HydraForce, Inc. - New ECU-0809 Machine Controller

New ECU-0809 Machine Controller Packs More Processing Power into a Cost-Effective Package (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Rethink Your Design Process

Take the guesswork out of the most common hydraulic functions with — INTEGR8 Engineered Hydraulic Control Solutions. Save engineering time when specifying components by using engineered circuits featuring optimal valve configurations. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Standard Products Now 1,000 Hr-Salt-Spray Rating

Any standard valve in the HydraForce lineup can now be ordered with the same corrosion protection as the HyPerformance™ line of valves. Based on the success of the 1,000-hour salt-spray protective coating in the high pressure market, (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Guard Your Machine Against Corrosion

Standard Products Now Available with 1,000 Hour-Salt-Spray Rating to Guard Against
(read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - SVCV Multi-Function Cartridge Valves

The SVCV08-20 and SVCV08-21 dual-function valves can help reduce costs in medium flow applications that require low leakage. They are solenoidoperated, two-way, pilot-operated valves with outlet flow check. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Solenoid Valves

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom solenoid valves to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Pressure Relief Valves

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom pressure relief valves to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Pressure Regulators

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom pressure regulators to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Needle Valves

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom needle valves to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Machine Control Software

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom machine control software to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Industrial Valves

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom industrial valves to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Hydraulic Valves

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom hydraulic valves to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Hydraulic Regulators

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom hydraulic regulators to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Drain Valves

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom drain valves to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Control Valves

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom control valves to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Check Valves

HydraForce, Inc. manufactures custom check valves to match your specifications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Custom Manifolds and Manifold Systems

HydraForce custom integrated manifolds are the highest quality in the world. Manifold surfaces are fly-cut to assure squareness and exact sizing where precise location control is required. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Five Easy Ways to Reduce Your Hydraulic Footprint

Our multi-function hydraulic cartridge valves provide load-sensing, flow regulation, leakage reduction and pressure compensation to reduce the hydraulic footprint of your equipment. Use fewer valves, have a smaller manifold, save space and reduce cost. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Valves with Integral Position Sensing

HydraForce has released valves with an integral position sensing option capable of transmitting an on or off voltage signal for lifting, lowering, state monitoring, and redundant safety machinery. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Proportional Valve w/ Integral Piloting Saves Cost

New Patented Solenoid-Operated On/Off or Proportional Valves with Integral Piloting or Load-Signaling Capability can Reduce Manifold Space Claim. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Hydraforce HyPerformance 350 bar/ 5075 psi Valves

H Series Valves are qualified at 1 million cycles at 350 bar / 5075 psi with pressure excursions to 420 / 6090 psi for 10% of the duty cycle. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Introducing the NEW HydraForce.com

Our website has been redesigned with a fresh new look and updated with information about our latest products and services.

The new site features streamlined navigation, an expanded Machine Control Solutions Library, a site search, and a News Ticker to keep you informed of the latest changes to HydraForce Products. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - New CoreTek Electronic Controllers

New CoreTek Machine Controls are now available.
These general-purpose programmable controllers are designed to optimally control electro-hydraulic valves. They can be used as stand-alone controllers, or for integrating into a CAN network with other devices. They feature flexible input and output configuration, and are capable of driving up to 3.0 Amps per output pin. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - PRES50-30 Pressure Reducing Valve

Up to 5000 psi of main system pressure can be plumbed directly into the steel adapter of the PRES50-30, allowing you to use an aluminum manifold in high pressure applications. The PRES50-30 is rated for flows up to 11.3 lpm/3 gpm, making it suitable for most pilot and secondary applications. It is a direct-acting, spool-type valve which acts as a pressure regulator for secondary circuits. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Fan Drive Machine Control Solutions

When combining an EFDR2 and proportional fan drive valve in a custom manifold you can take advantage of a reduced price on the controller. Look for the EH Bundled solution now in i-Design to take advantage of the savings. The fan drive bundled machine solution comes with our EFDR2 Fan Drive Controller and our Patented TS series-- proportional pressure control valve. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - New HyPerformance Valves Avail. for Prototyping

New HyPerformanceTM Solenoid Valves are now available for prototyping. These Valves are designed to offer the industry's highest level of valve performance, enabling the most reliable application of cartridge technology in high duty-cycle, high-horsepower and high-pressure machine applications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - SIZE MATTERS: NEW High Flow Priority Compensator

A screw-in, cartridge-style, priority-on-demand, pressure compensator with dynamic load sense intended to provide priority flow in the required amount, while allowing excess flow to be used for auxiliary functions. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - i-Design V.3: Hydraulic Manifold Design Software

Easily Create Custom Integrated Manifolds using i-Design V.3

HydraForce's new i-Design Hydraulic System Design Software allows you to create custom integrated manifolds from the very beginning design stages all the way through pricing and quoting to your customers. And the best part is that it's FREE!!!
(read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - HydraForce Pro-E/ SolidWorks/ CAD Models Available

The Complete Library of HydraForce components is now available for PRO-E, Solidworks, and CAD system designers. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - 5-Way Solenoid and Proportional Valves

The complete line of 5-way, 3-position cartridge valves is now available in standard 08 size and 10 size cartridges. Both the 57C/D and the 58C/D models feature a load-sense port which helps to simplify your hydraulic circuit while reducing your overall part count. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Electronic Load Sensing for lifting and lowering

In our Electronic Compensation Solution, pressure transducers and an ECU are used to sense the load being applied to the various machine functions. The ECU program monitors the pressure at several points in the circuit to optimize pump flow in relation to the speed demanded by the operator. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - High Flow Proportional Valves

The SP16-20 and SP16-21 proportional directional valves offer very high flow capabilities. These poppet-type valves are ideal for low-leakage blocking and load-holding applications. The SP16-20 is now rated up to 333 lpm/88 gpm, and the SP16-21 is rated up to 265 lpm/70 gpm. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - RVD50-20 High Performance Relief Valve

New high performance, 5000 psi, direct-acting relief valves provide an effective pressure limiting solution for systems requiring dynamic relief, low hysteresis, low pressure rise, and low internal leakage. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - EFDR2 Multi-Input Fan Drive Controller

The EFDR2 multi-input fan drive controller provides precise, repeatable control of

a TSxx-21 or TSxx-27 proportional fan control solenoid valve coil and one on/off

solenoid valve coil. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - EHPR Proportional Reducing Relieving Valves

A direct-acting, spool-type, drop-in-style, flange-mounted, pressure reducing/relieving valve, which can be infinitely adjusted across a prescribed range using a variable electric input. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Heavy Duty Pressure Sensor

A high-accuracy heavy-duty pressure sensor with 1% total error band accuracy

accomplished by marrying a high performance ASIC to a very stable, field-proven

polysilicon, thin-film pressure sensor. This sensor is intended for use in

demanding industrial and off-highway equipment. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Electro-Hydraulic Fan Drive - EFDR 1

The EFDR1 offers a low cost, high performance electro-hydraulic fan drive option for vehicles which may benefit from proportional fan control. It is customer-programmable, enabling application-specific performance optimization (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - CAN-Bus Keypads - J1939 8-Key Model

HydraForce CAN networked keypads are designed for machine control systems using the J1939 communication standard. These black keypads are available in 8-button or 20-button models, and feature tactile operation which allows the operator to feel actuation even when wearing gloves. (read more)