Lumex - TitanBrite High-Voltage, Low-Current LED


Lumex technology provides up to 20% Cost and 50% Real Estate Savings

CAROL STREAM, IL – Lumex announces the global launch of its TitanBrite High-Voltage, Low-Current LED, the newest addition

to the TitanBrite family of high-power LEDs. The TitanB... (read more)

Lumex - NEW TitanBrite 2-Watt UV LEDs

Lumex announces the global launch of its new TitanBrite 2W UV LED which offers energy savings of 70% and space savings of up to 90% compared to alternative technologies, making it the best value high power UV LED on the market. (read more)

Lumex - Agricultural LED Lightbars

Lumex announces the global launch of its SunBrite Agricultural LED Lightbar for optimal plant growth stimulation. Available in both red and blue wavelengths for diverse plant types and growing cycles, the SunBrite Agricultural LED Lightbar offers significant performance and cost benefits compared to high-intensity discharge (HID) and alternative LED technologies (read more)

Lumex - SunBrite General Illumination Lightbars

Features / Options

  • Available in 6", 12" and 24" lengths
  • Compatible connector cables available in 10", 20" or 40" lengths to connect to desired length
  • Mounting clips are available in 45° or 90° angle varieties
  • Dimmer switch is available for brightness control
  • CE, UL, IP60 and RoHS Compliant
(read more)
Lumex - QuantumBrite LED Shapeable Backlight

First-In-Industry Shapeable LED Backlight From Lumex
Provides Unprecedented Design Flexibility and Opens Door to Wide Variety of New Low-Light Applications

Shapeable LED backlight is up to 97% thinner and 30% less expensive than standard LED backlights (read more)

Lumex - New High-Temp Surface Mount 7-Segment LED Displays

New High-Temp Surface Mount Seven-Segment Displays Provide Market-Leading Temperature Range and Lead-Free Soldering. (read more)

Lumex - High Power RGB LED 3-Watt

Lumex Now Offers High Power LED Solutions in an RGB Package!

Lumex's all-new AstraLED™ RGB provides ultra-bright, full-color output in a 3-Watt high power package. The use of an AstraLED RGB can result in up to a 30% cost savings , as well as 67% real estate package savings when compared to the use of individual high power red, green and blue packages. (read more)

Lumex - UV LEDs for a wide range of applications

New QuasarBrite UV LEDs from Lumex provide superior light performance and 10 times longer lifespan. Available in multiple wavelengths, the new UV LEDs generate up to 50% cost savings! (read more)

Lumex - 2-watt, 3-watt and 5-watt High Power LEDs

Lumex expands its TitanBrite(TM) line of high power LEDs with the introduction of new 2-Watt, 3-Watt and 5-Watt Technologies.

Superior heat dissipation and unique packaging of new high power LEDs generate cost savings. (read more)

Lumex - Flexible LED Backlights

New QuantumBrite Flexible LED Backlights Generate Cost Savings and New Opportunities for Brand Differentiation. Thin, flexible LED backlight is up to 88% thinner and 80% less expensive then standard backlight technologies. (read more)

Lumex - 120 Volt AC LED Panel Indicator

New QuasarBrite Panel Mount Indicator Family from Lumex features 120V-AC LED capable of generating up to 70% cost savings and 50% space savings. (read more)

Lumex - New High Temp Seven-Segment LED Displays

Lumex announces the global launch of its QuasarBrite High-Temperature Seven-Segment numeric LED Display technology capable of providing bright, crisp display performance in market-leading temperature ranges up to 105°C.

The new high-temp seven-segment ¼ watt LED displays are available in sizes from 0.28 inch to 4 inch character height and come with complementary... (read more)

Lumex - Bi-Stable LCD Uses 99% Less Power

Lumex's Bi-Stable LCDs can display information for over a year AFTER the power has been turned off with just a one-time 2-5 second burst of 51mW of power. This enables users to more easily update vital display information while also generating significant cost and manpower savings. (read more)

Lumex - Extreme Temp LCD Module Designs

Lumex's High/Low Temp Technology Allow LCDs to "Go Extreme"

InfoVue Extreme Temperature LCDs also provide enhanced reliability and visual performance. (read more)

Lumex - Transitioning to Surface-Mount Technology

Lumex OctoLEDs are 1st in Market to Combine SMT Convenience

Lumex announces a new line of surface-mount devices that represent the first commercial technology to combine the convenience of surface-mount technology (SMT) with the features and capabilities of thru-hole, leaded T-5mm epoxy lens LEDs. (read more)

Lumex - Light Pipe Design, Lower Tooling Costs

Lumex Light Pipes Offer Unequaled Performance with Sophisticated Ray-Trace Software Technology (read more)

Lumex - Numeric LED Display

Lumex's LDP-2R2608RD-50 miniature LED Display offers maximum high-brightness in an attractive, compact, space-saving design. (read more)

Lumex - Pink, Purple and Turquoise Through-Hole LEDs

Lumex Adds InspirationLED™ Series to its Broad Line-Up of LEDs

These state-of-the-art LEDs offer high brightness chip technology in a 5mm package and is currently available in the SSL-LX5093 model. These unique-colored LEDs are ideally suited for a variety of uses in the medical, automotive and appliance industries, or any other soft lighting application. (read more)