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Jewell Instruments, LLC - Vote for the JDI-100/200

Jewell Instruments has entered the JDI-100/200 digital MEMS Inclinometer into the Electronics/Sensors/IOT category of Tech Briefs Create the Future 2017 Design Contest. Hundreds of manufacturers and inventors have entered their latest and most innovative product to compete in this contest. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Temperature Compensated OEM Inclinometer

Introducing the JDI-100/200 inclinometer series, the latest addition to Jewell Instruments’ group of MEMS sensors. Made in-house, this ruggedized inclinometer includes digital output and full temperature compensation across all measuring ranges which enables the unit to perform to 0.005° accuracy. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Geophysical Tiltmeter, Micrometer Leveling Legs

Jewell Instruments is proud to present the A601-2 tiltmeter series as the latest installment to its electrolytic sensor family for geophysical and geotechnical applications. This new model replaces the 520M geodetic platform tiltmeter as a more cost effective option, but without sacrificing much precision. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Low-cost Tiltmeter for Civil Engineers

Introducing the 850 MEMS Tuff Tilt Series, the latest addition to Jewell Instruments’ electrolytic tiltmeter line for geophysical & geotechnical applications. This versatile, rugged, weatherproof tiltmeter is a low-cost alternative to most sensors for the geotechnical market. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Customizable Tilt & Motion Solutions

When a standard instrument or solution cannot meet your specifications, our engineers have the technical expertise and applications experience to work with you to develop a custom solution. Jewell Instruments takes great satisfaction in providing customers with a broad range of custom application-specific solutions. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Ethernet Sensor for Precision Tilt Control

The eDXI-100/200 inclinometer series is a precision single or dual axis tilt sensor that includes Ethernet connection. With an IP67, RJ45 connector, it is easy to connect to computers and other devices to run automation and networking. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Rail Transportation Certified MEMS Accelerometer

The JMA-165 is the industry’s first MEMS sensor to meet CENELEC/AREMA requirements for rail transportation. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Low-cost, High Precision Inclinometer

Jewell Instruments, LLC announces new Force-Balanced Low-Cost Emerald Series Inclinometers to their Inertial Sensors and Controls product line. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Precision Tilt Sensor for Space Constraints

The RMI Emerald inclinometer series is one of the newest members of Jewell Instruments' force balanced tilt line. The single axis sensor presents the advantage of several mounting and electrical output options in addition to a round compact footprint. It is also a low-cost solution with high quality force balanced technology giving it higher precision than comparable MEMS... (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Customizable & Durable Inclinometer

This single axis sensor family combines the high accuracy of force balanced technology with the ruggedness to withstand the demanding conditions of a multitude of markets.

Units are available with a 6-pin connector (including a CE marked option), pin-terminals or flying leads. It also offers the flexibility of +/-5V, 0-5V or 4-20mA outputs and is RoHS compliant. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Low-cost, RoHs Compliant, MEMS Inclinometer

Introducing the JMI-100/200 inclinometer series, the latest addition to Jewell Instruments’ MEMS sensor line. This versatile, lightweight and robust sensor is a low-cost alternative to most traditional inclinometers. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Why Electrolytic Tiltmeters Must Remain Static

Electrolytic tiltmeters are excellent solutions to constantly monitor the structural health of large, important infrastructure or landmasses. They are highly sensitive, low maintenance and have long lifespans. However, they are temperamental to linear motion which is why they should avoid environments where excessive vibration and motion are present. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - High Precision Tilt Control in a Small Package

Jewell Instruments is pleased to reintroduce the LCF-300 inclinometer series to its force-balanced line. This sensor possesses the same specifications as the LSOX series, but with a smaller enclosure and an IP65 seal. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Dual-axis, Noise & Shock-resistant Tilt Solution

The LCF-2330 inclinometer series now includes a 4-20mA output signal option for applications that require long cable runs. This dual axis tilt sensor is fluid damped to minimize noise and vibration interference while also offering a sharp 1 µradian resolution (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Fully Enclosed, Industrial MEMS Accelerometer

Introducing the JMA-100/200/300 accelerometer series, the latest addition to Jewell Instruments’ MEMS sensor line. This is a versatile, rugged and robust sensor that is a low-cost alternative to most traditional accelerometers. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Platform-mount Tiltmeter for Geophysicists

The A603 platform-mount tiltmeter is offers extreme sensitivity (up to 2.5 nanoradian resolution) and a wide and sturdy base for geophysical studies. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Economical Tiltmeter for Structure Monitoring

Our Model MD900-T is an economical biaxial clinometer with powerful features typically associated with more expensive instruments. Many are in use today for antenna positioning, surface and subsea marine applications, structural and geotechnical monitoring, and industrial test and measurement. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - How Inclinometers Keep High Speed Trains Upright

High speed trains are invaluable worldwide for connecting millions of people to far destinations with convenience and efficiency. Even though it may feel like the train is constantly traveling in a straight line, it isn’t. With precise technology, high speed trains can take necessary turns without reducing speed, throwing passengers around or toppling over. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - The Best Steps to Monitor Dam Movement

Dams are remarkable civil engineering accomplishments that provide vital resources such as electricity and irrigation. In fact, most of the southwestern United States depend greatly on the power from the Hoover Dam. However amazing and sturdy as these structures are, they are actually constantly moving in very minuscule amounts of tilt. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - 3 Ways In Which Tiltmeters Keep You Safe

You drive over bridges everyday and marvel at famous volcanoes like Mt. St. Helens, but have you ever thought about the engineering that goes into monitoring them? Learn how high precision sensors keep you safe even when you don't realize it. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Acceleration’s Effect on A Tilt Sensor & What To Do About It

High precision inclinometers are vital to provide feedback on the tilt of a plethora of applications, but what happens when it is placed in an environment that includes linear motion? Many applications will put some acceleration on an inclinometer such as rail maintenance of way, pavement profiling and robotics and as the sensor’s user, you should know what to expect in your readin... (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - 2 Reasons Why Force-Balanced Sensors Work for You

Your project needs the precision to monitor movement as fine as 1 µG or µradian, but there will also be a lot surrounding noise and vibration that you don’t want to interfere with your readings. If you’re working on something like this, a sensor with force-balanced technology is the answer and here is why. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - 3 Reasons To Consider An Electrolytic Tiltmeter

For many civil engineering and geophysical monitoring projects, electrolytic tiltmeters have been the answer and this post will explain why. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Determining the Right Sensor Cable Length & Output

If you’re monitoring a bridge or automating a machine, a high precision sensor is a great solution, but it’s no good if the output signal can’t reach the data logger. Depending on what you need to measure and what environment you’re in, determining how long your cable must run can be crucial. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Why Choose A Wire Connection for Your Sensor?

Nothing is more frustrating when you’re trying to measure tiny, important movement in your project and the sensor’s connection breaks from a sudden shock. There is more than one way to hook up a sensor to your readout unit such as pin terminals and connectors, but if you’re looking for a durable yet cost effective connection, consider a wired version. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - A Sensor With Connector Or Pin Terminals

Connectors and pin terminals are common and dependable connections that relay your readings from within the sensor to the screen in front of you. These two options each have advantages and limitations and deciding which is better for your application depends on some factors. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - How Sensors Improve Transportation Efficiency

Transportation systems such as the London Underground are planning to make upgrades in order to accommodate for a growing demand. More trains will have to hit the tracks and will be expected to deliver more passengers efficiently to their destinations with a smooth and comfortable ride. This is where acceleration control comes into play. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Low-cost, 3.5 µg Accelerometer

Jewell Instruments is proud to add the SMA Emerald Series accelerometer to its precision sensor line. This single-axis, dual-ended power supply accelerometer offers the high precision of force balanced technology, but at a lower cost than other models. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Plug & Play Precision Tilt Measurement

The DXI-100/200 Series is the single and dual Axis version of the LCF-2330, taking Jewell’s highly accurate closed loop sensor technology to the next level. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - How to Control the Motion of a Wind Turbine

Wind turbines have been popping up on land and sea in order to heed the demand for clean energy, but they don’t install and maintain themselves. Monitoring the motion and control of a turbine is critical in order to get the optimum efficiency and safety out of it. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Low-cost, Commercial MEMS Inclinometers

Jewell Instruments is proud to introduce nine new families of low-cost MEMS inclinometers. Models span from 0.05° to temperature compensated 0.0005° resolution, allowing customers to match price to performance across a broad range of applications. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Economical, Multi-purpose MEMS Accelerometers

Introducing Jewell's AMA and DMA series MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) accelerometers. These low-cost sensors utilize chip-based technology, consisting of a suspended mass between two capacitive plates, to cover a broad range of movement. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - CENELEC/AREMA Certified Sensors

Jewell Instruments, LLC announces North American and European Standards self-certification for high performance sensors used within the Rail Transportation Industry (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Drill Head Positioning with Compact Accelerometers

Jewell Instruments offers a variety of quartz accelerometers ranging in size, weight, and application usage. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Monitor Infrastructure Stability In Any Weather

The Tuff Tilt 420 combines precision, long-term stability and rugged durability in a compact and reliable instrument. The internal sensing element is a gravity referenced ceramic tilt sensor that delivers a high dynamic range and the best resolution of any sensor in its class. Housed in a weatherproof enclosure, this tiltmeter may be used outdoors and in other wet environments. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Precision Multi-purpose Accelerometer

The LCA-100 Series is a single axis accelerometer that includes ±12 to ±18 Vdc input and is also DO-160 approved for aerospace applications. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Monitor Slope Stability with the Little Dipper

Installed as a string of vertical or horizontal sensors inside inclinometer casing, or by direct burial, this instrument provides a continuous record of ground displacement. Fiberglass rods connect the sensors inside the casing, and fins or universal pivots couple the sensors to the casing walls. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Industrial/Commercial Angular Accelerometer

The Jewell ASB Series Angular Accelerometer is a general-purpose ±200 radian/second² to ±1000 radian/second² device for industrial, commercial and sensing requirements. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Rugged, Customizable OEM Accelerometers

All Jewell force-balanced (servo) precision accelerometers are fully self-contained. They connect to a DC power source and a readout or control device for a complete operating system. The output is a high-level DC signal proportional to acceleration and tilt angle sine from as little as ±0.010g to ±20g full range. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Multi-axis, Stackable Tilt Sensor

The Jewell LSRP Series meets the needs of applications with space constraints. The compact, cylindrical shape and the stacking feature of the LSRP facilitate the use of several inclinometers when multi-axis measurement is required. The LSRP offers precise readings with high outputs at lower range frequencies. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Platform-Mount Tiltmeters for Civil Engineering

These platform tiltmeters are our most popular design for rapid installation and precision. Using their built-in invar leveling legs, they can be set up and operating on any hard horizontal surface within minutes. The two orthogonal tilt sensors parallel the right-angle sides of the base plate. Each tiltmeter includes a temperature sensor. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Notice Geophysical Phenomena Before It Happens

The LILY Self-Leveling Borehole Tiltmeter is designed for volcanic and tectonic research and for the monitoring of hydraulic fracturing and other subsurface processes in the oil and gas industry. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Digital OEM Accelerometer, Single or Dual-axis

The DXA-100/200 Series features a digital output with a resolution of 8 µG.
Available in a single or dual axis package, this sensor will provide both
high precision and performance for any of your tilt sensing or acceleration
requirements. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Vacuum-rated Mini Tilt Sensors for Lab Work

The high-precision sensors in our 500- and 700-Series tiltmeters are available as standalone modules for applications with size or weight constraints. These small uniaxial and biaxial modules attach directly to the elements you want to measure, without unbalancing them or affecting their performance. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Weatherproof, Civil Engineering Tiltmeters

The Tuff Tilt Series is designed for indoor and outdoor work requiring precision and durability. It is excellent for continuous monitoring of structural behavior, or short-term testing of machine and structural performance. It fills a gap between the economical 900 Clinometer Series and 700 Platform Tiltmeter Series. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Acceleration Measurement in a Small Component

The Jewell Instruments ASMP Angular Accelerometer is configured specifically to yield a combination of miniaturization, high accuracy and ruggedness. It has been designed to minimize thermal errors associated with outdoor applications. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Deepsea Tilt Monitoring Solutions

DeepWater Digital is the submersible version of our Tuff Tilt Series. Performance and firmware are the same, but the 316 stainless steel housing is rated for submergence to 250 bars of pressure (2500 meters depth). The neoprene connector is wet-mateable. DeepWater tiltmeters are excellent choices for offshore work and other underwater applications. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Durable, Customizable Inclinometers

Force-balanced Precision Inclinometers are extremely sensitive, rugged transducers deigned to provide horizontal angle or vertical deviation measurements with virtually infinite resolution. (read more)