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KieTek International, Inc.

KieTek International, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

KieTek International, Inc. - Regular Pallet Moving Ball Matt Systems

KieTek International, Inc - "Specializing in ball transfers, fiber glass matting." (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Drop In Trailer Roller Bed Conversion Systems

The Drop In version consists of gates that are laid on the floor of trailers by freight handlers. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Permanent Trailer Roller Bed Conversion Systems

The Permanent is plank that is installed to the floor of a trailer. KieTek provides the plank in a kit form with roller cubes and retainers. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Fold Up Trailer Roller Bed Conversion Systems

The Fold Up version has side guides that are bolted to the floor with the gate hinged from the side guide which allows the gate to be folded up and secured to the inside of the trailer. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Stud mounted, Flange mounted & pipe ball transfers

KieTek now offers a colmplete line of stud mounted, pipe mounted & flange mounted, & flying saucer style ball transfers. We also have a solution to all of the mathews style ball transfers that are at the point of needing to be replaced. Please check out our website to see a full listing of all the differnt ball transfers we carry. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Silver Surfer Trailer Roller Bed System

Introducing, the Silver Surfer, a portable roller bed system. Its versatility as a temporary or permanent system will provide for all your material handling needs. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Light Duty Cube Roller

The light duty cube roller is an inexpensive alternative to our heavy duty cube roller. This unit works perfect in conveyor applications. Also available in a rubber version for woodworking etc. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Universal Roller plank Kit

KieTek plank kits are the simplest way to convey heavy loads. The track
system can either use light duty cube rollers, super duty rollers or
ball transfers. You can easily move loads up to 15,000#'s with the right
configuration (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - 4 Post Lift

The 4-Post Lift lends itself to a broader application than any of the lifts KieTek sells. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Distributors Make Money with our Products

KieTek provides solutions and alternatives to the method that materials and loads are handled today. Our products are currently in use with mnumerous service material handling customers including air cargo forwarders and the U.S. Government nationwide

Kie Tek understands the complexity of today's air cargo operations and realize the importance of on-time delivery. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Trailer Roller Bed

Mutitasking system is now available. This system was designed for a
major trucking company to move air cargo containers & motorcycle
carriers. We can customize any size & any weight for any vehicle... (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - KO1D0 Cube Transfer

The omni-directional Cube Ball Transfer Unit (BTU) is manufactured with the same high quality as the Round Thermoplastic Housing BTU. The load capacity is 400 lb. The KO1D0 BTU is warranted for two years (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Floating ULD Handling System

Free floating heavy duty ball mat system. For the first time ever, there finally is a ULD ball mat system that requires no modifications to warehouse floor that allows for incorporation of flip locks & side guide. This type of system can be used for not only ULD containers but any type of flat bottom surface that needs to be conveyed. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Slave Pallets

Slave Pallets are designed to transport air cargo pallets or containers by forklift. The decks are equipped with 8" x 4" x .250 wall tube to capture the forks, eliminating Slave Pallet falling from forklift on rough terrain. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - KO1A0 Ball Transfer Unit

KieTek manufactures several Ball Transfer models that are completely interchangeable with most other Ball Transfer Units in the application. Ball Transfer Units enable you to move loads horizontally in any direction safely and quickly with conveying speeds in excess of two meters per second. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Cube Roller

1 3/4" Injection molded thermoplastic tapered housing; 1 1/4" Superduty zinc plated steel roller with 22mm sealed bearing and stainless steel axle pin; 400 Lb Capacity / shipping wt 0.408 Lb; 24 Month Warranty (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Plank Decks

The Steel Plank Deck is manufactured with a 10-gauge galvanized sheet cut to size. All holes are stamped, and the walk surface is dimpled. The transfer hole is either square or round to accept the ball transfer or cube transfer to meet the customer's needs. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Zero Clearance Ball Transfer

This ball transfer allows the user to setup in any configuration from 2'' centers using fiberglass grating. Now you can move some serious weight that forklifts won't even touch.... (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Scissor Lift

The Scissor Lift is surface or pit mounted depending on the application. Not all lifts will fit the application or customer's budgets. (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Roller bed for wood pallets!

Move your regular wood pallets on our new roller bed system. It’s not just for air cargo anymore! (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Ball Decks

Steel Air Cargo Deck commonly used by FedEx, UPS, DHL (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Injection Molded Ball Transfer

KO1C0 - Round Thermoplastic Housing Ball Transfer Unit: 1.77" Injection molded thermoalpstic housing; 1 3/16 Diameter 440c stainless steel main ball riding on 1/8" 440c carrier balls; Heat treated 400 series bearing race; 400 Lb Capacity shipping wt .410 Lb; 24 Month Warranty (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - An easy way to move pallets

Our company does contract packaging for many different industries and the pick up and delivery needs of our customers is very diverse. We needed a system that would provide an easy and safe way to handle the boxes and pallets that are picked up by our vans The addition of the KieTek rail system in our vans has greatly reduced the time needed to load and unload the vans, eliminate... (read more)

KieTek International, Inc. - Fiberglass Grating Ball Mat

Transfers can be installed as close as 2" centers starting with the second row from the outside perimeter of each panel or as far between each transfer as the customer specifies. (read more)