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Hydro Dynamics, Inc.

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. has promoted these products:

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - Hop Extraction Technology Using HDI Cavitation

Hop extraction using HDI's cavitation technology presenteded at the Master Brewers Conference. The technology dramatically increases extraction allowing better flavor or reduced hop usage.

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Hop extraction technology by Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) presented at the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) Annual... (read more)

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - Hop Extraction for Brewery

The ShockWave Power™ Reactor (SPR™) cavitation technology by Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) can dramatically increase hop utilization for breweries. With the proliferation of microbreweries the demand for hops and the prices have increased. (read more)

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - New Crystallization Patent for Pharm & Mining

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. Granted New Crystallization Patent for Pharmaceutical and Mining Industries

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) of Rome, Georgia ( announced today that it has been granted a patent covering its Shock Wave Power Reactor (SPR) cavitation technology for use in crystallization and nucleation. The patent is entitled "Continuous Hydrodyna... (read more)

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - Hop Extraction-ShockWave Powerâ„¢ Reactor cavitation

With the proliferation of craft breweries the demand for hops and prices have increased. When the ShockWave Power technology is applied to the different brewing processes, combined with expertise in hop utilization, it allows brewers to produce beers with:

  • 50%-90% less bittering hops
  • 50%-75% less dry hopping
  • Impart other flavors
  • Increased ho...
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Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - Hydro Dynamics Launches Cavitation Blog

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) of Rome, Georgia would like to announce that is has created a new cavitation themed blog. The blog will contain fun facts about cavitation, company happenings and random facts related to its business areas. (read more)

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - Cavitation Hop Extraction for Brewing Industry

Hydro Dynamics ShockWave Power Reactor to be installed at Witch's Hat Brewing Company in South Lyon, Michigan as part of ApoWave hop extraction system. (read more)

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - ShockWave Power Reactor in Biodiesel Plant

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. and its partners World Energy and PhiBro Ethanol Performance Group are now offering “bolt-on” biodiesel plants incorporating the ShockWave Power Reactor for the conversion of corn oil to biodiesel. By installing a biodiesel plant ethanol facilities can realize several competitive advantages over conventional biodiesel plants.

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (... (read more)

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - Lab ShockWave Power Cavitation Reactor

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. has launcheda more economical lab and pilot plant version of its ShockWave Power Reactor (SPR).

Harnessing the power of cavitation, the ShockWave Power Reactor excels at scale-free heating, mass transfer, process intensification and extraction in applications such as biofuels, chemicals and petroleum. This lab SPR should allow companies to have an... (read more)

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - Biodiesel Reactors for Transesterification

The SPR excels at transesterification. In biodiesel the SPR technology harnesses cavitation to transesterify vegetable or animal fats in seconds. When the cavitation bubbles collapse and produce shockwaves, powerful forces are generated that cut up the process material into microscopic sizes. This increases the surface contact area between the reactants. The process intensi... (read more)

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. - Process Intensification for Chemical Processing

Hydro Dynamics, inc. knows chemistry! Using process intensification, the ShockWave Power™ Technology can heat and/or mix liquids with other liquids, solids or gases. (read more)