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IKA Works, Inc. - The IKA CMX 2000

The IKA CMX 2000 is an inline mixer for rapid and homogeneous incorporation of powders into liquids. The circulation of fluid creates a powerful vacuum in the machine that draws in the powder. This ensures an agglomerate free integration of problematic powders that are not easily incorporated into the liquid phase. The multi-level design also enables a stable level of functionality even... (read more)

IKA Works, Inc. - IKA Mixers - Energy, Waste Disposal & Recycling

IKA Mixers are known worldwide in the energy, waste disposal, and recycling industries because of their durability and reliability. (read more)

IKA Works, Inc. - Laboratory scale process plant - magic PLANT

The magic PLANT is an ideal laboratory scale process plant used for batch mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, and forming sample suspensions for capacities up to 2 liters. (read more)

IKA Works, Inc. - Solid-Liquid Mixers – MHD

The MHD is designed with a feed auger, which mechanically feeds solids into a liquid pre-mix chamber where solids are thoroughly whetted and blended in the mixing section. It accurately combines the solid & liquid and disperses them into a homogeneous final product. Depending on the product, high solids flows of up to 80% in one pass is possible. (read more)

IKA Works, Inc. - Pilotina Dry Milling System

The IKA Pilotina is a dry milling system in pilot plant scale, available in 3 different configurations: t he cutting mill system, the impact mill system and the universal mill. (read more)

IKA Works, Inc. - Solid-Liquid Mixers

IKA represents the development of continuous mixing processes. Advantages of IKA inline machines include improved product quality and better stability in fewer passes, at a lower cost to you. (read more)

IKA Works, Inc. - Inline Stone Mill - Corundum Disk Mill (MCD)

The MCD 2000 Corundum Disk Mill is an inline mill for wet milling and grinding of viscous liquid or paste-like products. (read more)

IKA Works, Inc. - Turnkey Plant - Standard Production Plant (SPP)

The IKA Standard Production Plant (SPP) is an innovative, highly advanced, yet cost efficient mixing plant used for all standard process operations such as mixing, stirring, homogenizing, and dispersing. (read more)

IKA Works, Inc. - Turnkey Plant - Master Plant (MP)

The IKA Master Plant homogenizing and emulsifying system is a universal mixing system developed for the production of emulsions and suspensions in any industry (read more)

IKA Works, Inc. - magic LAB®

The magic LAB® is a new modular laboratory mixing system that gives the user the ability to test a wide variety of applications on a laboratory scale. With seven different mixing heads, interchangeable mixing tools and variable speed control, the versatility of the magic LAB® is unsurpassed! (read more)

News articles and press releases for IKA Works, Inc.:


IKA ElectraSyn Flow Basic is a system for continuous flow electrosynthesis. The heart of this system is the electrosynthesis ?ow cell – in short, ElectraSyn ?ow. It consists of two half cells, each equipped with an electrode.


IKA Works, Inc. is now officially 3-A CIP certified for our High Shear Mixer, Multiple Stage Homogenizer and Solid-Liquid Disperser.


The CMX 2000 inline mixer incorporates powders into liquids and mixes these materials reliably and consistently in a batch process.


IKA’s “Standard Production Plant” (SPP) provides a complete system solution for an array of applications ranging from the production of emulsions and suspensions in the chemical industry to mayonnaise, sauces and dressings for the food industry.