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Jergens, Inc.

Jergens, Inc. has promoted these products:

Jergens, Inc. - 5-Axis Drop&Lock™ Pallet Changers & Pull Studs

The Drop&Lock™ Pallet Changer serves the sames function as a fixture plate, although it doesn't have to be locked down with 4 set screws. Instead, it is installed with pull studs dropping into the bottom of the fixture or vise to literally drop into the pallet changer. Available in Round or Square patterns. Drop it, Lock it, and go ! (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Universal 125mm Vise and 96mm Pallet

The Universal Vise & Pallet provides a Universal Quick Change Solution - compatible with industry standard patterns. Pallet & Vise mounts to all 3, 4, and 5 Axis VMC's and HMC's, rotary tables and tombstones. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. -  Lift-Check™ Hoist Ring

The NEW Jergens Lift-Check™ hoist ring assures that your application is secure and ready to lift. The Lift-Check™ is comprised of a Jergens' patent pending proprietary hex head cap screw which integrates the Visual Tension Indicator. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Zero Point Mounting System with Sensors

Shave 90% from your set up times by implementing a quick change fixturing system for a fraction of the cost of your cutting tool investment. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Heavy Duty Detent Marine Kwik-Lok Pin

The most corrosive resistant pin for the most harsh, marine environments. The Heavy Duty Detent Pin provides a high pull out force with its heavy duty spring and locking balls. (read more)