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KADANT - RotoFlex Resource Recovery Strainer Trials

The following video illustrates the advantages of running a RotoFlex resource recovery strainer trial. A RotoFlex resource recovery strainer trial determines how much fiber can be recovered and/or how to clean water for your mill applications. Chad Millington, Applications Engineer for Water Management for Kadant Solutions, walks you through the trial process and provides case study exam... (read more)

KADANT - Do rotary joints need a rotating restraint?

Repairing steam joints at each shutdown is often the result of reactive maintenance. Over time, the distribution of remaining steam joint life becomes very broad. For example, if the average life of a particular type of rotary joint is four years, eventually 25% of the rotary joints will have to be rebuilt or replaced each year. (read more)

KADANT - The Effect of Nozzle Wear on Water Usage

One of the largest fresh water consumers in a paper mill is the high-pressure cleaning showers used for paper machine fabrics. As the economics and environmental impacts of water use grow in importance, minimizing water consumption is a key objective. One often overlooked variable that has a large impact on water flow volume is the diameter of the orifice through which the water flows. (read more)

KADANT - Are All Rotary Joint Steam Leaks Visible?

The greatest cause of pre-mature carbon seal ring failure is misalignment of the rotary joint or union. This is evident when the rotary joint wobbles during operation. When such a wobble takes place, the carbon seal ring (the internal sealing surface) is pinched against the l.D. of the joint housing and unusual wear or breakage may follow. (read more)

KADANT - How To Choose A Creping Blade Supplier

Creping blade suppliers should be able to provide tissue makers with essential products and services. When seeking a creping blade supplier, consider these five questions. (read more)

KADANT - Installation & Troubleshooting - Thermocompressors

A thermocompressor is a steam control device that uses high-pressure steam (motive steam) to induce flow from a lower pressure steam source (suction steam) and discharge the mixture at an intermediate pressure. The high pressure is used to create a high velocity jet that mixes with... (read more)

KADANT - Corrugator Steam System - ThermoMax

Kadant Johnson's extensive research into condensate behavior and heat transfer in rotating rolls and corrugator hot plates has been combined with an intimate knowledge of steam joints, syphons, and the integration of these components with the steam system that delivers more heat, more consistently, more efficiently to maximize board production. (read more)

KADANT - Machine Tool Through-Spindle Rotary Unions

A high performance, high precision union for through-spindle coolant, air and hydraulic oil applications. (read more)

KADANT - Rotary Unions For Water and Thermal Oil

Kadant Johnson's line of rotary unions incorporates the latest technology in mechanical seal design for water and thermal oil service. (read more)

KADANT - Custom Rotary Swivels, Joints, and Unions

Kadant Johnson Inc. is a leading provider of rotary sealing solutions. Rotary unions, also referred to as rotary joints and swivels, are sealing devices that connect rotating equipment to fixed piping for the transfer of steam, water, thermal oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, air, and other media. (read more)

KADANT - Yankee Blade Wear Measurement

Proper set up and operation of Yankee doctors is crucial to producing first quality product and maintaining the health of the Yankee. (read more)

KADANT - Fluid Filtration 101: How To Optimize Your Process

Water is a valuable resource. It may contain harmful contaminants such as sand and dirt, or precious recoverable resources such as fiber, heat or chemicals. Selection of the proper filtration equipment can significantly contribute to bottom-line profitability. If water systems are not properly managed, millions of dollars can be lost annually to the sewer or landfill. (read more)

KADANT - New Spray Nozzles Catalog

Kadant Solutions recently published a new spray nozzles catalog highlighting hundreds of spray nozzles for a variety of applications. Based on decades of application expertise in papermaking cleaning and conditioning, Kadant applies extensive know-how and hands-on experience to create a spray nozzle that is optimized for a specified application. (read more)

KADANT - How To Change VeriLite Roll Cleaner Load Tubes

The VeriLite™ roll cleaner assembly provides a compact and unique design that offers excellent cleaning results to improve uptime and reduce maintenance costs in a variety of industrial roll and belt cleaning applications. The VeriLite roll cleaner assembly was designed to simplify the process of changing your load tubes. (read more)

KADANT - Multi-Passage Rotary Unions

Kadant Johnson presents a complete line of multi-passage rotary unions for use with air, coolant, oil, steam, and water media. Multi-passage rotary unions provide sets of seals between stationary connections and rotating equipment, such as a drum, index table, clutch, or spindle. The multiple independent passages... (read more)

KADANT - Over-The-Shaft Rotary Union

The OTS™ (Over-The-Shaft) rotary union is custom-designed for machinery that requires cooling on the drive side of driven rolls and for rolls that cannot accept an axially-mounted rotary union. This rotary union is available with a tungsten-carbide mechanical seal or DuraSeal™ technology. (read more)

KADANT - No Vacuum Breaker, Barrel Implodes - Video

Vacuum breakers provide a simple, dependable way to relieve unwanted vacuum which may develop in a closed vessel or pipeline. Erich Bernhardt, sales and applications engineer at Kadant Johnson, provides insight into the basics of vacuum breaker use. The video demonstrates what can happen when a vacuum breaker is not used. (read more)

KADANT - Can rotary joint flex hoses be too short?

Do you find yourself frequently frustrated because your steam-heated dryers are not performing properly? Do you find yourself constantly running through a list of suspects as to what is causing the dryer to act up? Is it the steam supply, the air vents, the internal syphon or scoop, the rotary joint, the steam trap, or the condensate return system? (read more)

KADANT - Pressure-Powered Pump Overcoming Vacuum

Pressure-powered pumps have shown their worth on draining condensate from systems where centrifugal pumps have experienced reliability issues due to cavitation. This can be also be true on vacuum systems... (read more)

KADANT - Why Mills Buy Filtration, Fiber Recovery Equipment

Top 5 Reasons Paper Mills Buy Filtration and Fiber Recovery Equipment (read more)

KADANT - The Art and Science Behind Roll Cleaning

For nearly 100 years, Kadant Solutions Division and its affiliate companies have specialized in scraping and removing build-up from roll surfaces. This cleaning process is often called doctoring, roll cleaning or scraping. (read more)

KADANT - Kadant Updates Flagship Shower Oscillator

Since it was introduced in the late 1980’s, the EMO III™ electro-mechanical oscillator from Kadant Solutions has set the standard for functionality and reliability in shower oscillation. The reversing, brushless DC motor heralded the beginning of an era of low maintenance and high reliability. (read more)

KADANT - Alternative Steam Heater to Sparge Pipes

Conventional storage tanks with sparge pipes (simple pipes with drilled steam distribution holes) tend to have uneven water temperature control, steam hammer, heavy vibration caused by collapsing steam bubbles... (read more)