a wide range of industrial and military applications. The boosters provide outlet pressures up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar) with built-in cooling. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Custom Liquid and Gas Systems

Haskel can custom-build portable-to-large PLC control systems for a wide range of industries and applications. Manufacturing Divisions have cleanroom facilities for oxygen and similar requirements to 1000-level clean. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Air Driven Gas Booster

Single Ended, Single Stage Gas Booster for Low Frequency, Low Flow Nitrogen and Oxygen Recharging. Applications include Accumulator Gas Charging, Pressure testing, Escape chutes/Emergency rafts, in flight Life Support Bottles and Hydrogen Suspension. (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Compact, high pressure air driven liquid pump

Ideal for applications like well head control panels, bolt tensioning, lifting, jacking or clamping, or high pressure/burst testing in many sectors such as aircraft support, oil and gas or automotive this air or nitrogen driven pump handles petroleum fluids, water soluble oils or plain water (read more)

Haskel International LLC - High Pressure Valves for Pressures To 150,000 psi

Butech offers high pressure valves, fittings and tubing to take pressure to extremes! Needle valves for precise control of gas and liquid ensure long-lasting performance with non-rotating stem design, adjustable stem packing, positive locking device and a variety of configurations.

Also available in alternate exotic alloys. Butech…for the Peak of Performance! (read more)

Haskel International LLC - High pressure valves for many applications

BuTech offers standard products for applications of pressures in ranges of 6,000 to 150,000 PSI.

BuTech high pressure valves are designed for liquid & gas flow control. Variety of body styles & temperature ranges from -100°F to 600°F (-73°C to 315°C). Optional packings &/or extended stuffing boxes increase range from -423°F to 1,200°F (-253°C to 648°C). (read more)

Haskel International LLC - Air Driven Pumps

Haskel air driven pumps offer many advantages over conventional electrical driven units. They can be installed at any predetermined pressure and hold this fixed pressure without consuming power or generating heat. They are reliable, easy to maintain, compact and robust.... and there is NO HEAT, FLAME OR SPARK RISK (read more)