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KEYENCE has promoted these products:

KEYENCE - Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine

KEYENCE will release the XM Series handheld probe coordinate measuring machine on September 1st, 2015. (read more)

KEYENCE - Keyence - New Pencil-Type Contact Sensor

KEYENCE CORPORATION OF AMERICA is excited to introduce the GT2-P, the newest edition to the high-precision GT2 Series of contact sensors. (read more)

KEYENCE - Multi-Function Static Meter

KEYENCE has just added to its industry-leading lineup of static-control products! The SK series of Electrostatic Sensors are now available in hand-held and inline models to suit every application. (read more)

KEYENCE - KEYENCE’s MK-U6000 Industrial Inkjet Printer

The next step in inkjet printing technology is the MK-U6000 Series from KEYENCE Corporation. With an unparalleled, easy to use interface, intuitive onboard maintenance functions, auto-shower self-cleaning, easy nozzle replacement and automatic connection with Keyence visions systems for OCR verification, this system is in a market of its own. (read more)

KEYENCE - MD-X Laser Markers: High Power, High Precision

Unique Keyence technology combines the advantages of YVO4 and FIBER lasers in one marking system. 13 Watt and 25 Watt systems available to match your unique marking needs. (read more)

KEYENCE - VHX-5000 Digital Microscope, No Need to Focus

KEYENCE Releases VHX-5000 – New Digital Microscope Eliminates Need for Focus Adjustment (read more)

KEYENCE - LS-9000 High Speed Multi-Axis Optical Micrometer

The LS-9000 series optical micrometer sets a new standard for high speed and high precision diameter inspection. With a standard sampling rate of 16,000 Hz, the system is designed to keep up with any production line while maintaining an industry leading repeatability of 1.2 millionths of an inch. (read more)

KEYENCE - Keyence - New Multi-Purpose Laser Sensor, LR-T

Keyence is excited to introduce the all new LR-T Series multi-purpose laser sensor. The LR-T is a perfect complement to the already solid Keyence sensor lineup with its superior detection stability, ease of operation, and unmatched versatility. (read more)

KEYENCE - GL-S Series, Safety Light Curtain from KEYENCE

Keyence is excited to introduce our new GL-S safety light curtain! This exciting addition to the GL series offers a versatile solution for applications where space constraints are a major factor. (read more)

KEYENCE - SR-750 High Performance, Compact 2D Code Reader

Product Overview

KEYENCE CORPORTATION OF AMERICA adds a new fixed mount 1D and 2D barcode reader to their company line up of Auto ID products. The SR-750 Series incorporates new and advanced decoding algorithms, providing the best in class reading capability. (read more)

KEYENCE - VR-3000 - One-Shot 3D Measuring Macroscope

KEYENCE CORPORTATION OF AMERICA has combined the advanced optical design of their digital microscopes with the high-speed, high-accuracy measurement and 3D technology of their displacement gauges, to develop a macroscope that completes instant 3D measurements. (read more)

KEYENCE - Keyence's VHX-700F Multipurpose Microscope

KEYENCE Releases an All-in-One Microscope for Advanced Imaging, Recording and Measurement (read more)

KEYENCE - KEYENCE - PR-G General-Purpose Metal Photoeye

Self-contained Photoelectric Sensor - durable & Long Life, High Power and Ease of Use (read more)

KEYENCE - NEW! Miniature Metal Photoeye!

KEYENCE CORPORTATION OF AMERICA introduces the PR-M/F Series, the industry’s first MINIATURE METAL PHOTOEYE! KEYENCE prides itself on innovation, and has brought that mindset to miniature photoeyes. The PR-M/F Series is dedicated to fulfilling three main focuses: durability, stable operation, and ease of use. (read more)

KEYENCE - LJ-V7000 High-Speed 3D Laser Scanner

The LJ-V7000 Series, High-Speed Laser Scanner, sets a new standard for speed and precision in 3D laser measurement. In addition to a wide range of heads that provide scan areas as wide as 9.45 inches (240 mm) and Z-axis repeatability as high as 20 millionths of an inch (0.4 µm), the LJ-V7000 Series provides an unprecedented range of onboard measurement tools. (read more)

KEYENCE - Long Range Multi-Function Analog Laser Sensor

Product Overview
The new IL Series represents a significant advancement in laser displacement technology, incorporating performance features typically not found in other systems. The measurement range of this compact triangulation based laser sensor reaches a full 11.48 ft (3.5 m) with 3.94 mil (100 µm) repeatability, regardless of target color. An easy-to-use interface... (read more)

KEYENCE - Intuitive Auto-Teaching, Machine Vision System

KEYENCE introduces the newest addition to their Machine Vision product lineup, the CV-X100 Series. Designed to be easy to use yet powerful, the intuitive interface allows users of all levels to quickly and easily set up robust inspections for their application needs. New tools include Auto-Teach Inspection, point and click measurement tools, and more. (read more)

KEYENCE - Cutting Edge Laser Marking Technology

Keyence introduces the new, MD-F5100 Series, 50W 3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker to their product lineup. The compact and fanless architecture along with an IP64 rating (head unit) allows for use in the most demanding manufacturing environments. The internal components of the MD-F Series marking head are not affected by hazardous elements such as dirt, dust, water, and oil mist. (read more)

KEYENCE - NEW! Guarded Safety Light Curtain

KEYENCE introduces the new GL-R Series to our safety light curtain lineup. The GL-R features a Strong, Simple, and Smart design that provides a rugged, yet versatile solution. (read more)

KEYENCE - Multiple Sensors in One, A Revolutionary Concept

The new IV Vision Sensor from KEYENCE combines some of the functionality of machine vision and traditional sensors in a single system. KEYENCE Engineers have designed a revolutionary low cost, highly versatile, multi-purpose sensor to handle an extremely wide range of difficult presence detection applications. (read more)

KEYENCE - Evolutionary Laser Marking Advancements

The new Telecentric MD-T1000, 532nm green wavelength laser marker, introduced by KEYENCE, joins the company's product line of high performance laser marking systems as its most innovative marker to date. High peak power, a telecentric lens, 532nm green wavelength laser and a 20µm diameter beam make the MD-T the ideal choice for a wide array of marking applications. (read more)

KEYENCE - Vision Adds Line Scan Cameras -3 Core Processor

The XG-8000 Series Vision System, from KEYENCE Corporation, adds a new product line of unique line scan camera models, a high-speed, triple core processor and multi-camera connectivity. Offering simultaneous operation of up to 8 cameras, ultra-fast processor speed and hardware flexibility, the XG Series significantly boosts production and inspection performance over conventional vision s... (read more)

KEYENCE - VK-X Series 3D Laser Scanning MIcroscope

Perform profile and roughness measurements on nearly any material. The KEYENCE VK-X Series 3D Laser Scanning Microscopes combine the capabilities of SEMs and non-contact roughness gauges with the simplicity of an optical microscope. (read more)

KEYENCE - New, Rugged, All Purpose Laser Photoeye

KEYENCE introduces the LR-Z Series all-purpose laser photoeye. Extremely rugged, the self-contained unit combines a CMOS image sensor and laser power control function providing the best detection ability in its class. The design allows for highly stable detection of targets having variations in color, angle, material, and surface finish in comparison to conventional light-intensity based... (read more)

KEYENCE - VW-9000 High-speed Camera + Digital Microscope

The KEYENCE VW-9000 High-speed Microscope is one of the most versatile tools available for any manufacturing or inspection application. This fully-integrated system incorporates a built-in light source, LED monitor, analysis software and PC components and can be used not only for standard high-speed applications, but doubles as a digital microscope for inspection and development w... (read more)

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