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M2 Optics, Inc.

M2 Optics, Inc. has promoted these products:

M2 Optics, Inc. - Simulate an Optical Network to 120km

Fiber Lab 3200 from M2 Optics simulates a fiber network to 120km and offers a customized, yet cost-effective solution for system testing and/or latency applications. All optical fiber types, lengths, and connector types are available, allowing for exact simulation of the field network. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Ultra-High Density Optical Splitter Platform

Offering up to 192 each 1x2 or 1x3 optical splitters in just 1RU, the patent-pending SplitLight from M2 Optics enables users to save valuable rack space in the network environment. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Affordable OTDR Launch Box

The Sidekick from M2 Optics is a compact module offering any optical fiber type and length to 1km. Most often used with an OTDR to eliminate "blind spots" at the beginning of a fiber cable (also referred to as a launch fiber or pulse suppressor), it is also utilized for fiber optic delay and a variety of other short distance testing and training applications. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Tap More Fibers While Reducing Rack Space & Cost

The new SplitLight is a patent-pending solution that offers the highest density of optical network taps, CWDM/DWDM components, and PON splitters in a 1RU chassis. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Dual-Function Optical Switch

SwitchLight is a 1xN, all-optical switching device that saves both rack space and money by addressing monitoring and multicasting applications in a single chassis. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Multi-Service Aggregation Multiplexer

The Multi-Service Aggregation Multiplexer (MSAM) solution from M2 Optics is the industry’s first solution to provide support for 1/10Gbps PON, CWDM, and RFoG services over a single fiber with an integrated monitoring port. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - 1xN, All-Optical Switching Device

Versatile, Dual-Function Approach: The SwitchLightTM from M2 Optics is a fully-customizable 1xN / Nx1 optical switching device that can address both network monitoring and/or optical multicasting (replicating) applications using a single chassis. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - The Fiber Lab Flex

The Fiber Lab Flex from M2 Optics is a modular platform that offers maximum versatility when requiring optical fiber spools for optical network simulation, latency, and other testing applications. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Optical Switch for Network Monitoring

The all-optical SwitchLight platform allows a user to switch between as many as 256 fibers (1xN/Nx1 architecture) for network monitoring applications, while saving both rack space and money compared to alternative devices. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Optical Fibers for OTDR Training

Fiber Lab from M2 Optics offers a useful, professional platform for training individuals to use an OTDR to identify common events found in network fibers. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Optical Fiber for Latency Applications

The Fiber Lab series of solutions from M2 Optics provide custom lengths of optical fiber for a variety of latency applications. Built to specification, Fiber Labs provide an ideal solution for use both in the network and/or the test laboratory. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Portable Test Fiber Platforms

Fiber Lab test platforms are the ideal solution for optical network simulation, latency/delay, and equipment certification applications. Portable and built to exact customer specification, they are proven to protect fiber while making life easier in the laboratory. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Multi-Fiber Cables for Advanced Optical Networks

MTP Elite Cables from M2 Optics provide superior performance for the most demanding network environments. Offering a wide array of configurations and using the highest quality optical fibers and connectors, these cables are ideal for 10G, 40G, and 100G applications and systems that require outstanding connectivity. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Are Your Laser Transmitters Optimized?

The FOS 1000A OMI device saves both time and cost for CATV engineers seeking to maximize the performance of laser transmitters before and after deployment in the field. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - The Most Flexible All-Optical Switching Solution

The patent-pending SwitchLightTM from M2 Optics is the most flexible, all-optical switching device for network monitoring and multicasting applications. By integrating a number of active and passive technologies into a single compact chassis, this customizable platform is both scalable and cost-effective, while easily deployed into any network environment. (read more)

M2 Optics, Inc. - Multi-Spool Dispersion Compensating Fiber Solution

A new test platform has been released by M2 Optics Inc. (Raleigh, NC) that provides multiple lengths of dispersion compensating fiber in a single 1RU chassis, enabling engineers to save significant rack space when using this specialty fiber for various applications. (read more)