HEIDENHAIN Corporation - Metrology Software Brings New Tech to Upgrades

Now available, the latest release of HEIDENHAIN’s PC-based IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK metrology software (version 3.0.3) provides advanced functionality for both new and used quality control inspection equipment. The IK 5000 can be used to retrofit multiple brands and types of inspection equipment – such as CMMs and video measuring microscopes - , making it easy to .... (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - Leine & Linde Offers New Stainless Steel Rotary

Leine & Linde introduces a new stainless steel version of the well known ISA and IHA 600 series of absolute rotary encoders. Designed to provide motion control and feedback for machines in harsh environments, the IXA 600 stainless steel model is useful in applications where the encoder is subjected to saltwater, acids, or other aggressive cleaning solvents. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - ETEL Offers an Ironcore Line of Linear Motors

To meet the need of linear measurement machine applications where high force is required, ETEL offers ironcore linear motors called the LMS and LMG series. Specializing in direct drive technology, ETEL provides these patented-design motors that very few others can match. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - ERO Miniature Encoders Suited for Motion Control

HEIDENHAIN is offering the ERO 1200/1400 series of modular optical rotary encoders without integral bearing. Being a non-contact solution, the ERO 1200/1400 encoders are well suited for motion control use on dynamic stages and machines in the general automation or semiconductor industries, such as.... (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - Leine & Linde Offers Draw Wire Units - 30 Meters

Leine & Linde WDS series draw-wire length measurement units provide up to 30 meters of cost effective position data for lifts, factory doors, hoists and gantry systems. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - New ATEX Rotary Encoders with Sturdy Hollow Shaft

HEIDENHAIN unveils a new line of rotary encoders for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX). Many industries – such as oil and gas, printing, and silage -- operate in such environments. The ExN 400 encoders feature a 12mm blind hollow shaft in the new, sturdy design with increased wall thickness (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - Sealed Absolute Linears with Mitsubishi Interface

The new absolute LC 195M and LC 495M sealed linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN are now available for use on machines that require a Mitsubishi interface. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - ETEL Offers Torque Motors for Direct Drives

ETEL is proud to offer cageless and high peak torque motors - called the TML and TMM series - within its line of high performance, zero maintenance motor technologies. Both series provide the advantages of direct drive technology, an ETEL specialty, while being offered in a low weight, low-priced package.... (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - Leine & Linde’s Newest Encoder for Heavy Equipment

The new Leine & Linde model PHE 900 encoder is now introduced to meet the needs of the most demanding heavy equipment applications, and is currently experiencing particular interest from those in the mining and oil & gas industries. This absolute encoder has been created as a flexible platform which can be tailored. It is the answer to many safety concerns since.... (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - LEINE & LINDE Provides Encoder Reliability Values

The issue of human safety according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is becoming more important as the global economy drives us toward common standards. As part of the worldwide Functional Safety initiatives for machinery, LEINE & LINDE is now supporting design engineers with reliability data for their 500 and 800 series encoders in support of this directive, (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - Single-Cable Solution For Servo Drive Technology

All motors normally need two separate cables: one for the motor speed encoder and the other for the motor power supply. With the Hybrid Motor Cable Project called HMC 6, HEIDENHAIN has integrated the encoder lines into the power cable so now only one cable is needed between a synchronous motor and electrical cabinet. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - A New Industrial PC for Machine Tools

HEIDENHAIN is proud to introduce the IPC 6641, a new industrial PC for machine tools. Common applications for this industrial PC include individual automation solutions, operation of Windows software from an OEM and remote access to HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 contouring controls. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - ETEL Introduces the LMS – An Ironcore Linear Motor

ETEL is proud to introduce the latest in linear motor technology, the LMS ironcore linear motor series. Boasting a patented anti-cogging design, these linear motors offer a significant advantage for thermal-drift-sensitive precision machines, and are the perfect solution for many demanding motion control applications. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - Absolute Rotary Encoders With Functional Safety

As the demand for functionally safe equipment products grows, so does HEIDENHAIN’s component product offerings. Now new to the market are HEIDENHAIN’s ROx 400 absolute rotary encoders, available in a functionally safe design including a mechanical fault exclusion for the shaft. Both the synchro and clamping flange versions.... (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - New High Resolution Linear Encoder For Vacuum

HEIDENHAIN releases its newest addition to vacuum encoder technology with the LIP 400 series linear encoder system. Procedures using vacuum technology have become indispensable in the electronics, medical and analytical equipment industries. The LIP 400 series is now compatible with .... (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - New Angle Encoders Offer Functional Safety

HEIDENHAIN Corporation is making available a new version of the RCN Series of absolute angle encoders, now with “Functional Safety” offering numerous advantages to today’s machine tools. This RCN Series of angle encoders has built-in components that are part of an immediate machine shut-off process in case of machine or component malfunction. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - Portable Interface Box Eliminates Need for PC Card

HEIDENHAIN now offers a new EIB 742 external interface box for precise position measurement. It is a network-capable measuring solution that removes the requirement of a PC interface card that is usually necessary when connecting measurement apparatus to an industrial PC or laptop. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - The Most Comprehensive Metrology Line Available

After significant product introductions and strategic corporate acquisitions, the premier manufacturer of precision measurement components HEIDENHAIN Corporation is proud to provide the most comprehensive line of inspection and gauging products available today. Products are available for both end-users and OEMs alike. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - ACU-RITE's MILLPWR G2 Control Now Available

ACU-RITE is proud to introduce the long-awaited MILLPWR G2 CNC control for milling machines. Being noted as “Powerful Easy,” this all new control promises to be the simplest and easiest-to-operate CNC for vertical knee mills on the market today, even more powerful than its well known MILLPWR predecessor. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - New TNC 320 Control Functions for End Users/OEMs

HEIDENHAIN is excited to release the newest software for the compact but versatile contouring control, the TNC 320. The TNC 320 sports three axes plus spindle with the possibility of adding an additional axis, and is the perfect control for universal milling, drilling and boring machines. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - LEINE&LINDE Supports Condition Monitoring Systems

In order to facilitate the opportunity for machine users to better monitor and implement a predictive motion control system, Leine & Linde introduces a new version of a rotary encoder supporting Condition Monitoring Systems. Called the Model 862 with PROFIBUS DP, this robust mechanical structure is now a part of Leine & Linde’s long history of .... (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - ERM 2200 Magnetic Rotary Encoder

In the recent past, HEIDENHAIN’s ERM rotary encoder series has had great success with installations on machine tools, such as on the C axis of lathes and the main spindle on milling machines. Now, due to the higher demand for accuracy on varying rotary and tilting axes, HEIDENHAIN has developed the ERM 2200 magnetic rotary encoder series with a 200 µm signal period. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - EIB 1500 Interface Box Increases Angle Accuracy

SCHAUMBURG, IL (September 2013) – Due to increased accuracy demands for angle encoders exceeding an inside diameter of 100 mm, HEIDENHAIN has developed the EIB 1500 External Interface Box. The EIB can be used by OEMs to increase accuracy, or as an upgrade path for current installations in the field by adding extra scanning heads. The EIB 1500 is an interpolation and digitizi... (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - New SIL 3 Safety Encoders - ExI 1300s

Safety-related position encoders have been available from HEIDENHAIN for several years. Sometimes there is a need for SIL 3, PL e, Category 4-rated equipment. These applications involve high risks for the operator, such as when they may interact with a robot. For these applications, HEIDENHAIN has developed the ECI 1319 and EQI 1331 inductive, safety-related rotary position encoders. (read more)

HEIDENHAIN Corporation - ROD 1930 Rotary for Heavy Duty Environments

HEIDENHAIN introduces the new ROD 1930 rotary encoder series for use in mechanically-demanding motion control environments. With exceptionally rugged bearings, this new incremental encoder can withstand radial shaft loads of 200 N and axial shaft loads of 150 N,.... (read more)