Lapmaster-Wolters International has promoted these products/services:

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Barnes ECO Rotary Spindle Bore Finishing

The Barnes Bore Finishing ECO Series machine from Lapmaster-Wolters International is suitable for single pass honing applications. The standard design is for four, six, or eight rotary spindle configurations, plus two dedicated parts loading and unloading stations. Attractive pricing, low utilities costs, and compact footprint makes the ECO Series ideal for low-mid volumes. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Lapmaster Offers Full Line of Metallographic Equip

For over fifty years, Lapmaster has been a leader in the manufacturing of industrial lapping machines and consumables. Lapmaster International now offers a complete turnkey solution for Metallographic Sample Preparation. Combining our comprehensive line of Sample Preparation Equipment and Quality Processing Consumables (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Micron MACRO Profile / Creep-Feed-Grinding System

All MICRON machines are modular CNC grinding centers. They are compact, reliable, and especially designed for Creep Feed-, Profile-, and HEDG grinding. Compared to conventional surface grinding, these processes allow high stock removal rates. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Lapmaster DSG-1200 Fine Grinding System

Lapmaster International LLC now offers the DSG-1200 Double-Sided Fine-Grinding system, capable of processing larger parts than our DSG-720H unit. The processing area is a 300% increase. The maximum workpiece diameter on the DSG-1200 is 430mm and the maximum thickness for the standard configuration is 200mm. The machine can be arranged for a 5 or 6 carrier design. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - New- Lapmaster double-sided fine-grinding system

Lapmaster is pleased to provide the attached brochure for our newest piece of equipment, the Model #DSG-720HP (high power). This is a double-sided fine-grinding system that is both affordable and accurate. It is now more powerful and more flexible, as well. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - LSP Series Dual-Face Lapping & Polishing Machinery

Lapmaster and Hamai Corporation Ltd. of Japan partnered to offer the LSP Series in the U.S. This is a line of unique ultra-precision planetary double-sided lapping & polishing machines that incoroporate a multitude of innovative features and benefits. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Barnes Horizontal Stroke Honing Systems

Barnes now offers three (3) distinct models of their Horizontal Spindle Bore Honing, Stroke Honing equipment. The series "HH" systems now feature both 1 or 2 spindle design (on select models) with standard stroke length of up to 80" on our model HH-25. Special fixturing also available to reinforce thin-walled tubing, plus torque monitoring. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Barnes Single Pass Bore Finishing Systems

Barnes now offers two (2) distinct Single-Pass Bore Finishing Systems utilizing vertical spindles. This is our series "MSSP" featuring Model #MSSP-1000 (0.050"-2.00" bores) and Model #MSSP-2000 (1.00"-4.00" bores). "Open design" allows for easy implementation of automation. Four (4) parts handling tables are available, utilizing single or multiple spindles. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Barnes Vertical Stroke Honing Systems

Barnes Bore Honing and Finishing Systems now offers the "HV" series of Vertical Spindle Stroke Honing Machinery. Three (3) distinct and focused models are available for smaller sized parts requiring a shorter stroke length, medium sized parts or large diameter/long length sized parts which may require maximum stroke length. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Precision Optics Machines and Machinery

For over 50 years, Lapmaster has served the precision optics industry through the innovate design and manufacture of high quality precision finishing systems and solutions. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - New Barnes Bore Honing & Finishing Systems

Barnes is considered a world leader in developing innovative new technology & processes to help manufacturers improve product performance, quality & cost. The combination of Lapmaster, Barnes & Bates Technologies strengthens precision surfacing solutions for our customers. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Interferometer Flatness Measuring

The Lapmaster/LAMTech TOPOS and SPI series of Interferometers feature Grazing Incidence flatness inspection and measurement capability for ground, lapped & polished surfaces. Use of this system eliminates the need to generate a polished surface, strictly for optical flatness measurement. Ground surfaces, matte surfaces and polsihed surfaces can all be measured with one unit! (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Bates Honing & Bore Finishing Tools

Bores finished faster, smoother, rounder and straighter through advanced honing tooling and abrasives. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Honing Abrasives

Our line of diamond honing stones cut sharper, last longer and wear more uniformly to ensure a bore with superior geometry and surface finish. High-quality and optimally designed products ensure that every honing operation will be a successful one. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Super-abrasive Fine Grinding plates

Lapmaster now offers super-abrasive Fine Grinding plates for both Lapmaster and other manufacturer's single-sided and double-sided equipment. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Accupol Lapping & Polishing Wafer Thinning Jig

The Lapmaster line of Accupol Lapping & Polishing Wafer Thinning Jig Fixtures are designed to control precision thickness and parallelism of thin, fragile components made of semiconductor, compound semiconductor and electro-optics materials. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Optical Pitch Polishing Machines

Lapmaster produces a wide range of air-bearing spindle and conventional belt-driven pitch polishing machines for use in both plano optics production and R&D environments. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Diamond Compounds

Lapmaster Diamond Compound for Lapping, Polishing, Met-Lab, Tool & Die and Mold Polishing applications. (read more)


In a Lapping/Polishing process, the final precision cleaning is needed to be thorough, repeatable & fast. The Lapmaster series of Heavy-Duty Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Industrial Applications is designed to meet such criteria. Our systems (4 standard models are available) are enabled to remove oils, waxes or slurry off surfaces; leaving no residue, damage, scratches or corrosion. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Optical Flats

Lapmaster offers a wide range of Optical Flats that complement our Monochromatic Light source systems. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Monochromatic Light sources and Optical Flats

Lapmaster Monochromatic Light sources and Optical Flats for fast & accurate optical inspection of a lapped surface flatness. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - Diamond Slurry Dispensing Unit

Economy & consistency with the use of Diamond Slurry Lapping/Polishing is the basis for the Lapmaster Diamond Slurry delivery system. (read more)

Lapmaster-Wolters International - KDP Composite Plates

Lapmaster series KDP Composite Plates for Diamond Lapping and Polishing. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Lapmaster-Wolters International:


Mount Prospect, IL – Lapmaster Group Holdings LLC, a leading supplier of high-precision equipment and services for lapping, polishing, grinding, and honing, announced today that it has acquired Peter Wolters GmbH.


Lapmaster introduces a new addition to its metrology line - FTP 130


Lapmaster introduces its new line of Dual-Face Lapping & Polishing Machinery


Barnes celebrates its 100th year birthday!


Lapmaster has relocated to its new facility.


Lapmaster International acquires Barnes Bore Honing and Finishing Systems. Transaction strengthens Lapmaster International’s market position in the precision surfacing solutions marketplace.