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Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation has promoted these products/services:

Indium Corporation -  Solder Paste - Remarkable New Product

Indium Corporation - Indium8.9HFA Solder Paste is a versatile, halogen-free, Pb-free, solder paste with leading print performance on miniaturized components. Assemblers and OEMs are adopting this remarkable new product at an accelerating pace. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Gallium Trichloride, Anhydrous

Indium Corporation - Gallium trichloride (GaCl3) dissolves in virtually all solvents and thus is the ideal precursor for gallium derivatives: Gallium trichloride is the starting material for making gallium-based metal-organic precursors. (read more)

Indium Corporation - New Water-Soluble Solder Paste Flux- Indium6.4R

New...Indium6.4R is a versatile, water-soluble solder paste flux, formulated for air or nitrogen reflow. It excels in both SnPb and Pb-free assembly processes, providing an exceptional reflow process window. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Solder...high reliability SACM™

Indium Corporation's - new SACM™ is a high-reliability solder alloy that offers drop shock performance far superior to other SAC alloys, without compromising on thermal cycling – all at a cost below that of typical SAC solder alloys (read more)

Indium Corporation - Best Metallization For Your Application

Indium Corporation - Since the NanoBond®process is almost instantaneous, fluxes are not used. (They just don’t have enough time to heat up to their activation temperature and remove oxides.) So, because this is a fluxless soldering application, surface choice and preparation become very important. Read this article in the series on Nanofoil® thin... (read more)

Indium Corporation - Soldering Products Meet New Requirments

Indium Corp. Introduces a full line of soldering products that satisfy IPC’s J-STD004B stricter requirements for measuring halogens and electromigration risk. Indium Corporation’s full line of PCB assembly products specifically designed to meet new international standards, which help to improve both first pass yields and long-term reliability. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Adding Solder to a NanoBond® Assembly


One of the biggest misconceptions about NanoFoil® is that it is a form of solder. While it may contain a solder coating if specified (usually tin), it is really a heat source. A NanoBond® requires solder, whether it comes from a plating on the joining surfaces, additional solder preforms, or on the NanoFoil® itself. (read more)

Indium Corporation -  NanoFoil®... Instantaneous Heat Source

Indium Corporation - NanoFoil® is an instantaneous heat source applicable to a variety of applications in many industries (semiconductor, aerospace, automobile, electronics, biomedical and defense markets). NanoFoil® is a predictable, controllable and affordable material that is industry accepted and proven to lower manufacturing costs SE... (read more)

Indium Corporation - InFORMS® Reinforced Solder

Indium Corporation will feature its reinforced solder alloy fabrications, InFORMS®, at PCIM Europe 2017, May 16-18, in Nuremberg, Germany. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Solder Alloys...Gold Based Advantages

Indium Corporation - These alloys provide reliable joint strength and superior thermal conductivity, especially as compared to the standard SnPb or SAC solders. They resist fatigue and exhibit one of the highest tensile strengths in the soldering world. Visit Indium Corporation at IMAPS in San Diego Sept 9-12th at booth 329 to learn how AuSn advantages... (read more)

Indium Corporation - New Solder Paste.. high Pb-containing applications

Indium Corporation announces a new solder paste technology. BiAgX™ is a high-melting lead-free (Pb-free) solder paste technology designed for high reliability electronics assembly applications. Designed as a drop-in replacement for standard high Pb-containing solder pastes, it has passed MSL1 and thermal cycle testing at several power semi... (read more)

Indium Corporation -  Solder Paste...Package-on-Package

Indium - 9.88-HF is an air-reflow, halogen-free package-on-package (PoP) solder paste available in both SAC305 and SnPb alloys. It eliminates defects due to package warping, head-in-pillow, and ball non-coplanarity. It has excellent solderability, a long dipping life (>8 hours), and can be used on devices down to 0.4 mm pitch. (read more)

Indium Corporation -  Thermal Interface Material...Heat-Spring®

Indium Corporation - Many applications call for TIM that can easily be placed on a chip, on a lid or perhaps just against a heat source and a cooling solution contact plate. Indium Corporation developed a metal TIM which would work as a compressible Interface Solution for such an application. Our pressure range is 35psi to 100+ psi. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Low Temperature Alloys - Soldering 101

The most common melting temperature range for standard solders (like SnPb or SnPbAg) is in the 180°C to 190°C range, and the most popular Pb-free alloys melt in the 220°C to 225°C. But, what do you do if you need a solder that reflows at a lower temperature? (read more)

Indium Corporation -  Solder Preform Placement...SUPER-FAST

Indium Corporation - Solder preform placement is tremendously faster using InTEGRATED® SOLDER PREFORMS. Don't fumble with every single preform when you can place tens, or hundreds, in one simple motion. Used in a variety of applications that require precise amounts of solder, dimensions can be held to tight tolerances to assure volume... (read more)

Indium Corporation - New... Solder Paste Technology - BiAgX™

Indium Corporation announces a New Solder Paste technology. BiAgX™ is a high-melting lead-free (Pb-free) solder paste technology designed for high reliability electronics assembly applications. Designed as a drop-in replacement for standard high Pb-containing solder pastes, it has passed MSL1 and thermal cycle testing at several power semic... (read more)

Indium Corporation -  Flux Coatings-reduce voiding w/Solder Preforms

Indium Corp. - Solder joint voiding is tough to deal with. When attaching components, such as power amplifiers/transistors or QFNs, the larger the footprint the bigger the challenge. For some time now I have been suggesting the use of a preform with flux coating as an approach to help reduce voiding. Logically, if you introduce less flux you entrap less... (read more)

Indium Corporation - Solder Alloy..SACM Improves Drop Shock Performance

Indium Corporation - The portable electronics industry has ongoing challenges to improve drop-shock performance without sacrificing thermal cycling performance, reduce need for expensive board-level underfills (and associated material, process and re-work costs), as well as the inability to even reach some areas with underfill; and reduce costs. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Solder Research Kits - To Test your Options

Indium Corporation - We offer solder wire, solder ribbon and research kit options so you can more easily find a solution to your application. Each kit comes with a list of available alloys and its characteristics so you can determine the best alloy for your manufacturing process. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Indium Metal for Soldering and Sealing

No other metal is as versatile as indium metal. In its various forms it is used for:

  • Sealing in cryogenic applications - stays malleable and ductile below -150°C
  • Soldering or fusing applications - alloys melt at temperatures ranging from 6.5°C to 310°C
  • High-end device cooling - reduces operating temperatures by up to 10°C
(read more)
Indium Corporation - Solder Research Kits for New Product Development

One of the key hurdles in new product development is being able to test a variety of options at a reasonable cost. Indium Corporation's Solder Research Kits provide you with the means to experiment with various solders. Kits available include: Solder Paste Solder Wire Solder Ribbon with fluxes that range from 102°C-350°C. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Indium Solder Paste...10.1 Pb-Free

Indium Corporation - 10.1 solder paste enables the lowest cost-of-ownership to PCB assembly manufacturers with an all-around balanced performance for both high print and soldering yields. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Electronics Assembly Solder Fortification Material

Indium Corp. -Having trouble getting consistently good strong solder joints? Improve first-pass yields - Reduce field failures - Improve performance - Enhance your company's reputation for on-time delivery, high quality and reliable performance.


Indium Corporation - Eutectic AuSn Alloy for LED Die Attachment

Eric Bastow's presentation "A Comparison of Eutectic AuSn Alloy Delivery Options and Assembly Processes for LED Die-attachment", focuses on gold-tin alloys and their ability to meet the stringent requirements of current environmental legislation, as well as the challenges of assembling modern electronics devices. (read more)

Indium Corporation - Ball-Attach Flux

Indium Corporation - The ball-attach process for BGA and PGA packages uses a flux that is usually applied via pin-transfer from a dipping tray. Solder spheres (solder balls) are then placed into the deposits and the whole assembly is reflowed. BGA fluxes are usually water soluble, while PGA fluxes are often very reactive no-clean materials. (read more)