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ITT Compact Automation - Inch Cylinder Repair Made Easy

Want to know more about how easy it is to maintain and repair a Compact Inch Cylinder in the field? Learn more in this exclusive How-To-Video and do it your self with our easy to install kit. (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Inch Round Cylinders

Compact Inch Cylinders, Inch Linear Actuators, Single Acting Cylinders and Knife Gate Cylinders are available in 3 duty types:

Standard Duty
Our most space efficient duty. Short rod bearing and thin piston design.
Available as single or double rod end.

Intermediate Duty (Half Husky®)
A combination of our standard and heavy duty long rod... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Largest Selection of Custom Cylinder Options

Custom Cylinders from Compact Automation: For more than a quarter of a century, Compact Automation has distinguished itself as a premier manufacturer of performance automation products. During that time, Compact Automation has engineered more than 22,000 custom designs, and that number continues to grow. (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Smaller Cylinders for Multi-Probe Equipment

Application Problem:

A manufacturer of equipment to test chip packages required a smaller cylinder to fit into their design envelope for a new multiprobe machine. Initially using a competitor's 40mm x 25mm product, they realized they did not have enough room. ITT asked to supply a cylinder with same bore and stroke but shave valuable millimeters off installation space.
The... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Space-Efficient Linear Actuator Solutions

Under the Compact Automation Products brand, ITT is a market-leading manufacturer of space-efficient linear actuator solutions including: industry standard and custom pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and accessories.

With Compact's 16 patents, ITT has manufactured over 50,000 modified and custom designs.

As part of ITT's vast family of engineering solution companies... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Cold Cut Gripper

Compact Automation provides a unique custom workholding product to meet strict FDA guidelines. (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Brute Series Rotary Vane Actuators by Turn-Act

25 base models with torque outputs from 400 in.lbs to 5200 in.lbs. Standard rotations 90, 110, 180, 270, & 290 degrees.

One moving part providing:

  • Zero Backlash.
  • No loss of motion.
  • Smooth Rotation
  • Precise Repeatability.
  • Continuous full torque throughout the rotation.

Patented Urethane seals for:

  • L
(read more)
ITT Compact Automation - Turn-Act Series Rotary Vane Actuators

Turn-Act's rotary vane actuators feature:

  • 16 base models with torque outputs from 87 in.lbs to 1000 in.lbs.
  • Rotations 45, 90,180 & 270 degrees.

One moving part providing:

  • Zero Backlash.
  • No loss of motion.
  • Precise Repeatability.
  • Continuous full torque throughout the rotation.

Patented Urethane se... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Multi Act’s Integrated Multi-Position Devices

Multi Act’s integrated multi position devices include multi position cylinders and multi position actuators, which feature an output shaft that produces both linear and rotary motions and may be operated independently and simultaneously. These devices offer many advantages over single position actuators and cylinders; for instance, multi position linear actuators are advantageous c... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Customized Motion Control Solutions

Specialized cylinders and actuators provide improved reliability for the packaging industry

ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT) and its Enidine, Compact Automation and Turn-Act brands will showcase a complete portfolio of customized and reliable motion control solutions for the global automation marketplace at PACK EXPO International 2014 on Nov. 2-5. At this year's show, IT... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Turn-Act's Valu-U-Act Cylinders

Turn Act is a market leading manufacturer of space efficient pneumatic cylinders, valve actuators and custom products and has over 25 patents. Turn Act specializes in engineering your unique design to fit your specific product specifications. (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Motion Control Automation Application Solutions

ITT Turn-Act Inc. feature a full rotary product line that includes rotary valve actuators, which offer advantages over linear valve actuators in that they provide multi-directional motion instead of uni-directional. As a result, pneumatic rotary actuators and electric rotary actuators are often utilized in motion control applications for industries including industrial automation, automo... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - CE Series Linear Slides

CE (Long Body):
The longer body spreads the distance between the guide bushings, contributes to the rod rigidity, best for longer strokes and higher load applications (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Custom Rotary Actuator

ITT Turn-Act provides a carwash OEM stainless steel rotary actuators which provide custom motion control to the high pressure spray bar. (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Custom Rotary Actuator for motion control

ITT Turn-Act provides a carwash OEM stainless steel rotary actuators which provide custom motion control to the high pressure spray bar. (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Rotary Actuator for Security Scanners

Explosives and narcotics trace particles in a walk-through security system for an OEM had required a rotary actuator to help rotate doors open and closed on the machine to prevent false readings and escapes (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Hydraulic Subsea Actuators on Subsea ROV

ROV Paddles Application Problem:

A major ROV manufacturer utilizing manual paddle valves for operating utility fluid onboard work/construction class ROV skid for BOP closure and hydrate remediation work. They were also using a second ROV to operate paddle valves on the lower skid of primary ROV and wanted autonomous operation of the valves.

ITT Custom Solution:

(read more)
ITT Compact Automation - Dairy Parlors; Turn-Act Linear Solutions

Application Problem:

Dairy Farms in NY needed help with failing trunion mounted tie-rod cylinders that were slowing down the milking process.
The farms also required assistance with custom herringbone gate double-rod cylinders (130" long, etc) where rod seals were constantly leaking and causing over-run by the compressor system to manage air loss.

Custom Solution:

(read more)
ITT Compact Automation - Radiation Therapy - Custom Cylinders

Application Problem:

A design team needed high-precision motion control for beam diffusing control block. Difficulty finding a pneumatic cylinder company that could achieve required stroking speeds and consistency.

Custom Solution:

  • Compact Automation developed a 32 cylinder array in a single machined aluminum manifold block.
  • Threaded turn-down sha
(read more)
ITT Compact Automation - Online Configuration and Sizing Tools

Our online Configurators, can help you to find the correct product for your specific application needs.

Simply supply the inputs to your application, select and compare available models and contact us to finalize your selection.

Available for the following products:

- Compact Inch Cylinders

- Compact Metric Cylinders

- Gate Valve Actuators

Click... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - GC Slides (Guided and Ball)

GC2000 series guided cylinders outperform conventional non-rotating cylinders and is designed for short stroke, limited space applications where a cylinder is needed that guides and supports its own load. GC2000 series cylinders are designed for both torsion and direct side load.

GC3000 and 4000 series guided air cylinders are highly space efficient devices designed to bridge the... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Compact Automation Standard Metric Cylinders

Compact Automation Products cylinders are designed for limited space and weight applications.

Cylinders are up to 60% smaller than conventional types and are ideal for clamping fixtures, robotics, parts feeders, and medical devices.
Compact Automation's unique space efficient, patented design makes these products perfect for the semiconductor, packaging, medical and factory... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Inch Rectangle Cylinders

Compact Automation Products rectangle cylinders are designed for applications where space and endurance are a top priority. Their slim compact design, allows them to fit into spaces where traditional square cylinders will not.
Available in standard inch Bore size(s): 1/2" Bore
Note: Rectangle cylinders are also available in metric Bore sizes (8mm to 40mm) Available in stocked... (read more)

ITT Compact Automation - Compact BSC Series Cylinders

Compact BSC series cylinders are another variation of our versatile Compact air cylinders. All models feature our signature compact space efficiency. We have combined our cylinder with a high load bearing, factory matched recirculation ball slide rail set in two simple, low cost, designs ideal for precision industrial automation.

8mm and 12mm Bore

  • Cylinders featu
(read more)
ITT Compact Automation - Pneumatic and Hydraulic Gate Valve Actuators

Valve Actuator markets are typically:

• Oil & Gas
• Power Gen
• Pulp and Paper
• Water
Aluminum Components – 2-1/2" through 12" Bore
The end plates and piston are made from high strength Aluminum. Combined with an Aluminum or composite cylinder tube the ITT GV actuators are over 50% lighter than actuators constr... (read more)