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Lowell Corporation

Lowell Corporation has promoted these products:

Lowell Corporation - Single End Triple Square Impact Socket

Lowell Corporation has been supplying the highest quality tools and equipment since 1869. the new Single End Triple Square Impact Socket can be used with any impact wrench to install or tighten utility pole hardware. You can Easily change from the 3/4” square to the 1” and 1-1/8” square utilizing the locking slide cam. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - The New Electric Tower Wrench

The New England Transmission Socket has 1-1/8”+ 1-5/16”+1-1/2” Squares plus 1-5/8 Hex. . Bolt-Thru design allows threaded rod to pass thru the socket so that nuts can be secured on any threaded length. The 104 Handle is heavy duty stamped riveted metal handle with vinyl grip, coated with an epoxy paint for durability and easy cleaning. Lowell offers a variety of square... (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Strap Wrenches Tighten Without Scratching

Turn an object of any shape with any surface texture with a Lowell Strap Wrench. The latex coated polyester yarn straps grip tight without scratching. Three models come in four handle lengths and six strap lengths. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Ratcheting Crank Handle for Manual Machine Control

Lowell Corporation Ratcheting Crank Handles offer an alternative to hand-wheels and other devices used for machine control. They are designed for permanent mounting on shafts or studs. Lowell crank handles are available in a wide variety lengths, knob material and shaft openings for flexibility. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell DoubleShot Plus Ratchet Wrench

Lowell has added the 8D DoubleShot PLUS wrench to its line of DoubleShot wrenches which combine two wrenches in one for rugged duty in pipeline, construction, utility, and maintenance work. Specific applications include mechanical joints, restraints, repair clamps, service saddles, flange bolts, friction clamps, hydrant break flanges, and gas/water industry couplings. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell Low Cost Ratchet Clutches

The Lowell Series 700 self-contained reversible ratchet clutches compete with industrial electric, hydraulic and sprag-type mechanical clutches. They compare favorably on the basis of torque-vs.-weight, torque-vs.-price and torque-vs.-envelope. In overrunning service they also compare favorably in terms of efficiency and torque-vs.-overrunning-speed. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - One Wrench Fits SixBolts

Lowell's 103TDE, 101TDE & 100TDE ratcheting lineman's wrenches give high line utility workers 1-1/8”, 1”, 3/4” & 5/8” square openings and 3/4" & 9/16” hex openings for common pole fasteners, lag bolts, and clamps. Each wrench has a ratcheting socket at one end and a ratcheting box gear at the other. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell 4-IN-1 Ratcheting Box Wrench

The new 8C ratcheting socket wrench from Lowell Corporation features four sockets that can handle the four most common nut sizes found in utility and construction work. In one durable, user-friendly tool Lowell has made it easier for workers to have the right tool for four different tasks, improving worker efficiency and safety. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Custom Ratchets from Lowell

OEM motion control designers who need custom engineering support for mechanical applications will be interested in Lowell Corporation's extensive experience in modifying its off-the-shelf ratchet arms, handles, and ratchet and roller clutches to meet specific control requirements. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell T-Handle Torque Wrench

The Lowell T-Torker is an ergonomic, torque limiting, T-handled ratchet that makes repetitve jobs requiring identical torque settings easy. The T-Torker is available with a single size 5/16" hex socket, a single size 3/8" hex socket or a 1/4" square male drive end to fit any size hex socket or bit. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Ratchet and Socket Wrenches for Demanding Jobs

Lowell Corporation’s 40 Series cast iron ratchet wrenches, 20 Series “remote shifting” ratchet wrenches and 50 Series cast iron ratcheting socket wrenches are designed expressly to give workers the right tools for extremely demanding applications. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell Double Handle Ratchets

Double Handle Ratchet Wrenches give workers maximum versatility and the ability to apply additional force when needed. These wrenches are suitable for use by one operator and may be used by two workers when extra turning force is required. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - DoubleShot®

Lowell “bolt-thru” double socket ratchet wrenches (DoubleShot®) for water, wastewater, pipeline and underground electrical utility installation and repair. The wrenches are available individually or in a three wrench set that includes a durable plastic carrying case. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Turn worn valve nuts with Valve Key Sockets

Lowell’s Valve Key Socket Set is specifically designed to engage rounded or corroded two inch square valve operating nuts. The set includes small, medium, and large sockets. The socket attach to a standard gate key with the included hardware. This set offers lower cost and lower maintenance than alternative tools. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Roller Clutches and Sprockets

A cam and ring assembly gives machinery extreme reliability at a low cost. The cam’s roller ramps allow free wheeling in one direction and lock-up in the reverse direction. The cam and ring is the basic component of a one way sprocket, overrunning clutch, roller arm or as an add-on component for any design. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Extra Large Wrenches for Extra Large Jobs

Lowell Corporation's 40 Series ratchet wrenches and 50 Series socket wrenches are designed expressly to give workers the right tools for extremely demanding applications. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - 3-in-1 Impact Sockets

Lowell Corporation now has TWO Triple Square Impact Socket. Both sockets work with impact wrenches and combine three square socket openings into one socket.

Designed for high line utility workers, the Triple Sockets have a slim profile and light weight for easy handling. They can be used with any impact wrench or rattle gun to install or tighten utility pole hardware. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell - Extended Reach “Bolt-Thru” Sockets

Lowell has improved the process of tightening nuts on long bolts or threaded rods by incorporating our “Bolt-Thru” concept with an extended socket. The Lowell extended reach sockets give workers greater freedom and leverage in tight spots while reducing the risk of injuries. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell SureTork Ratcheting Torque Wrench

Lowell’s SureTork® is a new "Bolt-Thru" ratcheting torque wrench. Using a SureTork® wrench ensures nuts are always properly torqued. It’s bolt-thru feature permits easy access to nuts on any threaded length. It is a click-type torque handle with a quick release socket head that accepts Lowell's standard or extended reach "Bolt-Thru" sockets. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Model 52F: Ratchet Wrench

Ratchet wrenches make hydrant operation faster, easier.

When a hydrant has to be opened in a hurry, Lowell's three rugged, ratcheting hydrant wrenches make the job faster and easier. Mount a wrench on a pentagonal or square nut, tighten the thumb screw, and you're in business. Long bolts or worn or frozen nuts? No problem. (read more)