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High Performance Alloys, Inc.

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High Performance Alloys, Inc. - Nitrogen strengthened stainless steel NITRONIC

NITRONIC: A material Tradename

Material definition - Nitrogen strengthened stainless steel series (read more)

High Performance Alloys, Inc. - Nitrogen NITRONIC reviews

Customer Reviews

High Performance Alloys is extremely proud of our customer service. Here are some of the reviews we have received from customers: (read more)

High Performance Alloys, Inc. - The Unobtanium Solution - Metal Alloys

The article talks about how we make the impossible possible. Using the Tipton Forging facility of High Performance Alloys, we are able to transform materials from their raw forms to more useful or efficient sizes. During this processing we are usually enhancing the grain structure of the material through refinement and homogenization of the material as it is reduced in cross section (read more)

High Performance Alloys, Inc. - Fastener Products

Customer orders are produced for quick shipment. Nickel alloys and NITRONIC stainless are available for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and food preparations. (read more)

High Performance Alloys, Inc. - Bar Products

High Performance Alloys stocks mainly round bar products. Our extensive inventory ranges in sizes up to 12 Inch diameter. Normal stock lengths are 12 ft random in length. For example, 12 ft random would be 10 to 12 or 11 to 13 ft. This is industry standard practice. (read more)

High Performance Alloys, Inc. - Sheet/Plate Products

HPA has the inventory to provide same day shipments for small and medium shipments. Larger quantities can be supplied through our network of mills. Some of our mills may allow us to offer a better delivery to our customers by adding the requirements to our own stock material purchases. (read more)

High Performance Alloys, Inc. - Wire Products

Some sizes available from HPA stock. If you have a special requirement, let us know! Lead times for special runs can be shipped in as little as two weeks. (read more)