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Leybold USA Inc.

Leybold USA Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Leybold USA Inc. - UNIVEX High Vacuum Deposition Systems

July 2017 - The UNIVEX family of high vacuum coating systems is the ideal tool for R&D or small scale production.

UNIVEX systems are modular in design and are available in both standard configurations as well as customized solutions to match specific customer requirements. (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - ECODRY plus Dry-compression Vacuum Pump

July 2017 - The requirements for modern analytical instruments and

systems are changing: users in laboratories and research facilities increasingly

rely on low-noise, oil-free vacuum solutions to avoid contamination and, above

all, unnecessary noise in laboratory environments. With the newly developed

family of dry-compressing multi-stage Roots vacuum pum... (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - Helium Leak Detectors for Industrial Processing

May 2017 - Leybold USA Inc. offers the PHOENIX L300i helium leak detector for use in industrial processing and quality control programs. A mobile helium leak detector well suited for applications in industry and research, system manufacturing, automotive engineering, metals industry, refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturing, chemicals industry and many oth... (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - TURBOVAC i/iX - A Giant Leap in Vacuum Performance

May 2017 - Leybold's turbo-molecular vacuum pumps for use in Analytical and R&D markets offer high gas throughput, fast run-up time and high resistance to ingested particles. Special promotion now through September! (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - TURBOLAB is the all new smart high vacuum pump system for researchers

May 2017 - TURBOLAB is the all new smart high vacuum pump system for researchers. Now available in two new models - TURBOLAB 90 and 250! Special promotional savings now through September. Offer valid in USA only. (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - Leybold USA Inc. - Vacuum Academy

April 2017 - Leybold USA Inc. has announced the 2017 Vacuum Academy series. (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - Vacuum Technology for Industrial Applications

Vacuum technology frequently makes it possible to replace processes that harm the environment with others that protect the environment. Leybold vacuum pumps and other vacuum components are suitable for industrial applications. (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - Vacuum Technology for Coating Applications

Leybold offers vacuum technology and specially designed vacuum components suitable for coating applications. (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - Vacuum Applications for Food & Packaging Market

Nothing would work without vacuum in the Food and Packaging Industry. It is not only needed for hermetically sealed packaging, but also for food production and processing. Leybold's SOGEVAC vacuum pumps are most adequate for these processes. (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - Vacuum Solutions for Solar Applications

Designing suitable vacuum solutions for solar cell manufacture is one of the great challenges to the manufacturers of vacuum pumps. Leybold's comprehensive application knowledge and detailed process experience is the key to the development of a successful vacuum solution. (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - Vacuum Components for the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry will continue to grow in the near future. Vacuum components play an important role in virtually all semiconductor processes. Choosing the right one depends on the specific process requirements. Leybold offers suitable products for semiconductor production. (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - Vacuum Technology for R&D

All industrial processes and technical achievements are preceded by an extensive and costly research and development effort. The installations, equipment and/or vacuum components needed for such R&D efforts may of course vary in size and/or capacity. Leybold develops and manufactures customized products specifically for R&D purposes. (read more)

Leybold USA Inc. - Vacuum Components for Analytical/Medical Devices

One of the largest and most complex segments of the market for vacuum components is the one for analytical devices that operate under vacuum conditions. These include the large families of surface analyzers, mass spectrometers and electron microscopes of various designs as well as helium leak detectors. Oerlikon Leybold offers products suitable for this market. (read more)