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MISUMI USA has promoted these products/services:

MISUMI USA - New Features for MISUMI NAAMS Locating Pins

MISUMI’s new configurable locating pins feature:

1. Configurable lead length to eliminate workpiece damage for smaller envelopes

2. Configurable outer diameter (OD) to match any size locating hole (read more)

MISUMI USA - MISUMI NAAMS Components: New Shims and Spacers

MISUMI has further expanded our NAAMS offering by adding Douglas Stamping Company® NAAMS Shims & Spacers!

Shims are washers or thin strips of material used to align parts, make them fit or reduce wear. Shims are designed to fit in between blocks and fixtures to provide support or reach a dimension required in the assembly. (read more)

MISUMI USA - MISUMI Releases NAAMS 2nd Edition Catalog

The New Standard and Configurable NAAMS 2nd Edition Catalog features:

  • New welded risers, shims and spacers
  • Expanded configurability
  • Technical specifications
  • Application examples
(read more)
MISUMI USA - MechMinutes Video: Shafts

On the latest series of Mech Minutes, we will be reviewing the features that must be considered when selecting a shaft in your application. (read more)

MISUMI USA - MISUMI Blog: Introduction to Sliding Guides

Linear motion components can be combined to create complex or simple mechanisms for your application or machine. (read more)

MISUMI USA - MISUMI USA has expanded its service hours!

We've Expanded Our Customer Service Hours to Serve You Better!

MISUMI USA is now open at 7 AM ET and closes at 9 PM ET.

  • Call 800-681-7475
  • Chat with us on
  • Buy Online 24/7
(read more)
MISUMI USA - Comparing Rolled vs. Ground Ball Screws

Comparing the strenghts and limitations of ground versus rolled ball screws. The raceway surfaces, which are very similar to traditional machine screw threads found in a typical screw/nut system, are differentiated by the manufacturing process used to create these features. (read more)

MISUMI USA - The Internet of Things — What does it mean?

The Internet of Things — What does it mean?

A Misumi USA Blog (read more)


MiSUMi is proud to announce the release of the MR profile fo timing belts. Now available in 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm pitch designs, the MR profile is equivalent to the GT PowerGrip® series and fully configurable with a large range of metric and inch bores. A (read more)

MISUMI USA - Video: Timing Belt and Pulley Selection

Belt selection for power transmission systems, taking a look at timing belts, V belts, flat belts, and chains (for chain and sprocket systems). (read more)

MISUMI USA - EXTENDED: New Terms Accounts - 30% Off First Week

Receive 30% off list price for seven (7) consecutive days on all orders placed online through MISUMI USA's Web Ordering System (WOS). The discount will begin after you 1) apply for an account as a new customer and 2) your account is approved and has been assigned a credit limit. MISUMI USA will notify you of the result of your application for a terms account via phone or email. (read more)

MISUMI USA - MISUMI Now Offers Configurable NAAMS Locating Pins

MISUMI USA has launched a NEW product line of Configurable NAAMS Standard Locating Pins (read more)

MISUMI USA - NEW Motion Systems Product Guide Now Available!

Motion Systems Product Guide featuring Linear Guides, Linear Bushings, Ball & Lead Screws, Actuators, Motors, Manual & Motorized Positioning Stages (read more)

MISUMI USA - 5 Common Gear Types - Misumi USA Blog

Gears are toothed wheels that, when engaged with another gear, transfer rotary motion from the driving gear to the gear being driven. Here is a look at the 5 common gear types, and their advantages and disadvantages (read more)

MISUMI USA - 300 Plus Application Examples from Misumi

Whether you're building a new machine or considering making modifications on an existing machine, engineering effort, cost and time are all factors that should be heavily considered before beginning any new project. With your needs in mind, the fine engineers ... (read more)

MISUMI USA - Misumi's Conveyor Resource Site

Misumi's Conveyor Resource Site can help you find replacement parts for a conveyor you currently have, select a pre-designed conveyor to fit yoru needs, or allow you to spec out a new conveyor for your application. (read more)

MISUMI USA - Designing an Offset Conveyor Station

Many modern consumer products go through a series of process and assembly stations, some requiring different orientations before moving to the next step. Today's Idea Note: IN Motion application will give us one idea of how to accomplish this as we make a stop along the production line. (read more)

MISUMI USA - The Lowdown on Locating Pins

Locating pins come in many different shapes and sizes and are fabricated from a wide range of specialized materials and coatings.

But how do you know which is the right locating pin for your application? (read more)

MISUMI USA - Misumi: Getting the right fit for linear guides

3 Tips for Locating the Step on Linear Guides. A Misumi Blog Post (read more)

MISUMI USA - Order MISUMI USA's New Pictorial Catalog!

MISUMI USA's New Metric Online Prodcuct Guide is a Pictorial Catalog designed to help you easily find the components you're looking for. (read more)

MISUMI USA - Resin Washers from MISUMI USA

Standard, flanged, counter bored, and tapped resin washers available from MISUMI USA. Fast lead time and low prices, check them out! (read more)

MISUMI USA - Aluminum Extrusions from MISUMI USA

MISUMI offers Aluminum Extrusion pre-cut to lengths specifiable in 0.5mm increments. (read more)

MISUMI USA - MISUMI MSA Series Belt Driven Actuators

MSA Actuators and Belt Drive systems bring the benefits of lightweight aluminum structural framing components and profile extrusions to machine builders. (read more)


MISUMI's Linear Guides Deliver High Value for Machine Builders and Automation System Manufacturers

Misumi linear guides are ruggedly constructed and can be configured precisely to a variety of specifications, including length, height, load rating, and tapped hole machining. (read more)

MISUMI USA - Single-Axis Linear Actuators – LX Series

MISUMI’s Single-Axis Actuators integrate a precision ball screw, slide guides, and support units into one compact linear motion mechanism unit. (read more)


Our compact motorized conveyor systems are designed to perform precise, automated short-run conveying in machine building, as well as in testing and inspection applications. MiSUMi recently added three new styles to its family of miniature conveyors. Also, most types are available with guided belts to prevent lateral movements (read more)



New Dovetail Slide Feed Screw, Low Profile Cross-Roller, and Rotary Standard Precision Stages offer users more affordable choices, greater design flexibility. (read more)

MISUMI USA - MISUMi New Simplified Adjustment Units

Introducing MISUMI Simplified Adjustment Units

These simplified adjustment unitys were designed to improve work efficiency and reduce costs. (read more)

MISUMI USA - Manifold Blocks - Hydraulic/Pneumatic from Misumi

Misumi offers a complete line of Manifold Blocks (Hydraulic/Pneumatic) as well as Piping Manifolds and in a variety of sizes and options for your specific application needs.

Use our site for pricing, expidited delivery, specifications and CAD. MiSUMi USA is your source for all your automation requirements. (read more)

MISUMI USA - Linear Rails - Preloaded Type from Misumi

Linear Rails - Preloaded Type from Misumi USA.A low cost preloaded solution is finally achieved. Transfer and position guiding are now possible with little clearance! Stainless Steel rails are excellent for anti-corrosion properties... (read more)

MISUMI USA - Standard & Precision Grade Locating Pins & Holders

Misumi Locating Pins & Holders are fully configurable and designed. (read more)

MISUMI USA - RS Single-Axis Robot Actuators from MISUMI

MISUMI’s Single-Axis Robot Actuators are available in 18 small size driven by stepper motors, and 20 large sized driven by AC servo motors. (read more)

MISUMI USA - Simplified Slide Rails line expanded!

MISUMI USA has expanded of its line of Simplified Slide Rails, adding new products and sizes to existing product types. The Simplified Slide Rails are suitable for use in a host of non-precision positioning functions ‒ for example, platform-mounted inspection and... (read more)

MISUMI USA - NEW Rolled Ball Screw Compact Nut Series

Rolled Ball Screw Compact Nut Series avaiable from MiSUMi USA.

Nut volume reduced by 40% (compared to Standard Nuts) - helps in low profile linear motion system designs. (read more)

MISUMI USA - Rugged clamp cylinders & air grippers

Rugged and versatile clamp cylinders and air grippers in a range of styles and sizes facilitate accurate and consistent part or work piece holding and handling. (read more)

MISUMI USA - MISUMI In-Stock Linear Bushing Ship Same Day*

MISUMI has over 900 Linear Bushings In-Stock and Available for Same Day Shipment!*

Over 900 of the Most Popular Sizes and Styles of Linear Bushings are in stock and Now Available for Same-Day Shipment from our Chicago and Los Angeles Area Warehouses. (read more)