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Light in Motion LLC

Light in Motion LLC has promoted these products:

Light in Motion LLC - UVC Sensor : L14UX Photosensor

Light in Motion offers the L14UX photosensor : a UVC sensor in an hermetically sealed TO-46 package.

The L14UX is ideal for the control and monitoring of UVC light sources. It comes in two gain ranges, L14U1 and L14U2. Its hermetic metal/glass package makes it impervious to the damaging effects of UV light and resistant to harsh environment. (read more)

Light in Motion LLC - High Performance IRLED : QEB651

Light in Motion is offering the QEB651: an Infrared Light Emitting Diode in a surface mount high optical performance package.

The QEB651 is ideal to replace bulky through hole lensed IRLEDs while keeping similar optical performances with the benefits of surface mounting and low profile. (read more)

Light in Motion LLC - JEDEC registered HIgh Intensity IRLED 1N6266

Light in Motion is offering the 1N6266 as part of its portfolio of hermetic Infrared LEDs in metal package.

The 1N6266 is a 940 nm LED in a narrow viewing angle, TO-46 package. (read more)

Light in Motion LLC - 880 nm Emitters in Metal Packages

Light in Motion portfolio of 880 nm Emitters in metal packages provides a beam profile of high quality that allows the designer to build a robust optical system, with consistent and stable performance. (read more)

Light in Motion LLC - Hermetic GaAs Infrared Emitting Diode

Light in Motion currently offers a portfolio of high performance, high reliability hermetic LEDs and Photosensors, as well as photointerrupters. These hermetic GaAs Infrared Emitting Diodes offer high radiant intensity and are RoHS compliant. (read more)

Light in Motion LLC - LIM158FS Logic SMD Photosensor

Light in Motion's LIM158FS consists of a silicon photodiode, a voltage regulator,and a linear amplifier with Schmitt trigger , connected to an open collector output transistor. It is encapsulated in low profile, small footprint package, with a visible light filter. (read more)

Light in Motion LLC - Power Saving Opto-interrupter H21B3

Light in Motion's H21B3 Optointerrupter consists of a infrared light emitting diode coupled to a high gain NPN silicon photodarlington packaged in an injection molded housing. (read more)

Light in Motion LLC - Hermetic Silicon Photodarlingtons

Light in Motion's L14F1 is a hermetically sealed silicon photodarlington packaged in a TO-18 metal can with a lens window. (read more)

Light in Motion LLC - Optical Logic Output Interrupter Switch

Light in Motion's QVE00112 is a slotted optical switch designed for multipurpose non contact sensing. It consists of a GaAs LED and silicon LOGIC OUTPUT sensor packaged in an injection molded housing, facing each other across a 3.0 mm gap. (read more)

Light in Motion LLC - Convex Lens Package Hermetic Silicon Photosensor

Light in Motion's QSA15X family are Photologic ICs which feature a Schmitt trigger at output which provides hysteresis for noise immunity anti pulse shaping. (read more)